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Genre Action / Adventure
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
The Publisher in Russia "The New Disc"
The developer The Farm 51
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 2 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870, 40 GB on the hard drive, Internet connection and account on Steam
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Core i7-3770 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Release date 21 June 2017
Age qualification of 18 years of age
Platforms PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
The official website of the

The game was tested on the PC

"Girl … I have to save the girl" – so begins Get Even. What can one expect of a story about the release of a hostage? Second-rate action movie with an aging star in the lead roles? Maybe. If you missed all the news about the game, then the first minutes can produce just such a deceptive impression: armed kidnappers in masks, shooting, a teenager with a bomb tied to his chest … BOOM

# Everything is not what it seems

This action begins in an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where our protagonist, Cole Black, comes to life. In my head everything is mixed up: an abandoned warehouse, a girl, an explosion. How did he get here? To fight over this puzzle we will have the next few hours. "Calm down and explore," – advises on the mobile phone mysterious Mr. Red. It's worth listening to.

Get Even for a while leaves us unarmed and turns into a good walking simulator. The abandoned building does not shine with beautiful or any diverse interiors – everywhere ruin and a heap of garbage, – but the place is definitely atmospheric. The mood of the game resembles a wonderful and undeservedly forgotten Condemned: Criminal Origins. Even stronger sense of deja vu on the creation of Monolith Productions calls a mobile phone, with which Black studies the environment.

The gadget is multifunctional: and the terrain map will show, and darkness will be dispersed by ultraviolet light, and the scans will scan. On the use of the smartphone, most puzzles are built. However, in clashes with enemies, it does not help; here the good old pistol is a much more reliable companion. The psychiatrist is not completely empty, after all. Such institutions are never empty …

Adventures in the present are only half the overall picture. Quite quickly it turns out that with the help of a special device "Pandora" Black can "dive" into his damaged memories. After all, it was for this that he subscribed to the voluntary participation in the experiment – to find out what happened to the girl. Mr. Red has no reason to lie to you … I'm kidding, of course. Let's not open the cards to you! Or not?

Familiar ingredients

Get Even at once cites "Beginning", "Butterfly Effect" and "Remember". Yes, the game uses other people's tricks, but it does it so skillfully that once again you are convinced: to be able to competently imitate is a complex science. It is a pity that in terms of game mechanics everything turns out to be the opposite: here and there interesting ideas flash, but execution fails.

Inside memories, much attention is paid to shootings. The protagonist dies from several hits, so "CornerGan" is very useful – a unique weapon that allows you to shoot safely around the corner. The barrel rotates at right angles to either side, and the heat-sensitive chamber graciously illuminates all opponents. Only interesting situations for the use of exotic guns do not. The shooting itself is felt sluggish, at best at the level of Call of Duty. Yes, and we are pushed towards a peaceful passage, even secret murders give a minus in karma. Why then reward for collecting a full set of evidence by a new type of weaponry?

Memories – the place is unstable, and to some extent they are allowed to influence them. For example, using a scanner, you can materialize "forgotten" elements of the environment or, on the contrary, erase unnecessary fantasies. Thus, Cole is able to create shelters directly on the battlefield or to open new paths. Again, the idea is original, but weakly used during the passage.

After all, in Get Even it is most interesting to find new evidence on the case and make a picture of the events that have occurred. Farm 51 has even added its own version of the intellect, where you can see all the links between the found leads and become a step closer to understanding what is happening. Do not forget that your own actions can influence history. Cardinally change the course of the story can not be, but some decision taken at the beginning of the game, can easily turn around in a few hours.

# Fresh cocktail

The project mixed many elements from different genres: simple puzzles, and action, and stealth. But most of all, Get Even impresses in moments when he starts to flirt with the mind. The further, the stronger the writers blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy. And how clever they do it! Sometimes you really do not understand: there was definitely not this plush toy before? Maybe I did not notice … It is necessary to understand very subtly the human perception in order to balance this in a similar way: to cause a feeling that something is wrong here, but to hide what is exactly

History does not try to surprise with pianos in the bushes and as it passes, it throws the keys to the true background of events. Conversations with the mysterious Red push us to reflect and construct theories. Then they gradually disappear, one after another, but until the very end you doubt whether the truth is.

Get Even can definitely be called the favorite in the fight for the title of the best game story of the year. But the graphic breakthrough it does not become. The authors once told of an advanced technology that allowed to scan real premises and achieve a photorealistic image. But the beautiful fruits of photogrammetry remained in the debut teaser, and the final result at best is not bad. In some places it seems obsolete.

Although its even better, Get Even. Despite the monotony of the environment and close locations, the game can not be denied in a grim, psychedelic atmosphere. Each section of the wall is lovingly painted with graffiti, and episodes of travel through the back streets of consciousness are not devoid of fiction and a unique style of "crumbling" reality. A great soundtrack, filled with academic music, stands apart. The trunk topic can be permanently memorized.

* * *

Humans are strange creatures. They do not like lies, but they get special pleasure when they are skillfully led by their nose. The Farm 51 did it. The story from scattered pieces to the final is a logical puzzle, and the gameplay, despite a lot of borrowing, does not seem secondary.


  • an exciting story will reveal the cards, but first suggest thinking,
  • skillfully injected atmosphere;
  • a cleverly blurred line between reality and sleep


  • unrealized potential of interesting game ideas;
  • boring action.

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Drawing graphics The picture does not cause rejection, but it does not impress. There are a couple of interesting effects, but in general, nothing special. 6
Sound The soundtrack is perfectly matched, and the actors play very convincingly. 9
The Single Game Boring action, rudimentary stealth, a few puzzles – the game does not surprise mechanics, but at least does not give boredom. In the first place here is still history. 7
The collective game Not available.
The general impression One of the best game stories of the year, and perhaps the last few years. Otherwise, Get Even is not very strong. 7

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