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The genre Adventure, action
Published by Nintendo
The developer
Release date Author ads: 3 March 2017
Age qualification of 12 years
The Platforms

Wii U, Switch

The game was tested on Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda series has always been associated with quality. There were, of course, sad exceptions in the form of cooperative branches, but the main parts, regardless of the platforms, stably kept the high bar. That's only for 31 years, "Zelda" changed rather pointwise, rather than globally. Until now, one of the most notable innovations is … the transition to 3D in Ocarina of Time, which appeared in 1998. And the games themselves were built according to the classical formula: there are several dungeons on the map, for the successful passage of which you need a special device. Find it, get to the boss at the end, win, repeat in another place with another object. Nintendo experimented only with the submission of the plot, some mechanics, each time surprising with chic level designs and thoughtful puzzles, for which she received consistently good marks.

The scheme without exaggeration is immortal, but fortunately, the "big N" decided to still move away from it in favor of major changes. This led to the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was developed for a very long time. So much so that the project, announced at the dawn of the Wii U era, became the swan song of one console and at the same time the main weapon at the start of the other. Given the fact that Nintendo thoroughly suited every game, it was interesting to see if the Japanese would step on the rake of the open world. It turned out that the rake had to be feared by Nintendo, and not vice versa.

I'm going where I want

Link, having received the task of bringing a special fire to the house, sullenly walked to the other end of the village. He reached the altar, picked up a wooden baton, set fire to it and set off back on the way sharing a flame with lanterns. Well, at the will of some case not to go too far. Approximately in the middle of the road one of such cases made itself felt – the weapon was burnt.

" No problem " thought the hero, descending into the overgrown ravine to cut the branches, and at the same time to warm up. A pleasant and quick process of replenishing the supply of combustible materials was interrupted by a terrible downpour – try to make friends here fire with wet wood. There is nothing to do, we'll have to wait until morning. With the first rays of the sun, Link finally absorbed the equipment with a blue flame. And only then did he notice the torch at the wall of the house. He allegedly laughed at the unlucky hero and impudently winked at him. Be a useful thing in the hands from the beginning, the story would have turned out to be much shorter.

This little incidental episode from the game occurred solely because of my inattention. The blunder with the torch is so memorable and led to such natural everyday problems that it was even somehow embarrassing not to write about it. Actually, from such stories here, small or long enough, and consists of all Breath of the Wild. And most of the events will not happen again in different players. It's frightening to even imagine how much time and effort Nintendo took to create an amazingly lively and believable "sandbox," but the end result was beyond praise.

The developers have organically woven into the project all kinds of mechanics – they are understandable at a subconscious level and do not require a dozen windows with explanations. After all, it is so clear that it is possible to cut trees with an ordinary sword, of course, but the blade will quickly break down. Easier and faster to use the ax. Swim a stormy river is only if you are fully confident in their abilities. Going high in the mountains, you need to take care of warm clothing or at least capture fire. In the desert, on the contrary, one must somehow defend themselves from scorching sun rays. Have they set fire to the grass? Then watch that the wind does not blow in the face, otherwise instead of panic in the camp of the enemy themselves will flee. During a thunderstorm, it is better not to stand in an open field with an iron object in your hands. Even the preparation of food is not designed in the form of a simple choice in the menu: first you need to find a place for cooking, then pick up the ingredients, and then throw them into the cauldron. And it's far from the fact that a mixture of bananas, meat and spices will yield something edible.

Most of all Breath of the Wild reminds the very first The Legend of Zelda, except with an eye for modern technology. Shigeru Miyamoto tried to lay his first release on the debut release of new discoveries – then he did it perfectly. The game sent to a fictional world, offering to explore it on its own, screen after screen comprehending secrets. However, over the past three decades, Link and Zelda have traveled a long way, in the process of slightly losing the feeling of a magical adventure. It simply became more and more linear. It seems that now the circle is closed and everything has returned to the starting point.

After all, from the very beginning you can go where the eyes look. And this is not a beautiful turn-over – I do not make discounts for mountains that must necessarily be bypassed, or "insurmountable" obstacles in the form of fences several dozen centimeters high. To achieve this freedom helped to a simple trivial way – Link can climb literally on any surface. The main thing is that the rain does not wet it, otherwise your hands will slip. Next thing for small – saw something interesting on the horizon? Nothing and no one will deter you from getting there, even if the menacing enemies are scurrying around. Of course, during rock climbing or water procedures, the hero's endurance capacity is exhausted, but a well-crafted route with regular stops on more or less flat surfaces will allow you to climb anywhere.

However, no matter how well the basic mechanics were worked out, a boring and uninteresting world can put a cross on the game. And in its creation Nintendo has enclosed, perhaps, all of its knowledge on the part of game design, having managed to jump above its own head. The vast territory has been worked out to the smallest detail, due to what in Breath of the Wild after a while you can not use the map at all, but to navigate by the peculiarities of the landscape. It is enough to twist the camera, and on several notable objects it becomes clear where the hero is.

Though most of all surprises another: almost all interesting places are located so that when you are near one of them you will necessarily see two or three other entertaining objects. The towers, the temples with trials, the fanciful shape of a lake, an island or a forest – like the first "Zelda", Breath of the Wild turns a player into the most real discoverer: you go out to the tower, a little further you notice the valley with a pond, from it you move to the hill in order , In order to orientate and decide on further direction. The process of exploring the world is incredibly enjoyable and proceeds completely unnoticed. And the driving force is not a flickering point on the map or quest, but pure interest and curiosity, because of which the usual "I'll look what's there and definitely go to bed" turns into races until the morning.

Towards independence are pushed by the towers. Among gamers, this word has become almost a swear word. It's understandable – in many games it's enough to climb higher, activate the point, and thousands of multicolored pictograms will pop out by themselves; It will only be routine to run through them and "close the question." Here, the tower opens on the map only the landscape, but at the same time allows you to see the names of the mountains, forests and other important and not very points. The second is especially important, since many characters mention a specific locality, sending you to search. Everything else is in your hands. The viewing platform gives an opportunity to see something – and only. Against the backdrop of modern projects that fall asleep with clues and almost play themselves, it's very cool.

Even the most controversial part of the game, breaking weapons, also urges to act unusually and constantly assess the situation. Notice the camp of goblins, in the middle of which stands a chest? Well, now we need to understand whether the risk of losing equipment items is worth it, or it is better to bypass the enemy. If the night is outdoors, then you can try to sneak, while everyone is asleep, and take with them not only axes and spears, but also treasure as a bonus. the main thing
follow the eye-eyed sentries. Although, if the alarm rises too late, you do not have to worry, because all the prickly-cutting outfit of the guard-guards will already be in your pockets.

Breath of the Wild went on the way of A Link Between Worlds for 3DS in terms of abilities and special subjects. On the portable, the items necessary for the passage of the dungeons could be rented from the very beginning to the moment of the hero's death, or be redeemed for ever if there is enough money. The new "Zelda" in the first hour and a half free of charge gives everything you need, but you have to figure out which device to use in each particular case. This allowed the developers to get rid of the need to drive the player along the linear path, and at the same time make the riddles and bosses more complicated. Often they require experimentation to find the right solution or to reveal the weakness of the enemy.

The dungeons also turned out to be interesting. Several obligatory plot, of course, remained, but each of them is a spatial puzzle where you need to move, or in some other way change entire rooms or even the entire location entirely. The puzzles turned out not zubodrobitelnymi, but they will still make you think. The remaining riddles are scattered around the world in dozens of special temples and vary in complexity from very simple to really explosive brains. For the successful passage Link will receive rewards that can be exchanged for increased health or endurance. In general, it is not worth to pass the tests.

When you read the review, you probably noticed that it was realized here, and that's right there, and the third one can be found somewhere else. Yes, that's it. In Breath of the Wild there is something from simulators of survival, and from role-playing games with the open world of old hardening (hello, Morrowind), and from its own progenitor. However, not a single project has managed to unite a huge map of the prohibitive level of development with dozens of mechanics understandable at the subconscious level. Here you just do what you would do in reality, and it works. Perhaps this is not so noticeable in the commercials, but it's worth picking up the controller, as the "Zelda" does not come off any more. Nintendo managed to collect not just one of the best The Legend of Zelda, it introduced a standard, which, I would like to believe, will be equaled by all other studios that work with the open world.

[1945902] the Wild The is fully translated into Russian, including voice acting. Localization turned out good, there were no serious shortcomings. Unless the voices, as it seemed to me, are inferior to the original ones, but this is nitpicking.

Advantages :

  • the unlimited freedom of movement and the study of the environment;
  • stunning design of a huge map;
  • dozens of mechanics, organically woven into the game world;
  • the project encourages independence and does not keep the user for a fool.

Disadvantages of :

  • rare subsidence of the frame rate;
  • mechanic with a broken weapon may not like everyone.
Graphics [ The selected style allows you to give a juicy and nice picture, but here and there, the smeared textures come out, and the frame rate slips in places. If to speak about portable mode Switch, then "Zelda" on the 6-inch screen looks simply amazing.


The sound Music does not play all the time, giving way to the sounds of nature, however, when the melody nevertheless comes to the fore, it highlights the events taking place.


The Single Player Breath of the Wild releases you into the open world, allowing you to reveal its secrets yourself and without any obstacles. A huge amount of optional content, great puzzles, dozens of secrets and an incredibly elaborate world will not let you tear yourself away from the game.


The collective game Not available.

The general impression The standard of adventure in the open world. There is nothing more to add here.


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