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Genre Action
Publisher Bethesda Softworks
The Publisher in Russia SoftKlab
The developer Arkane Studios
The minimum requirements

Processor Intel Core i5-2400 3.1 GHz / AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2 GB memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7970, 60 GB on the hard disk, the Internet connection and the account on Steam

Recommended Requirements

Processor Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 16 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 6 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480

Release date

15 September 2017

Age qualification of 18 years of age
Platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One
The official website of the

The game was tested on PC

In the gloomy world of Dishonored, reality is side by side with the Abyss – a mysterious dimension of changing forms and dark signs. It is surrounded by secrets and contradictions: the mystics are eager to look into the timeless emptiness, the Abbey of the Philistines considers this heresy and punishes severely for any manifestations of interest in the Abyss, and ordinary people tremble at the thought of it. Above all this black shadow stands the Alien – the divine essence of the Abyss, with which all misfortunes and bad deeds are associated on the Islands, from small to great. The murder of the Empress, the coup d'état, the devastating plague and the terrible invasion of the stupid wasps are all attributed to the thoughts of the Stranger.

And in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, we are offered to kill him. Kill the deity. To put it mildly, a large-scale approach, against which the palace intrigues, the fate of the empress and the royal defender are just small squabbles of the fussing little men. And who offers – Daoud, Knife of Danuollah, the most dangerous assassin of the living!

It's unfortunate that the overall performance of Death of the Outsider falls short of the level you expect after such an impressive tie and two previous games.

# Do not ask unnecessary questions

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider is an independent story addition to Dishonored 2. No need to copy a sequel for the game, and you can not import from it. And there is no need, since the connection with the second part is expressed in several casually mentioned details. Apparently, for maximum savings: here lies the newspaper with a note that half a year ago the Royal Kunstkammer was closed due to "invasion of parasites" (hello, Corvo!), But in the conversation mention Duke Abele. It does not matter that you are screwed up in Dishonored 2 – based on the fragments of information, an optimistic ending is taken.

That the addition is independent – there is no dispute, but here it can be called a plot story with a big stretch – the story is frankly weak and primitive. Without spoilers, it is indispensable to retell, so simply note that the narrative does not throw up any surprises and monotonously moves to an unimpressive denouement. With the motivation of Billy Lerk – the main character and long-time student of Daud – also a problem. Why should she go to such a suicidal affair? Just because it was asked by a mentor, whom she had not seen for fifteen years? A few characters, including a key duo, are sketched like shadows in the Abyss – the same swinging and vague ones. They do not get any development. Especially offensive for Daoud – in Death of the Outsider Knife Daunollah looks more like a broken fork. He is lying on the ship "Fallen House", as exhausted after the imprisonment of Anton Sokolov in Dishonored 2. But if the old man is all logical and understandable, why did the writers turn Daoud into such a broken and miserable creature? Probably, he simply did not find a more significant role in this uncomplicated history.

The stranger also got it. During the seven hours of passage this mysterious essence plays the role of a banal red rag – it must be killed, simply because it must be killed, it is bad. And in the last fifteen minutes, it suddenly turns out that "there is another way." Such an awkward attempt to turn everything upside down, undertaken simply because in Dishonored it is so common to give the player the choice between annihilation and mercy. But in Death of the Outsider, this is extremely clumsy. The plot and the mythology of the supplement do not offer longtime fans any depth, and the newcomers will not penetrate this helpless floundering in shallow water.

# By the way of simplification

With the gameplay the situation is better – after all, a strong foundation, which has gotten from the second part, is not easy to destroy. We are again offered branching locations, which everyone investigates at his own discretion. Go through the corpses with the help of a blade and deadly gadgets, use supernatural abilities in combat or for unnoticed movement – you decide only. There is no chaos system at this time (the number of killed will not affect the finale and the environment in any way), so there is nothing to prevent "cutting corners" and at will to change stealth to fight and back. Carnac was once a gloomy place, and in Death of the Outsider life does not cost anything at all – someone will not notice, but for me personally the refusal of the chaos system markedly transformed the atmosphere and made it more difficult.

Alas, the developers also cut a couple of angles, turning to the unsightly practice of reusing materials. I, of course, do not mind once again studying the Kunstkamera from Dishonored 2 – this is a wonderful location. But why did the new addition, consisting of only four full chapters (and a small introductory one), get one chapter from its predecessor? Well at least, they made a "rearrangement of furniture", changed the location of enemies and time of day, and with it the lighting, which still "makes" the whole picture.

In each location Dishonored 2 had its own zest, gameplay or art, and sometimes both – dust storms in the miner's quarter, the vastness and magnificence of the Grand Palace, a breathtaking view of the gloomy sea from the islands of the Addermir Institute. And this is not to mention the mechanical abode of the inventor of the Jindosh, which changed its configuration unpredictably, or the Stilton's mansion, where the journeys between the past and the future were organically intertwined into the gameplay. The last two examples in general can be safely called one of the best examples of design levels in the history of video games. The sequel lifted the bar very high, so I wanted to believe that Death of the Outsider would not hit the dirt in the face.

In part, he succeeded. In addition, there is one chic level – bank robbery. He has all the features of the best of the best: several ways of penetration and withdrawal, optional tasks, the performance of which will significantly affect the style of passage and change the impression of the location. This saucy touch is so good that you want to do it several times in a row – to try another tactic, to find a hidden loophole, to explore a completely different route, and to use opportunities that you did not even suspect on your first pass.

The rest of the new "sandboxes", presented in the addendum, are not remembered that way, but the gameplay is firmly fixed on their shoulders. In addition, Arkane has found a way to keep us longer. In each location there are several optional contract assignments: to adjust the accident, to steal something valuable, to track the right person and so on. If you like the gameplay Dishonored, you will surely grasp this bait with pleasure. True, some contracts conflict with each other and require implementation in a certain order – it's difficult to understand whether a bug is a feature or a design error, but there is a place to be.

Earned money can be spent on upgrade equipment on the black market: get hold of silly shoes, increase ammunition stock, improve new toys like non-lethal grenades and traps and so on. It is not required to pump skills – Billy initially knows everything: go on reconnaissance with a disembodied spirit, put a mark and then move to it (try to do it when someone is in the "landing place"), impersonate others, kidnapping their faces, and listen to rat murmur, from which sometimes you can get something useful.

In the "Original Game +" mode, instead of the three listed abilities, Lerk uses "Transfer", "Dark Vision" and "Domino" from the sequel. This should provide an interest in the re-passage, but the location under such a set is not sharpened. As a result, many players complain that in the fourth chapter it is impossible to get to the black market, in a bank robbery, not getting achievements for a clean passage, etc.

And so in everything. It seems that on Dishonored: Death of the Outsider saved – on testing, on a chart, on a story that does not stand up to any criticism. There are no imprinted visual images, and the only location that can be compared to the best "sandboxes" from Dishonored 2, still inferior to them. In fact, only for the sake of this raid on the bank should pay attention to the addition. But sometime later, on the sale.


  • a strong gameplay base, inherited from the main game;
  • minor contracts force to stay longer at each location;
  • The mission in the bank is one of the best in the entire series.


  • faded history and an unremarkable finale – such important figures as Alien and Daud deserve more;
  • the duet of the main characters was not at all a duet, and Billy Lerke did not receive proper development;
  • a transient and less profound game than the numbered parts.
Graphics [

Visual style and work with lighting still deserve only positive words, but it is a merit of Dishonored 2 – Death of the Outsider does not develop the chosen aesthetics, does not bring anything of its own. 8
The sound Accurate, high-quality and informative sound is an important aspect for the stealth action, and there are no problems with it. The sound in the localization is mediocre, which in combination with the scenario pale produces a depressing effect. Play in the original. 8
Single player A few more hours of fascinating gameplay Dishonored. If you like it, join, but do not count on something new. 7
The collective game Not available.
The general impression Still tightening stealth action, only simpler and shorter than the numbered Dishonored, and with the plot it was not asked at all. However, this will not prevent the fans of the series from enjoying the familiar gameplay. 7

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