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Genre The Shooter
Publisher Activision
The Publisher in Russia Softclub
The developer Bungie
Release date September 6, 2017 (PlayStation 4, Xbox One), October 24, 2017 (PC)
Age qualification of 16 years
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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The game was tested on the PlayStation 4


This week, the long-awaited beta testing of Destiny 2 started. Tired fans of the original tired can wait for the new project Bungie, having passed the introductory mission and the strike (which in the Russian version was called a touch, but without laughter it is impossible to pronounce this word). Well, for a snack prepared two competitive PvP-mode. And after getting acquainted with all the components of the “beta” there is a feeling that the developers are too zealously engaged in eliminating non-existent problems, not paying attention to the available ones. But about everything in order.

# Bread and the spectacle

The first thing participants in the test are forced to choose a class of their hero and sent to the plot task. Among the main classes there are no changes, there are three again: warlock, titan and hunter. You can not get acquainted with the editor of the character, but if you want, you can create three different characters and learn some of their subclasses. To give players the incentive to do this, different characters are given unique exotic weapons – warlocks, for example, receive a submachine gun that causes electrical damage. Yes, it’s about the same gun as Zhalo Supercell, only slightly worse.


Screenshots in Destiny 2 will obviously be very beautiful

What immediately catches your eye when you launch a story mission is an improved visual component. Bungie tried to embellish the locations in both the usual Destiny and in the addition of The Taken King, but almost never saw the excitement because of the tuning under the consoles of the last generation. From the versions of Rise of Iron for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the developers refused, but the engine, apparently, did not allow to do something impressive – except for the falling snow in the new social zone nothing has changed.

In Destiny 2 it’s hard not to notice how much more detailed and colorful the surroundings become, we note the greatly improved lighting. In addition, the mission itself differs from the entry of the first Destiny in that here the player is immediately thrown into the abyss of events: around everything explodes, every second room is engulfed by fire, Kabbalah falls in original capsules to different angles of location. In the original we quietly mastered the controls and watched the lazily flying ship on the Cosmodrome here everything is much more dynamic.

In terms of filling the mission also failed. In the first Destiny we almost never met any story characters on our way, but here we are next to Cade-6 almost immediately after the start. So far, no significant role these heroes do not play, but during the passage of other tasks will certainly be more useful. In addition, one of the episodes of the mission is a semblance of a public event, where even when playing alone you can get to the location with a couple of other users and fight off enemies with them. I can not wait to see what Bungie can come up with.


Pashk, what are you talking about?

# Raid, hurry

But the impressions from the strike are not so bright. There are several reasons for this, and the first of them is the almost complete absence of new types of opponents. Yes, some of them were not really represented in the first Destiny, but they are, by and large, nothing special. There are thick Kabbalah who run around with two axes instead of weapons – but are they a new kind of enemies? Vexes are absolutely the same: skinny goblins with a shining white “heart”, high minotaurs, and also hobgoblins, which also become invulnerable for a couple of seconds on the first hit. Unique can be called unless the creatures, similar to the dogs, which you meet during the battle with the Cabal. We hope that in the full version of Destiny 2 there will not be such an obvious self-copying.

The battle with the final boss, too, grieves its unoriginality – after the strikes Sunless Cell and Echo Chamber expect some interesting mechanic, but alas. We once again offer an ordinary tight arena with a huge boss, who needs about ten minutes to shoot at the head. Periodically, under the feet of the Guardians, the floor disappears, but this does not affect anything – only the shelters are changing. The strike itself is very easy and not the most interesting, so we will not judge the entire game. There are bright moments in it – in one of the episodes you fight with enemies in a large open area, which adds a missing sense of scale.

Probably, the feelings from the strike are not related to its quality, but to the gameplay changes in the sequel. The most notable was that shotguns, sniper and plasma rifles, as well as grenade launchers and rocket launchers now refer to the same “special” type of weapon. This is due to the inability of Bungie to make an adequate balance in PvP and the need to equalize the conditions for players in absolutely all modes. Due to the fact that for more than two years “shotguns” and “snipers” in the first Destiny were very popular and killed users with one shot, it was decided to get rid of them almost completely. Suffered in the end those who prefer to spend time in PvE, – to arrange the shooting of the boss of sniper rifles, and also to run from one enemy to another with a shotgun at the ready will not succeed.


Spraying an opponent with a plasma rifle is priceless

Because of this unfortunate innovation, it is not easy to decide what to do with missions and strikes. The two main slots occupy the standard and kinetic weapons – one deals normal damage, the other is designed to destroy shields of a certain color from the enemy. And these are all the same guns: impulse rifles, reconnaissance rifles, submachine guns, submachine guns … If earlier one managed to take, for example, a “scout” to shoot at far-away enemies, and in case of danger to get a shotgun, now it’s done so unlikely to succeed. To discuss the effectiveness of these or those types of weapons is still incorrect – in the “beta” the power indicator of the Guardians is lower than that of the enemies, therefore even the weakest opponents demand several shots in the head. But if the scouts’ rifles are in the end as weak, expect a storm of popular indignation.

# Did the magic evaporate?

And the distribution of headshots to the right and left in Destiny 2 for some reason does not bring such pleasure, as in the first part. With what it is connected, it is difficult to understand – whether the sounds of shooting became worse, or the artists went too far with special effects (sometimes you do not immediately understand if the enemy is killed or not). In the original, even with poor “green” guns, it was very fun to shoot: watch the Kabalov’s flying helmets, see the changing animations of the Vexes, get into the heads of the Dregs jumping from side to side. And here something has changed for the worse. If one of the main advantages of the first part was considered a great shooting, then Destiny 2, it seems, missed it. The game feels like an ordinary shooter. Surprisingly, opinions were divided on this issue: someone noticed a mediocre shooting, someone could not find any differences.

Another innovation that makes the game less fun is a painfully slow regeneration of abilities. After spending hundreds of hours in the original Destiny, you want to throw grenades every few seconds, but here you wait for almost a couple of minutes. Absolute ability also accumulates even longer – in multiplayer matches you can reach the victory without ever using it. And this is illogical, because the presence of the heroes of such skills allocated Destiny among the other shooters. Even if the player had problems with aiming at the gamepad, he could easily perform with dignity, using grenades and including “ultu” from time to time. Now the PvP looks completely casual, and amateurs poseniperit and did not remain at work – after the death cartridges are selected, and take a box with them can only one person, not the whole team.


A flock of war animals can be saved by jumping

It’s strange that despite Bungie’s obvious desire to focus on competitive multiplayer, PvP suffers from previous flaws. For a couple of dozen completed matches I met several users, punches on which did not cause any damage, although the sound of the slap was clearly audible. Nostalgia for Destiny 1, not otherwise. Playback at 30 frames / s and the absence of dedicated servers certainly will not prevent Activision from making the game a cybersport discipline (especially since the frame rate will not be limited on the PC), but the fact that the opponent often dies a second after the last shot, and many shootouts end with the death of both duelists, ordinary players will not stop annoying.

Despite the small amount of content in the beta version of Destiny 2, it was possible to notice many small elements, which are worth paying attention to. Updated subclasses slightly refreshed the gameplay, and warlocks no longer need to store the resurrection until a sudden death – instead they throw swords from the sunlight. Also, while holding down the “circle” button, they can install a portal that restores health or increases damage, and similar skills are in other classes (although hunters are luckier than others). Instead of strength, discipline and agility, Sentinels now have indicators of resilience, mobility and recovery, and their characteristics vary with clothing. All items, including the shells of the ghost, armor, weapons and even ships, have the ability to change color.


But for each interesting innovation can be found illogical and inappropriate. Because of the prolonged restoration of abilities, the game feels slower, and the characters move also not so deftly as in the first part. The shooting somehow managed to spoil, and it’s unlikely that the “beta” presents mediocre equipment. To create at least some sort of balanced PvP Bungie it took three years and the development of a whole sequel, but in the end it affected the fans of PvE, who have to carry two main weapons, although they are accustomed to sniper rifles and shotguns. So far, Destiny 2 raises a lot of questions, but we have to wait for the full version – will it suddenly turn out that some of the problems will be fixed?

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