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June is an amazing time for every gamer, as E3, the largest game event in the world, opens its doors every year at the beginning of summer. Dozens of announcements, an inexhaustible stream of exclusive videos, epic trailers and the most incredible rumors. In fact, E3 sets the tone for the whole industry for the next twelve months, and from 10 to 15 June the number of news about interactive entertainment increases almost by an order of magnitude. Let's try to find out in advance what it is worth to prepare for.

# Predictability is not a vice

Traditionally, the exhibition is preceded by a series of conferences from major market participants. And as always, the show of world publishers and platform-holders will become the source of the most interesting announcements and impressive demonstrations. Will start June 10 at 22:00 (hereinafter Moscow time) Electronic Arts – and it does not matter that the EA Play event will be held in separate squares and formally does not belong to the E3. In fact, this is the most that neither is an official start for the Los Angeles exhibition.

Companies are trying to keep the plan secret, but in the case of EA, it's easy to guess most of the program of the event. For sure, at least a third of the time of the conference we will listen about the following number of parts FIFA, Madden and other series of the division Sports. It's so exciting: to look at interviews with football stars who do not really understand what they are doing on stage and nod with a serious face about statements about how the changed physics of ball behavior fundamentally affects the gameplay … in fact, not, but this is an indispensable part of the ritual.

Much more we are waiting for news about "Star Wars". Almost certainly will be shown live gameplay Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Honestly, we will be surprised more if this does not happen. I would like to know the details of a single company – it's already difficult to surprise the multiplayer. Unless add epic with the possibility of simultaneous battles on the ground and in space. Probably, will show another additive to Star Wars: The Old Republic. But much more excitement is the third project on the far-distant galaxy – a mysterious unannounced game from Visceral Games and Motive, which involves such high-profile names as Amy Hennig (lead scriptwriter and creative director of the Uncharted series), Jade Raymond (executive producer of Assassin's Creed II and Watch Dogs) and Kim Swift (designer Portal).

Hopefully, Electronic Arts will not limit itself to only obvious shows. The publisher expected to support Mass Effect: Andromeda with downloadable add-ons, but these plans could be completely reviewed in the light of the reaction of the press and players. What to expect is not worth it, so it's a show of a new Dragon Age, as reported by Eurogamer (although work on it is ). Do not forget that BioWare is also engaged in a new project, code-named Dylan, and now its announcement is quite likely.

Following EA, at 00:00 on June 12, Microsoft will take the baton. From the Redmond people, everyone is waiting for Project Scorpio. I wonder which project the publisher will choose to demonstrate the full power of its new console? It is known that Halo 6 will not be brought to the exhibition therefore, probably, the corporation has one or several announcements for the Scorpio launch line. We are waiting for the details and prices of the issue. We hope, in the light of the new "iron", the theme of the games themselves will not be left behind and Microsoft will show something else, besides the online-oriented Sea of ​​Thieves. Recently, there have been rumors that the canceled Scalebound allegedly was transferred to another studio and she started everything from scratch, so you should not count on the details now.

Bethesda supports the tradition and on June 12 at 05:00 (update: rescheduled for 07:00) will hold his show. She unambiguously hinted that it is worth waiting for at least two new announcements. The first is almost certainly to be Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, which was actively hinted last year. But the second project is a mystery. The most popular version is The Evil Within 2; rumors of a sequel to the horror of Shinji Mikami have been circulating on the Web for a long time. We would be very happy to return Doom – the restart of the series was a success, and if we take into account the finale, then a major plot add-on like Wolfenstein: The Old Blood would have to go. With hopes for the display of The Elder Scrolls VI, it's worth parting – by all indications it's still very early for her.

Ubisoft's performance is expected to be hot (23:00 on June 13). The French already announced that this year it is worth waiting for the expansion in the series Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, as well as the sequel The Crew . So the publisher has at least three premieres on hand, and who knows what other aces are hidden in his sleeve? Surely we will hear about new additions to For Honor The Division and Ghost Recon: Wildlands . And what about Beyond Good and Evil 2, eh?

Jade and her uncle are already sitting in order

# We will guess on the coffee grounds

June 13 at 04:00, Sony, at a conference where viewers traditionally play the game "Drink at each announcement without an exact release date." Perhaps we'll finally find out when Kratos plans to return, but that's not certain: a couple of months ago you could have hoped for God's War out this year, but the actor recently denied the information. We are waiting for official statements.

Insomniac Games announced that it will show the gameplay of its game about Spider-Man – finally a friendly neighbor will receive the game of a virtual new generation. At least that's what the authors promise, and the reasons for not trusting the creators Ratchet & Clank and Sunset Overdrive no. On the Sony scene, you should expect Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: WWII – Activision does not like its own conference and more often it's on the PlayStation that demonstrates new projects to the public.

I wonder what progress the Year Gone has achieved over the year and is there anything to show the authors of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Maybe we will know the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3? Last June there were rumors about the trailer Red Dead Redemption 2, but it laid out in the fall . Perhaps, this time we expect a full gameplay show, read: laconic minute clip with cutting the frames of the game process. It's Rockstar! And of course, Sony will also show completely new projects that will reach the stores at best in a couple of years. Probably, they will also allocate time for PS VR.

Closes the marathon of Nintendo conferences (19:00 on June 13), and this year she has something to show. The central theme will be Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2 – the next major releases for Switch. But we most of all are waiting for details about the direct Xenoblade Chronicles sequel – one of the best jRPG of the last decade (not to be confused with Xenoblade Chronicles X ). And we will not give up new exclusives for a freshly baked console – they are not yet in the piggy bank of the system.

# What else?

At events from the largest publishing houses E3 does not end. A separate performance, like last time, will be for the adherents of personal computers as the main and only gaming platform. However, there is doubt about the fascination of the PC Gaming Show (20:00 on June 12). This press conference in the previous two years has not distinguished itself by something extraordinary, and this time the lion's share of time is planned to be given to the theme of e-sports and virtual reality. Interestingly, the key sponsor this time is Intel, not AMD.

From the unexpected it is worth noting own conference Devolver Digital, the publisher of different-caliber, but mostly small and very proud projects. Undoubtedly, for indie it is an important step. Who will speak on it and what is worth waiting for is a mystery, but we are really interested to see what this venture will lead to.

Large publishers without their press conferences will surely nail to Sony or Microsoft – it's necessary Warner Bros., Konami, Capcom and others like them somewhere to represent new items. I wonder what SEGA will do. She recently said that she was going to focus on AAA-class projects and pay special attention to the PC. The recent port of Bayonetta and the upcoming Vanquish are direct evidence of this. What the hell is not joking, maybe on the PC Gaming Show from the Japanese there will be unexpected announcements?

However, not all eminent studios have confirmed their presence. Oculus exhibition misses, and the participation of Blizzard is still in doubt. Jeff Kaplan only said that this year's Overwatch on E3 will not look. On the other hand, why, when is BlizzCon? In Los Angeles, it is important to light up smaller companies, such as Focus Home Interactive. Moreover, the latter is growing by leaps and bounds – among the expected projects in the French portfolio are Vampyr from Dontnod, the return of Call of Cthulhu, and Werewolf, belonging to the universe of "The World of Darkness" (in it, for example, the events of Vampire unfold: The Masquerade.

Finally, I would like to note one of the innovations of this year – E3 Coliseum. Two days of the exhibition, on June 13 and 14, almost without interruptions, panel performances will take place in the spirit of ComicCon. Developers, publishers and well-known personalities in the gaming industry will tell personalities of interest and answer questions from viewers. It's nice that the border between creators and players is eroding more and more.

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Kratos concentrated in anticipation of E3

* * *

The first half of 2017 for the gaming industry was extremely successful. We hope E3 will take this attitude and will be able to really surprise us with interesting shows and unexpected announcements. Two of our authors will be at the exhibition, so prepare for detailed reports from the scene.

What do you most expect from the E3 2017? Tell us in the comments, friends, we are interested!

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