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Genre Role-playing game / Shooter
Published by THQ Nordic
The Publisher in Russia missing
Developers Piranha Bytes
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i5-2405S 2.5 GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz, 6 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 / AMD Radeon HD 5870, 20 GB on the hard drive, Internet connection and account on Steam
Recommended Requirements

The processor Intel Core i5-2500S 2.7 GHz / AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 2 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon R9 285

Released on: 14 September 2017
Age qualification of 18 years of age

PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

The official website

The game was tested on the PlayStation 4

When ELEX was first shown on a closed presentation during Gamescom 2015, the authors talked about it as a dream game. Like, tired of fantasy, two trilogies dedicated to it, it's time and honor to know. Piranha Bytes pored over a new project of the order of four years. It turned out, perhaps, the most ambitious project, created by the German studio. More precisely, the most ambitious "Gothic".

# Now with the name!

Magalan – a world reminiscent of ours with you – suffered from a terrible catastrophe: a collision with a meteorite. The heavenly body brought with it destruction, a sharp change in climate and landscape, hundreds of millions of deaths, as well as a new element in the periodic table – the same elex. Few survivors over time have discovered unique properties in this substance. It can serve as a source of energy, strengthen and change living organisms and even opens up magical potential.

People broke up into factions that looked differently at how best to use the new resource. Nature advocates announced that all evil – from technology, called berserkers and began to grow a green paradise on Magalan. They also figured out how to open the magical reserves of man thanks to the Elex. On the other hand, there are clerics – they have nothing against nature, but they believe that only scientific progress will help to rebuild a civilized society. Finally, the outcasts simply spat on everything and survive as they can in their desert. With moonshine and ladies of the oldest profession.

Over time, there was a fourth force in the world after the end of the world – the Alba. Someone came up with the wonderful idea that elex can be consumed inside in its pure form. As it turned out, the idea is not bad. The alien element, having got into the body, fills it with force, clears the mind and exacerbates feelings. The side effect is only one – emotions disappear somewhere. Well, even the skin gets an unhealthy pale shade, but this, you must agree, trivia. The abuse of e-mail has led the Albians to the idea that they are the next stage of evolution. Others must either obey or die.

According to all the canons of Gothic and Risen, an unnamed hero is to enter the stage here. Unexpectedly it turns out that our protagonist is one of the commanders of the albes called Jax. Yes, he has a name! On the way to the next task, his aircraft is knocked down, and at the scene of the accident appears punitive detachment of brothers. They are ready to enforce a sentence for failure – death. Miraculously the hero manages to survive, but there is no access to the rich reserves of the magic substance. Fainting unconscious for a couple of days, he wakes up already "clean." And robbed. Neither high-quality armor nor high-tech weapons. Only a steel rod that falls under the arm, and a brave new world where Jaksa is trying to kill at all.

# The lesser evil

Jax most of his life depended on Eleks and managed to rise high thanks to him. The more pain it was to fall! Without a treasured substance, the body is weakened enough that even a mutant rat can easily attack the hero. Prepare for the fact that at first you will desperately flee from every hostile creature. That is, from ninety-five percent of the total population of Magalan. And there is nothing shameful here.

After a short prologue you are free to go where your eyes look. ELEX offers freedom in the manner of The Elder Scrolls. But this, rather, for those who play the game for the second time and knows what's what. For beginners, we recommend, accompanied by the berserker Duras, to go to Goliet, the capital of Eden. Here you will learn about the life of Free People, who, perhaps, look at the world in different ways, but are unanimous in the opinion that one should not give up emotions for the sake of power.

According to the tradition you will have to choose which of the three groups to join in the long run. This choice will be difficult, because neither side is perfect. Berserkers and clerics pursue a good goal, but in their faith they resemble intolerant fanatics. Outcasts, on the other hand, are honest with themselves, which, however, does not make them less bloodthirsty bastards who even appreciate metal more than human life.

The alignment of the factions can not be changed, and the support of one of the parties will be required, because the true enemy is much more powerful than you think. Therefore at some point it is necessary to choose a lesser evil, although here the option "against all" arises. Maybe the next time Piranha Bytes still decides to move away from the same structure of the plot, which in different hypostases roams from one series to another. After all, in many ways ELEX took a step forward.

First of all, the world itself surprises. For example, the launching area called Eden is a green paradise of classic fantasy, with monsters and magic, but also dotted with the ruins of factories and cottage communities. Large roads are covered with asphalt – their condition will be envied by the streets of other Russian cities, and the skeletons of cars are rusted on the roadside. Over time, we will meet with more advanced technology, visit the City-under-Dome and a real futuristic settlement. On the other hand, the desert stretches out, the inhabitants of which vividly recall the "Mad Max"

No matter how wildly the description of this crazy cross between fantasy, fiction and post-apocalypse sounds, it does not at all seem like a tasteless mess. On the contrary, the world is one of the main advantages of the project, and its research proves to be an extremely fascinating affair. Piranha Bytes has always been famous for handmade dressing of every centimeter of the playing space, and ELEX was no exception.

# Overcoming the pain

Magalan conceals hundreds of secrets in himself and skillfully tells his story. As if in a regular Fallout, you will find a lot of records telling both about the times before the disaster, and about how people survived after. To the final of the disparate pieces is an integral picture of the events. This is the biggest world that ever came out from the pen of the Essene studio. The scale here is not for the sake of scale, but because otherwise it would not be possible to fit everything that I wanted. And Magalan looks amazing – despite the frankly outdated technology, clumsy animation and meager special effects, the game draws fantastically beautiful landscapes.

I want to turn every stone, you never know where you find something valuable. Or your own death – ELEX spares no one. At first (that is, the first twenty hours – a big game), the fastest save and load will be the most useful skills – you will have to die constantly. But if in Dark Souls the death of is a natural part of the learning process, then Piranha Bytes simply could not find the line between complexity and banal inconvenience.

The combat system, perhaps, most spoils the impression of the game. A little decent armor will appear in the inventory only after entering into one of the factions, and high-quality weapons require sky-high characteristics. Therefore the first ten hours or so you will be pecking at the mini mini ostriches. The fights are awkward, and the animation is torn: a blow can pass through the enemy and still does not count, while a hammer flying a meter away from you will cut a good half of health.

In the pursuit of fashion added a strip of stamina. The first time Jaksu's energy is enough for three hits and two rolls, and then, if you please, catch your breath, the great and terrible commander, the Thunderstorm of Free People. If one on one can still be done, then two opponents at a time – a headache. Sometimes there is a feeling that instead of learning to fight correctly to go on, you break the game through your knee. A bunch of battles can be won by setting monsters on robbers or circling around stones until a giant creature gets stuck in textures like an unforgettable boar in the third Gothic. We advise to get a partner as early as possible, because he is often able to take on the whole danger. If at all deign to interfere in the battle – AI often falls into a stupor.

Companions, by the way, were surprisingly interesting personalities. They have their own opinion on every occasion and are eagerly welcomed into dialogues. With each of the seven a fairly interesting quest is connected, and in half the cases a solid skeleton falls out of the closet. Script writers have worked hard: the structure of missions compared to past projects of the studio has become more complicated. Many instructions are interrelated, and certain decisions have far-reaching consequences – infrequently, but this occurs (which the game warns with the appropriate inscription). Similarly, the main storyline is constructed – it is a set of global goals. The final depends on which order and how you will achieve them.

If battles were the only weighty drawback, ELEX could be safely recommended to all fans of classic RPGs from a third party. In the end, the weakness of the hero conveys the sense of progress – after forty hours yesterday the dohlyak waved a giant power sledge hammer, flinging mutants that once with one paw drove him into the ground.

 Waiting for you and the battle "wall to wall." But be careful: one strike on your own, and allies will immediately become enemies "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> </a></p>
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Waiting for you and the battle "wall to wall." But be careful: one strike on your own, and allies will immediately become enemies

But a weak "boevka" is not the only stick in the wheel. Here you and the usual bugs, and broken quests, and curve animation, and uncomfortable interface. Do you know how to look at the hero's parameters? No way. There is no summary statistics screen. You only know the pumped characteristics like strength, stamina, dexterity and other things in that spirit, but nowhere will you find the number of lives, for example. What gave the learned skill "Increased Stamina"? The devil only knows, guess. How useful is the potion to +40 health? Let's try and see what happens. This is a role-playing game with a pumping system, it's wrong!

* * *

It is impossible to remain indifferent to ELEX. You will either fall in love with her and will not rest until you turn Magalan upside down, or you'll break in a couple of hours and never come back here again.


  • an unusual mixture of fantasy, fiction and post-apocalypse;
  • an interesting and skilfully told story;
  • a huge world full of secrets and secrets, wildly interesting to study;
  • well-trained team-mates;
  • flexible system of development.


  • the curved combat system;
  • wooden animation, especially annoying in the battles;
  • many hours you spend as a trembling creature, hoping for F5-F9;
  • uncomfortable and uninformative interface.
Graphics ELEX in places looks like a guest from the past, but he knows how to present a wonderful landscape. And no screenshots of downloads! 7
Sound A surprisingly faded soundtrack and inexpressive actor's work. You do not want to swear, but there's nothing to praise either. 6
Single game ELEX appeals to the spirit of adventurism. It requires patience and time, but it's worth it to get involved, and it's already impossible to break away. 8
The collective game Not available.
The general impression The most vivid metaphor for the phrase "like against." 7

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