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The Wolfenstein series has never been in a real decline: Castle Wolfenstein spawned the genre of "stealth action", with Wolfenstein 3D the first-person shooter era began, Return to Castle Wolfenstein was just a good game … Unless "just" Wolfenstein 2009 was, if not a failure, then a pale middle peasant. Someone could then think that it's time to send the series to rest, to surrender to the museum. But no, BJ took a breather for five years and returned triumphantly: first, The New Order, and then the exemplary DLC The Old Blood showed what the shooters of the new age should be like. A full-fledged second part, of course, was only a matter of time – Bethesda will not give up the series, which returned so powerfully.

Did not abandon her and the developers – studio Machine Games, which was founded by natives of Starbreeze Studios, who at one time made a brilliant game based on the Chronicles of the Riddick (and slightly less brilliant Syndicate and Darkness). So there is no reason to assume that The New Colossus will somehow lower the bar, there was not. Still, why not check it out in advance? We had the opportunity to play in Wolfenstein II two and a half months before the announcement – and we used it.

The first level of the returned Wolfenstein already managed to try on E3 2017 – but still refresh the memories of a month ago. The New Colossus essentially begins as the New Order – with the gradual restoration of the hero's ability to act. If BJ happened to be in a psychiatric hospital, where he spent fourteen years with a vegetable (which suggested that the events were happening, is not this an unbalanced consciousness?), Then probably he did not miss too much, but he can not walk. The entire first level of the Nazi thunderstorm is riding along the corridors of the submarine "Hammer of Eve" … on a wheelchair. That does not prevent him, of course, to crumble all who fall under the arm.

Everything turns out, however, is not so simple – Blaskovits is captured, Irene Engel gives his daughter an order to finish him off … At that moment everything stops, as befits in such cases. What will she do?

However, it turned out to be another mystery. In the introduction to the mission Roswell, which we managed to pass on the pre-order of the game, the daughter of Frau Engel, and William Jay on their two, and others gathered at the same table. It's all right, it's time to make the second American revolution, including with the help of "good Germans."

Machine Games perfectly understands the strengths and weaknesses of the restarted Wolfenstein – and, obviously, presses on the right buttons. The game is noticeably added in the graphic plan – the textures no longer cut the eye, the detailing has greatly increased, the overall impression of the picture is good. Let's hope that with optimization, too, everything is fine, – id Tech 6 is well proven in DOOM, you can expect "continuation of the banquet" and in Wolfenstein II. Although, again, the pursuit of the laurels of the authors of the most modern technological game developers are not going to.

Both The New Order and The Old Blood took their fine serve – these were variations on the theme of the victorious Reich, with the share of the grotesque, but without clowning. Purgu about the Ancient Super Templar Technologies, the Secret Jewish Order and mechanical dogs with robots were driven to us with a serious face – and that made an impression.

In the same spirit continue in The New Colossus. Only the scale has increased: it is said about a hundred actors involved, in particular. Video clips became longer, and their production is even more impressive; dialogs in brief minutes of "walks" on the levels enchanting (which are Kuklusklanovtsy, for example! – You can see in the gameplay clip below, describe to anything). It's still the "Iron Sky" that we deserved, – the extravaganza continues, Die Kafer is still on tour.

But the process itself has changed slightly. No, no one made Wolfenstein II different from the brutal shooter, where the ball is ruled by dynamics, and the Nazis' killings bring physical pleasure (what to do, it's true) – the game is still bodily, shooting is perfectly felt, and pauses very little . There are perks – there are a lot more of them, "swinging" will be more thoughtful – but it obviously will take a smaller part of the process anyway. Collecting collectible items? Unfortunately, this ugly part of the gameplay has not gone away either; many players like this. At the same time, nothing useful seems to be found again – it would not be possible to hide delicious improvements in the manner of DOOM.

Then what has changed? Here are the four cherished letters in the line above give a hint. It's hard to say how it will be in the full version of the game, but the level that I managed to try vividly reminded of the best shooter of last year: jogging-respites combined with a dynamic sweep of extensive multi-level arenas to the music of Mick Gordon, but this, of course, reference. In the end, he wrote the soundtrack for The New Order with The Old Blood. Especially dedicated mechanics of finishing, by the way, no – you can go to close combat, but some bonuses for this do not give.

Characteristic for Wolfenstein things are also in place – if desired, the levels can be tried almost imperceptibly, eliminating first officers who can cause reinforcements. Then, however, still have to land all the clips in dozens of flown enemies, but this is the details.

The weapon can be grabbed in both hands, combining it now as you like: the machine in one, and the shotgun in the other – without problems! Unless only superheavy guns (for example, you can borrow a plasmagan from a piece of robot that has been disintegrated into pieces), you only have to use it in a two-handed mode. Although who knows – maybe BJ "swings" in the end enough. In the Roswell mission (by the way, yes, of course: the Nazis are using alien technology from Zone 51, and they need to be prevented by triggering a hand-held atomic bomb), he had only 50 health points – Terror Billy was patched up, but not up to end. By the way, I can not answer the question whether he has a body, or his head is transplanted to someone else's, but this turn of the story is still hidden in the fog.

There are no cardinal changes in the feelings from Wolfenstein. All the same fun with long and very emotional story insertions, a sea of ​​amusing (and not very) references to how alternative history could turn, and a brutal adrenaline shooting of moving targets. Unless it became a little more complicated, it feels like – even on an average level of complexity, the game challenges: the enemies did not become much wiser, but became more diverse. Now, along with the large robots in which it is necessary to land a clip or two, their bouncy, thin cousins ​​have appeared, who take their rapid movements and powerful attacks. The play became more interesting.

Wonfenstein II: The New Colossus is one of the most successful projects this fall. The story of The New Order and The Old Blood will be continued – by the same people, but on a new (different) engine, with an even bigger budget, scope and without adding extra nonsense (the repetition of the sad history of Mirror's Edge can not wait).


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