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Genre A turn-based strategy
Publisher Sega
The developer Amplitude Studios
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i3-4330TE 2.4 GHz / APU A6-6400K Dual-Core 3.9 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with 1 GB of memory and support for DirectX 11, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 5830, 8 GB on the hard drive, Internet connection and account on Steam
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i5-3470T 2.8 GHz / AMD FX-4170 4.2 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with 2 GB of memory and support for DirectX 11, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon R7 370
Release date 19 May 2017
Age qualification from 12 years
Platforms PC
The official website of the

The game was tested on the PC


The history of the French Amplitude Studios would look great on the pages of Forbes magazine. In 2011, two employees of Ubisoft, keen on the idea of ​​making a game of their dreams, said goodbye to the employer and founded a small company. A bold adventure has borne fruit: Endless Space inherited the best features of Galactic Civilizations and Master of Orion and, like a black hole, absorbed all the free time of fans of turn-based space strategies. Fixing success with two projects in the same universe Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless), the authors announced the continuation, went under the management of Sega Europe and now work side by side with The Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment. The more beautiful that Endless Space 2 still feels the initial enthusiasm.

⇡ # Not luck, but the talent

There is no cardinal change in Endless Space 2, it professes the principle of “not broken – do not repair” and develops the ideas put into the original. The main goal to the ugliness is simple – one of the eight selected races should somehow achieve dominance in the galaxy. Six paths lead to victory: to maximize the development of science or economics, to score the most points, to build more wonders of the world, to capture all key enemy systems or to organize a mass genocide. The room for maneuver is large, therefore, as in “Civilization”, one has to calculate each turn and figure out in advance what to spend time and resources on.


The cosmos may not be infinite, but it is exactly huge

The player starts with two ships in his native planetary system and, as he goes along the way, develops his state, cleans the uninhabited worlds and gradually moves to the uncharted corners of the Universe. Areas of space are still connected by cobwebby paths, along which the ships move. Flight between sectors can take one or several moves: while the ship is in such a corridor, it becomes useless. What to do, the achievement of universal domination is not an easy task.

A lot of time is spent on capturing planets. To begin with, an outpost is built on empty territories, which is slowly populated by the inhabitants of the empire. At this time, the settlement does not only require resources for maintenance, but is absolutely defenseless against external aggression. Without proper protection, a pirate passing by can easily erase the dust of the colony’s hope for the discovery of new horizons. But after the final migration, it is possible to begin construction of a new house.

⇡ # Space Macroeconomics

The economy of Endless Space 2 is built on five basic elements: food, production, dust (the equivalent of gold), science and the impact of the system. As in the first part, each planet is independent of others and has a level of happiness of the population. If the residents are unhappy, they will start to leave the house in bulk and productivity will drop. In this case, you have to spend the moves on the construction of entertainment centers or supermarkets. Few food – the number of colonies will cease to grow, you need to build farms. Suffering industry – develop plants. Micromanagement is simple, but devilishly fascinating, and each of the eight races is slightly different in nuances.



Modernization of ships was not the most interesting element of the game

With the development of technology, the number of possible buildings increases. Scientific discoveries are marked in the menu in the form of a nice tree with four branches – the army, economics and trade, science and research, the development of the empire. Despite the sometimes illogical arrangement of improvements (what military developments do in other industries?), It is not difficult to understand the branches of development.

Politics is important for the formation of the empire. On each planet there are several factions with different views, the social weight of which varies under the influence of the events taking place. They unleashed a war – they pleased the militarists, they settled the greened planet – your ecologists. Every few dozen moves will begin the election, after which the winning majority will rise at the helm. This will make it possible to pass relevant laws with additional bonuses. Something similar is realized in Civilization VI with the help of social institutions – it does not affect the process much, but it still expands the available opportunities. Heroes also migrated from the past game – they can be put at the head of the fleet or appointed as leaders of the colonies.

⇡ # There are not enough places at all

The great empire eventually becomes cramped among the stars. Free for settlement territory ends, and with each turn it becomes increasingly difficult to develop peacefully. In addition to annoying pirates, there are small colonies of lower developmental races on the map. They are similar to city-states in the last parts of Civilization and are initially tuned to the player neutrally. But it is worthwhile to draw on flax flows of flattery (political influence points are being spent – a currency for diplomacy), as he immediately shares a fair amount of “dust.” However, sometimes it is easier to assimilate singles, making them part of their state.



The planets are distinguished not only by available resources, but also by appearance

With larger races, we have to interact more often. Artificial intelligence is stupid and bezynitsiativen – almost does not seek to conflict, the contact is reluctant. As in most turn-based strategies, in Endless Space 2, diplomacy is made for a tick: you can bargain for some system, agree on peace and offer a tribute. A scant set – even espionage is not. So often war is the most logical decision.

The combat system is not far from the first part. Only ships grouped into the fleet can fight, the others are waiting their turn. The arsenal of improvements to the ship’s guns and armor slightly expanded, but before the Galactic Civilizations III game many more light years. Fortunately, the tactical capabilities of the battle became richer. As in the first part, before the battle, you can choose one of the available cards. Some offer a quick but dangerous attack, others increase protection, but lower the power of the guns. The outcome of the battle can be affected by the formation of units, and the charts and diagrams will display the indicators of the parties and help estimate how the controlled units behave.

Alas, there is still no direct control of the ships – the numbers correct the ball. A landing on the planet and the more primitive: choose one of the options for the attack, skip the move and wait until the people die. It’s exhausting. But after pressing the button “fight” you can see a beautiful screensaver of shootings, with bright explosions and well-detailed modelers.

⇡ # The cosmos far away tempts us

Like its predecessor, Endless Space 2 works on the shareware engine Unity. But if the first part was more schematic, then at first you even get lost in beautiful graphics and bright menus. The first look at the new solar system is accompanied by a smooth animation with a briefing: the player is shown to each planet, reporting on its climatic conditions. Sometimes what is happening on the screen is perceived as a meditative screen saver with beautiful music. It’s not for nothing that the authors put a soundtrack in the Deluxe edition – many compositions deserve to be included in the regular playlists of buyers.


Fighting can be missed, but why ignore such beauty?

It is a pity that the plot did not receive the same development as the visual part. Before the start of the campaign, we are told in short headpieces about the prehistory of the world and the parties to the conflict. In the course of the game, interestingly described tasks appear with a small reward for their performance. Text inserts, whether the history of the characters or the description of the quests, are read as excerpts from some action-packed science fiction novel. “Space Rangers” – the first association that comes to mind, that’s just no interactivity in the sketches of Endless Space 2.

Despite the fact that Sega acquired Amplitude Studios last summer, it is felt that the game was created on the limited resources of a previously independent studio. Nevertheless, Endless Space 2 has the key quality of any good turn-based strategy – it’s terrifying to the point of horror. Therefore, everything that is listed in the shortcomings, it is very easy to close your eyes.

Advantages :

  • a simple but multifaceted economic system;
  • a very beautiful space;
  • beautiful music.

Disadvantages of :

  • an insufficiently prescribed history;
  • sound is good, but it’s not enough
  • non-interactive fights.

There are no translations available.

Drawing graphics Compared with the previous part of the game is much prettier. Insane delight from the visual component is not, but to look at Endless Space 2 is nice. 8
Sound The sounding of characters, helper and skirmish of ships at a good level, but without any frills. But the chic music stays in my head even after leaving the game. You will remember the soundtrack for a long time every time when it comes to space 9
The Single Game Eight races with their own characteristics, rich economic and interesting political models, random generation of cosmic spaces – a ready-made set for a lot of fascinating parties. It is a pity that the AI ​​is silly, and the modernization of ships is not as good as we would like. 8
The collective game Everything is the same as in the paragraph above. Less is a narrow-minded artificial intelligence and plus rivals running in the midst of a multi-hour game as soon as it smells of fried. 8
The general impression Comprehensive, but at the same time accessible to beginners space strategy. 8

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