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Active simulators for home – the topic is rather controversial and multifaceted. Many, it's a sin to conceal, it seems that to change their attitude to sports activities it is enough to purchase a sports projectile or simulator. Alas and ah, often even the most popular treadmills and exercise bikes after a few weeks are used less and less and gradually become covered with dust. And the presence of a built-in TV receiver, MP3 player and touch buttons does not affect the desire to practice at all.

Still, there is a significant percentage of those who overpower lazy mother and continue to practice until classes become the same natural daily habit as brushing your teeth. However, the rest also do not give up: you can cope with laziness with the help of multi-training equipment, which we will also talk about today.

# Treadmills and exercise bikes

The most popular exercise equipment for the home were and still are running tracks and exercise bikes. It is clear that the treadmills are designed for running, when there is no possibility or desire to do it on the street. In this case, you need to clearly separate the tracks for fitness clubs and for the house.

They differ, first of all, in their endurance in various aspects: the clubs are designed for almost constant load, their motor can work with a power of up to four horsepower, and consume such energy paths no less than powerful electric kettles. Therefore, such models are justified in clubs where they are exploited "both in the tail and in the mane", but at home they are completely unnecessary. So saving on electricity consumption in this case is not only possible but also necessary.

Home Treadmill HouseFit

The most advanced in the technical plan models at a price of 80-100 thousand rubles give the opportunity to run with comfort. Accordingly, advanced exercise bikes also allow you to not just turn the pedals – but also with comfort, especially since such devices are quite similar to their "electronic brains". But here, we repeat, we still need to share models for home and model for clubs. For example, if an exercise bike or a running track costs 300,000 rubles – this is obviously a club thing.

Computer with various programs on the Reebok treadmill, average cost

Of the electronic functions for treadmills and exercise bicycles, it is necessary to mention, first of all, heart rate sensors and various additional sensors (speed, time, distance, calories, calories / hour, pulse, angle, tempo, etc.) the indications of which are displayed. In the case of simple options, the display is usually simple, multi-segment; and the more the track costs, the more functional the built-in electronics and the display tools are. The display of the treadmill can reach a diagonal of the size of a computer monitor, be touchscreen with a display of 16 million colors, connect to a TV and communicate via Wi-Fi with other electronic devices (tablets, smartphones, i-gadgets), play music with built-in speakers, provide access to various training programs and so on.

Supermegaux racing track from Matrix at the price of 700 thousand rubles – only for the best houses in Paris and Philadelphia.

The most complex models, for example Matrix production, can cost as a decent car – 700 thousand rubles, but such tracks are already put by either very rich people or fairly wealthy clubs.

White (which is atypical) the Kettler exercise bike with a powerful computer

The home models of the simulators weigh, as a rule, not 200 kilograms at all, but twice or three times less than the regime of army training, their power does not exceed 2 horsepower, and even 15-20 programs will be more than enough. The price of such installations on average fluctuates at the level of 30-40 thousand rubles.

Home treadmill from Hasttings with a full LCD display and speakers for connecting a music player.

Of course, home models can exactly have all of the above functions, some more, some less. HouseFit, Hasttings, Aerofit, Winner, Oxygen, NordicTrack, Torneo and even Reebok – these manufacturers can offer you treadmills for your home. Exercise bikes (not veloergometers!) Cost about the same, and they are produced by Kettler, HouseFit, Horizon, Focus, Winner, Oxygen and already mentioned Reebok. And also less well-known manufacturers.

# Veloergometers

In fact, veloergometers are the same exercise bikes, but advanced in the electronic part to the maximum. They are distinguished by the most accurate system of measurements of load, distance traveled, pulse and other indicators of training. And also the price of up to half a million rubles.

In modern models, this whole system is controlled by a powerful computer with a wide variety of programs. Of course, a conventional exercise bike allows you to do all this too – but with less accuracy, and bicycle ergometers differ at least in that their measurements are so absolute that they can be used both in scientific research and during treatment … or if there is nowhere to put money, but in the house has an extra place for such a monster.

Velocity meter Matrix for 500 thousand rubles will give you everything and even more

Compared with a simple exercise bike, in bicycle ergometers manufacturers break away at the maximum and stuff them all that can only be imagined. A variety of training programs, game programs and tests, the ability to synchronize (and even wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to the computer, maintaining the user's diary, monitoring the ECG in addition to those that are implicit in themselves, and much more.

And even more: on certain models (Matrix production, for example), you can conduct real virtual competitions with other users, and such "computer games" are much more useful for health than the daily hanging in WoW or Lineage.

But a modest copy for home use from Vision – for only 50 thousand rubles.

All this is controlled from a 15-19-inch touchscreen color display that can connect to a TV (there are corresponding outputs), to gadgets, to everything with a USB port, a wired network in addition to Wi-Fi, to social networks, to YouTube. Of course, you can choose a model a little cheaper (for example, a couple of tens of thousands) without any ports or protocols, if you do not even know why you need it.

The Kettler bicycle ergometer display will provide a lot of useful information. And most importantly – accurate.

In addition to the aforementioned Matrix, velo-ergometers are made by almost all the major manufacturers of exercise bikes, which we described in the previous paragraph. Therefore, the range of prices for them is quite wide and starts from about 30 thousand rubles.

# Power Multisimulators

Speaking about multi-training devices, one should distinguish those for fitness clubs (whose price can go up to one and a half million rubles, and weight exceeds a ton) and much more modest in size and price homely. Both in the fitness club and at home, the main advantage of multi-simulators are compact sizes: several functions in one device, and at the same time, in a small area.

Unfortunately, large formidable simulators at their rather large price (on average 250-300 thousand rubles) usually do not have any electronic gadgets. Yes, they are not needed: these club devices should be just as simple as possible, so that permanent use does not finish their effeminate nature.

Therefore, we will tell you today about home semi-electronic options for 20-30 thousand rubles, universal simulators (also called "mini-stadion"), which combine several dozens of others. Note immediately that these are not robots-transformers: modules you change yourself. We hung an armchair – the exercise bike turned out. Removed the chair – you can run. And with all the other modules about the same.

Home universal simulator HouseFit: 38 different exercises at a price of 20 thousand rubles

For example, you can take a HouseFit production simulator that allows you to perform almost 40 types of training, stretching most of the muscle groups (abdomen, back, shoulder girdle, buttocks, hips and calves). This combine consists of a treadmill, a rowing machine, a massager and an exercise bike, while occupying an area of ​​only 140×65 cm: it is possible to allocate a corner for it and engage there. All this is controlled by the built-in computer, which is suitable for any training, and not just on the bicyclist, as one might think. The electronics includes a pulse meter, a calorie counter, a speedometer, a clock, a display of the distance traveled – and all this is shown on the built-in display. More advanced models and display have more, and built-in programs for different types of training.

Another "mini-stadium" from HouseFit. It looks more elegant.

Universal multi-simulators, like the model described above, at a low price may not look so massive and menacing as simulators in fitness clubs weighing a ton, but allow "having tried once, there are now". That is, do not spend money on annual subscriptions, and buy such a combine once and use it at any time. And the place does not take much – a square of 1.5×1.5 meters is usually quite enough for them.

Orbitrack from Horizon in all its glory

Also less versatile orbiters or elliptical ergometers are called universal simulators. These simulators combine the elements of an exercise bike, a treadmill and a stepper. That's specifically about the stepper and we'll talk further.

# The Steppers

Steppers are simulators that simulate climbing the staircase (the Mayan pyramid, Everest, a skyscraper without an elevator) and, in fact, offering roughly the same as exercise bikes and treadmills. You can buy a simple inexpensive model for 2-4 thousand rubles, you can buy a club Matrix with all the conceivable bells and whistles for 500 thousand, and you can choose a compromise home option.

Modest stepper from Horizon with a computer running on AA batteries

Functionally steppers are much simpler than all of the above simulators, and even the control console with any calorie counters and heart rate meters can work from batteries (!), And not from the network. True, all this in the case of a model with a hydraulic drive. Sometimes a computer in general can be separated from the main part and cling, for example, to a shirt. Actually, that's all it's worth to tell about them.

And here is that computer

Let's just note that steppers with bloat like a large LCD display with a television input and "US Army programs" popularity, apparently, did not find, so you are unlikely to find them on sale. And few produce them: already known to us HouseFit, Kettler and Horizon.

# Conclusion

Today, a variety of simulators of completely different persuasions – from simple mechanical to sophisticated with a Wi-Fi connection – allows you to do even more efficiently than before. Of course, multitrailers are best for this, but a "simple" treadmill with a computer that shows a treadmill with grass on the sides is also suitable for many people.

We told about the most basic and convenient types of devices in terms of price / quality ratio, but there are others: for example, rowing machines, riders (riders), power stations.

However, in any case, the main thing is still not in the type of the simulator, but in the presence of the desire to engage regularly. For everything else, a plastic card or cash is suitable.

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