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The modern multimedia market is full of the most incredible novelties, here you can meet and hybrids tablets / smartphones, and all kinds of laptops, transformers, and even a real TV on the Android operating system. Today we will get acquainted and experience one of the newest gadgets of this category.

So, what is UPVEL's Android TV Smart Box UM-514TV? This is a small computer that can expand the capabilities of a TV or a monitor, adding to them all the advantages of the Android operating system, plus, the built-in camera and the Bluetooth interface.

# External appearance

The device comes in a compact retail package, carefully and tastefully designed. The box contains all information about the purpose of the device and its main performance characteristics.

The device is supplied complete with a set of basic cables necessary for its full operation. There is a special fixed HDMI-adapter, which we'll talk about a little later. The scope of supply is supplemented by an external antenna.

Package Contents

Externally, the microcomputer resembles a compact 3G-modem. It would seem that he should not take a lot of place. The gadget requires a connection to a power source that can be taken from the TV itself, the wire will be behind. The antenna is magnetic, it can be attached from the back to the casing. For the input of data, the wireless manipulator, for example, Air Mouse, or the ordinary wireless mouse, is ideal.

The device of the mini-computer

The console body has a window with a VGA camera, which, in theory, is designed to be used as a web camera for video conversations. For the convenience of setting its angle, a special HDMI adapter is included in the kit with the ability to rotate about the axis by ± 90 degrees. For additional convenience, you can also use an additional HDMI extension cable, or a special docking station designed for this purpose. Or simply connect a separate webcam with a USB interface.

Connectors of connection

On the side of the case there is a connector for hot-swappable micro-SD card, micro-USB interface for power connection, microphone and Reset button. They can not be confused, all elements are signed. On the back there is a USB port and a jack for connecting to the antenna.

# The filling

The circuitry of the device UPVEL Android TV Smart Box is very similar to the standard Android-smartphone. The Rk3066 Dual Core (Cortex-A9) processor with a clock speed of 1.2-1.6 GHz in conjunction with the Mali400 graphics is impressive, especially for such a compact solution. As an operating system Android 4.2 is offered with the possibility of a new update to the latest version 4.4. The gadget is equipped with a built-in flash memory of 8 GBytes with the ability to expand micro-SD memory cards up to 32 GB.

There is not much RAM, especially for one of the latest software versions, only 1 GB. However, it is unlikely that such a device will have problems with the number of simultaneously open applications. But with a rich graphics applications and heavy games, the console should do well.

Use of the antenna

The device is equipped with a Wi-Fi interface supporting 802.11 b / g / n. The external antenna, supplied in the kit, will allow you to catch a confident signal even at a great distance from the router.

# Management

The computer is connected to the monitor quickly and without any difficulties. If the TV is in HDMI signal mode, the Android user interface becomes immediately available to the user. By the way, if your TV is outdated and does not have a high-speed digital connector, you can easily use the analog AV input with "tulips."

Next, everything is almost standard, as in mobile devices: the usual menu, several desktops with the ability to take application shortcuts and other elements of the real Android, in a horizontal, naturally orientation, like a tablet. However, there is one very serious nuance that it is difficult to keep silent about. We are already accustomed to the possibility of controlling such a system with the help of multi-touch input, occasionally with a stylus. Basically, whatever one may say, touch panels for an Android user are like a habitat. Here we are offered to operate the same operating system with a mouse or with a joystick. Difficulties are unlikely to arise here, but one has to get used to such operations again, such as fast paging, scrolling, text input and other actions more familiar in tactile presentation.

# Practical trials

It's worth noting that Android "for TVs" in the case of the UPVEL device Android TV BOX has been reworked, more precisely, supplemented with several elements, which make it possible to avoid the already impossible several simultaneous touches. And still have to get used to the specific input method. However, as an external touchpad, you can also use a tablet or phone, so that the adherents of sensor technologies will not remain completely deprived here.

The prefix allows to use all variety of applications available on Google Play. The device perfectly handles the display of Internet pages, including those built on Flash and HTML5. No problem, the built-in video plays and high-resolution images are scanned. No complaints about the multimedia player, either. Full HD video is displayed without interruption and distortion. With a similar load the gadget copes without braking.

The same situation with video games. All this is achieved thanks to the presence of a powerful quad-core video accelerator, which is ready to provide smooth reproduction of graphics with a high sampling frequency.

UPVEL TV Set-Top Box The UM-514TV works with video in up to 1080p formats (H.264, VP8, RV, WMV, AVS, H.263, MPEG4), MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OGG, and supports images in JPG, BMP and GIF formats with a maximum resolution of up to 8000 x 8000 pixels.

# Conclusion

Despite the completely unusual performance and unexpected set of functionalities, the UPVEL Android TV BOX device is undoubtedly a very interesting phenomenon in the modern multimedia gadget market, and for compact Android systems it is unique. Not only that for a very modest amount the user gets the opportunity to turn his old TV into something more than SMART-TV, all without unnecessary wires and piling boxes!

The Android TV set is definitely suitable for those who can count money and wisely approach the renovation of the home electronics park. In addition, thanks to a unique compact design and a universal set of interfaces, such a set-top box has every chance to survive more than one TV.

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