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The steak is considered a gourmet dish, which really knows a lot about meat. It would seem that it could be easier than frying meat. But the difficulties begin in the store, where you should choose the right meat, so that the steak was tender. Wrong choice of raw materials will spoil the dish pohlesche bad chef – the meat will just look like a sole. The steak is a whole culture, which in the United States was turned into a cult. In many American films, heroes eat steaks and even argue whether a restaurant guest will be able to eat a dish weighing several kilograms. It is worth noting that this recipe for meat was given to us by Britain in the fifteenth century, but it was the States that popularized this dish and set the delivery of beef of the highest category. To enjoy a steak, you do not need to go to an expensive restaurant – in this review we'll look at the electric grill GFgril GF-220, which will help cook a steak at home. And not just the steak.

In general, you can try to make a steak house in the oven or even in a conventional skillet, but, really, it's not serious and it's more like pampering. In the oven, never get the right roast crust on the meat, about the pan and do not talk. Still there are ordinary grills, on propane or coals. But they will have to get out of town and spend a lot of time on this. The electric grill GFgril GF-220 allows you to enjoy meat any day and in any place where there is an outlet.

The box with the grill is not heavy, big enough (135х330х360 mm), but not bulky. The main thing is there is a handle strong enough to support the weight of the grill. In general, transport to the house grill is very convenient. After opening the box, the grill seems too large (110x310x340 mm), but, running ahead, it should be said that it is very convenient – you can cook several impressive enough pieces of meat, fish or something tasty.

Package Contents:

  • The electric grill GFgril GF-220,
  • Container for fat,
  • Shovel,
  • Fork and knife for steaks,
  • The book of recipes,
  • Special panels for cooking cutlets, fried eggs,
  • Operating instructions.

Technical Specifications:

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GFgril GF-220
Power 2000 W
The stress 220-230 V
Covering Non-stick products
The case material Plastic, Stainless steel
Display LED
Type of the management of the Electronic
Weight 3.9 kg
Additionally It unfolds 180 degrees,
The mechanism of automatic adjustment to pieces of different thickness,
Temperature adjustment of each fry panel separately

The grill has a very nice design that pleases the eye and is suitable for any kitchen. The top of the body is made of plastic, the heating elements themselves are made of stainless steel, and the handle and other parts are made of non-heated metal. The grill even has a LED display and 6 buttons – symmetrically located buttons for switching on plate heating, temperature settings and timers separately for both plates.

In general, nothing difficult – you can begin to prepare without prior instruction. The mechanism of automatic adjustment to pieces of different thicknesses avoids the fact that the meat will be roasted unevenly or too strongly pressed by the top plate, which is very important. It is convenient that for each plate you can set your temperature and your working time – it is suitable for experimenting with roasting meat and fish or for creating beautiful desserts on the grill.

Yes, yes, desserts and grills, grills and desserts. The book of recipes from the delivery set is called "30 dishes for every day." In addition to the quite expected recipes for steaks and meat in general, the book has several interesting recommendations for cooking fish and those desserts – pineapples on the grill, grilled peaches with ice cream, fried bananas and so on. A pleasant bonus are several recipes of classic sauces for meat. Well, a separate small detail, which finally placed us to the tested grill, – a knife and fork for steaks of excellent quality. A trifle, but happy.

# Trials

First of all, of course, steaks were cooked on the grill. In the recipe book there are several popular options – gentle fillet-mignon, rib-steak, striploin-steak, but every amateur of American cuisine has its own "proven" recipe, a set of spices and a favorite degree of roasting. The frying consists of several stages – first we heat the grill to a temperature of 220 degrees, after that we roast the meat to a certain extent, and then let the steak "breathe" at a temperature of about 160 degrees for some time. The book of recipes details all the actions, so problems really should not arise.

It's worth noting that in theory steak cooking is not an easy occupation. But not with this grill. Thanks to the timer and adjustment of the temperature of the plates, you can fry the meat "blindly" without checking the degree of readiness. Do not sit with the timer and count down the seconds until the meat needs to be turned over to the other side – the plates fry the meat immediately from both sides. The grill does its work with a bang – after four minutes of frying, we got the meat of the medium frying – well roasted outside, but with small amounts of blood left inside. This effect is quite difficult to achieve.

The sizes of a grill allow simultaneously to prepare two pieces of meat approximately on half a kilogram each. And it's incredibly convenient. During the experiments with the degree of roasting the grill coped with any types of steaks – from rare to well done. You can cook the meat, leaving it almost damp inside, and you can fry as the Germans did with the Brazilians at the World Championships. As a result, you just need to leave the meat in the morning, go to work, go back in the evening and, literally 15 minutes, you can cook an excellent steak for two!

The second dish was a domestic shawarma from the book of recipes. The central ingredient is chicken fillet. It should be marinated, cut into thin slices and fry at a temperature of 220 degrees for four minutes. It's one thing when a fat, full-fledged piece of meat is fried, the other is thin fillet slices. In a frying pan, it is not easy to achieve that not a single piece is burned – they need to be constantly mixed. With Grill GFgril GF-220 it's all much easier – laid the meat on the plate, set the time and temperature, covered the second plate and after four minutes the meat is ready. All the pieces are one to one, not one that is not deep-fried, not one that is overcooked. It remains only to lay out the vegetables and meat on pita bread and dress it all with sauce.

The third dish was dessert. Not every day you see a recipe for cooking grilled grilled peaches . Cut the peaches, make the icing on the recipe, grease the fruit and grill for a few minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. The taste of this dessert is quite interesting, and it should be served with cold ice cream.

Cleaning the grill is not difficult. It can not be washed in a dishwasher, but this is not what. All the oil and fat remaining from the meat, merge through a convenient groove, and the plates can be wiped with a dry rag. In the kit there is a scapula for removing the remains of food, but due to the excellent non-stick coating of the plates and there is nothing to remove.

# Conclusion

As a result, you can conclude that if you often eat fried meat, then for you, the GFgril GF-220 grill is an excellent opportunity to simplify your life. Prepare delicious dishes of meat and fish in less than ten minutes will not always allow each oven. The grill is very convenient to handle, setting all the frying parameters is intuitive. The only downside is that the grill is bulky enough, but this is offset by the fact that you can cook a large enough meal at a time.

Grill GFgril GF-220 is a pleasant acquisition from the very beginning, when in the box you find a gift knife and a fork for steaks, and to the very end, when you once again enjoy excellent dishes made of meat, fish or fruit. The cost of this grill in Moscow retail at the time of writing this article is approximately 6,900 rubles. It may seem that the price is quite high for such a generally unpretentious household appliance, but it works just as it should, and costs every ruble spent. (In this case, the staff of 3DNews temporarily leaves you alone with this material and is sent to chew steaks.) It would be better for them to take meat to our country to our country … – Ed.)

We thank the store "Yulmart" for the grill provided for testing.

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