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Release Date:

Genre Tactics
Publisher Ubisoft
The developer Ubisoft
Released from August 29, 2017
Age qualification of 12 years
Platforms Nintendo Switch

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After passing Mario + Rabbids there is a slight sense of unreality of what is happening. When there were just rumors about the development of an unusual project, it was possible with a clear conscience to twist your finger at the temple and say that this is impossible. Well, who in their right mind could come to mind to send to the Mushroom kingdom of crazy rabbits, and in addition to build on this insane idea turn-based tactics? As it turned out, it was quite possible. And even more – Nintendo with Ubisoft produced a surprisingly strong game and a charmingly cute adventure.


If you are dealing with crazy rabbits trying to click on any button, then the safety rules are simple – keep high-tech devices in the safe. Especially if the invention is able to combine completely different objects not only with each other, but also with living beings. That's how you leave such an experimental piece on the table, and it will be stolen forever screaming eared, that appeared from nowhere in the washing machine time. Then something will go wrong according to tradition, and now not only fluffy smirking pranksters fall to the Mushroom kingdom, but also their extremely strange varieties obtained by means of mysterious transformations of matter.

There is no way out, we need to save our world, so Mario takes the blaster in hands, cooperates with the glamorous princess rabbit and goes for the culprit of all this "triumph". It sounds very strange, but this is how Mario + Rabbids begins. Which, unfortunately, after the entry sharply reduces the speed. Perhaps history is the weakest part of the game. It copies the style of the platformers' narrative with the indispensable "eared now in another castle" – but what is suitable for one genre is not good for another. In console tactical projects, you expect at least some development of characters or events – still play is offered 20-25 hours, but the first is not here, and the second is moving from the dead point only closer to the finale.

However, Mario + Rabbids still will not let you get bored, because it's pulled out in an idiotic way, in places absolutely absurd situations – they are amusingly playing out many of the usual moments for Mario games and constantly causing laughter. It would seem that for eleven years have already seen everything that rabbits are capable of, but thanks to the new scene these fools, constantly wishing to break something, still manage to surprise. Especially cute turned out sketches, where the original characters of Nintendo and their eared twins meet for the first time, but this is only a small part of what is in the game. The developers have not stinted on a huge number of various small things and small strokes, constantly entertaining the player. For example, in a tense battle, a rabbit-princess can accidentally stumble, lose a crown, and then grumble up and with an important snout to attach it back. After this, to continue the battle with a serious kind of well does not work.

Attention to detail allowed Ubisoft to create a damn cute project. It seems like the world needs to be saved, but it is offered in such a relaxed atmosphere and with such amusing allies that you do not want to leave the cozy game. Here you already forget about the tragedy in place of the plot. And who actually needs this story, when one rabbit is swimming in a pond with BDSM-Dot, a couple of others are playing scenes from westerns, and a giant bullet got tangled in huge cowards? What is the plot there, here would not overlook the next crazy freaks developers!

Not the least role in creating the right mood for Mario + Rabbids is played by colorful surroundings. Engine The Division on the Switch feels great and gives out a chic picture, according to the stylistics of the Nintendo game. Although there were not any shortcomings – in the special moments loaded with special effects, the frame rate drops noticeably, and about an hour, inexplicable hangs occur for a couple of seconds, and at absolutely arbitrary moments. It is unlikely that these frills can be attributed to problems with hardware. In general, they are not too annoying, but the patch still begs.


Gameplay Kingdom Battle is divided into two parts: the battle and the exploration of locations. Between the battles will have to solve unpretentious logical tasks on moving objects, collect coins and look for boxes with secrets. The latter, by and large, do not carry any semantic load – they drop art, 3D models and other things for contemplation, available for viewing in the gallery. To "collect them all", you need to play the game twice, because in some areas you can not get without special skills that are given out for the victory over the bosses, including the final one.

Prior to the release, Mario + Rabbids was often compared to XCOM, but fortunately, Ubisoft did not corruptly copy the creation of Firaxis. Games do have several common elements, but the Kingdom Battles are still an independent project with their own ideas. First of all, it is noticeable by the way of movement of the heroes. In one move they can be moved almost to the other end of the arena, which will allow the opponent to enter the rear or to dig in a more comfortable position. And the game encourages a constant change of location – on the cards are scattered special pipes, allowing you to quickly find yourself in another part of the level. In addition, you can kick the opponent on the run, which will cause him a small loss, and gallop on.

The Allies know how to throw their comrades both far away and on the floor above – it's enough to choose a cage with a partner during the move, and then a landing place. Unlike the same Disgaea, the action is executed immediately, you do not need to first take a live shell on your hands, and then toss it somewhere. Mechanics are intuitively understandable, mastered during the first battle.

In addition, Kingdom Battle uses a simplified scheme for calculating the probability of a successful hit, which avoids annoying situations when a fighter at point-blank can not shoot a massive target. It works this way – if you hide behind something big, then you do not get ordinary shots. At least until the barrier collapses. Shelters of half the height give protection in 50%, so that the enemy has a chance to hook the character. Finally, running headlong through the open area, you can not even think about the successful completion of the battle – will destroy instantly. Planning your actions is convenient, and the outcome of the battle is less dependent on randomness and banal luck.

The teams make moves in turn: first you, and then the opponent. And the game does not oblige to give all orders to the character at once. You can move Mario to a more comfortable position, switch to sniper Luigi, lure the enemy to the open area, and then, returning to the management of the first fighter, finish off the enemy. In spite of the fact that after the movement to cancel the action and the "transition" can not be repeated, and the allies are not allowed to resurrect during the battle, this freedom unties the hands and makes battles quite simple. Especially if you properly use shelters and not specifically substituted. The latter is important, since only three heroes participate in battles – a stupid loss of even one of them seriously breaks the plans.

At the end of the game, the difficulty is completely reduced: due to the permanent right of the first move, the characters kill half of the enemies simply because they manage to get themselves bonuses for damage and take more advantageous positions, and the surviving rabbits are caught on counterattacks. On the other hand, Mario + Rabbids gives out medals at the end of the battle, so those wishing to get "gold" will have to think a little about tactics. For the most desperate there are special tests, where without serious strategic thinking it is better not even to meddle.

Although a simple campaign in this case does not mean dull gunfights. Relative ease is compensated by classy, ​​thought out design of maps and adjusted tempo. Kingdom Battle introduces new rivals with unique abilities exactly when the old begin to get bored, and then competently mixes their composition, creating interesting situations. Even more fun becomes when there are any additional conditions on the arenas like falling fireballs or a tornado that sweeps everything in its path. Such features must always be kept in mind and accounted for when choosing positions.

The goals of the battle are also constantly changing: in one case you need to kill everyone, in another – to get to a certain area or accompany the character, in the third – to defeat a certain number of enemies. Separate praise deserve the bosses, especially the first and third worlds – to fight them is a pleasure. However, there is a feeling that the developers did not have enough fuse, or, most likely, time. A few final battles thoughtlessly throw the party in droves of already familiar opponents, which is a little disappointing.

Not everyone will like the very simple development of heroes. In Mario + Rabbids, there is no experience and, correspondingly, levels, and each of the eight characters has only two abilities: one is able to heal, the other is protecting, the third shoots at the moving enemies during their turn and stuff in the same spirit. And all the available skills are opened at the very beginning of the game, in the future they do not get any more. Skills can be improved by increasing the effectiveness of the effects imposed, but only. Especially three of the four branches of the pumping just duplicated in all wards. I would still like to see more variety, and then we have to constantly change the composition of the party, so as not to use the same tactics time after time, but all the same, by the second half of the game, the possible options end.

With equipment similar story – there is a basic "gun" and additional weapons. More powerful instances are opened as they pass, so you do not have to run after them. As well as suffering with the choice – money for the completion of chapters is always given out so much that it is enough to equip the beloved trio with the latest technology, and the rest of the characters either do not touch at all or return to them a little later.

From the idea of ​​crossing two completely different universes, you expect anything, but Ubisoft and Nintendo have proved that even a crazy idea can turn into a good game. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was a very nice project with good tactical gameplay. The game can be recommended to fans of the genre (although in some cases it will seem to them too simple) and to a wider audience due to absurd humor, beautiful visual style and the ability to replay any battle in an easy mode. And where else can you shoot rabbits overgrown from a blaster?

# Pluses:

  • crazy, absurd humor in the performance of rabbits;
  • thoughtful and diverse design of maps;
  • bright, colorful style;
  • a lot of additional tests;
  • the game constantly throws up new rivals and situations.

# Disadvantages:

  • the plot of the whole game tramples on the spot;
  • unpretentious pumping and the lack of new abilities throughout the game;
  • because of the low location of the camera, it is sometimes impossible to see the area to which the enemy can reach;
  • regular strange hangs for a couple of seconds.
Graphics Ubisoft successfully copied the Nintendo style, which resulted in one of the most visually pleasing games on the portable platform. And this applies both to stationary and to portable mode. 9
Sound Rabbits scream funny and make a lot of strange sounds, but the vast majority of characters just do not know how to talk. The music was so fresh that you do not notice it even during the passage. 6
Single game Suddenly a good tactic with interesting battles, elaborate maps and a lot of funny enemies. The research part turned out to be a little worse, but this is compensated by dozens of ridiculous situations. 8
The collective game A local cooperative, where a couple with a friend can undergo a variety of tests. A full-fledged multiplayer is not called.
The general impression Sudden and damn cute tactics from Ubisoft, which surely will cheer you up, show the rabbits from an unexpected side, and at the same time will present several tens of hours of interesting gameplay. And of course, the eared Peach is a new sex symbol of the game industry. 8

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