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Genre Action / Role-playing game
Publisher Square Enix
The Publisher in Russia
Developers PlatinumGames
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 GHz / AMD A8-6500 3.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 2 GB memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 270X, 50 GB On the hard disk, the Internet connection and the account on Steam
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Core i5-4670 3.4 GHz / AMD A10-7850K 3.7 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 / AMD Radeon R9 380X
Release date 10 March 2017 (PS4), 17 March 2017 (PC)
Age qualification from 16 years of age
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4
The official website

The game was tested on the PlayStation 4

If there was a list of the most inconsistent studios in the gaming industry, PlatinumGames would take one of the first places in it. That will create a chic Vanquish, then do something dull about the ninja turtles, then give out a gorgeous Bayonetta, then again create a mediocre game based on the "Legends of Corrie". But the main thing – almost always you can immediately understand what awaits us. In the case of NieR: Automata, the outcome was obvious – we had (first on the PlayStation 4 and soon on the PC) another great role-playing action

# The amazing series

It is important to pay attention to this: the game is not a slasher, as it is called by many past demo versions. There was shown a linear introduction, really reminiscent of the games of this genre, including Metal Gear Rising . But almost immediately after that you find yourself on a spacious location, then on the next, then on the third – and you realize that in practice it's RPG in the open world, and not just another non-stop insane action.

Therefore, there is pumping, dozens of side tasks, merchants all over the place, several types of weapons, improvements for the robot assistant and many other (sometimes unexpected) elements. But the action is enough: opponents scurry around almost at every step, the boss battles are spectacular and often consist of several stages, and the combat system, although easy to learn, contains a few secrets, the study of which will turn every fight into the most beautiful dance. And let the environment in NieR: Automata is not done according to the most modern standards, the animation of heroes and style save the situation – and so much that you stop thinking about the schedule after a few minutes.

How developers skillfully juggle with genres, carries away the most. Up to the final, Automata will be a slasher, then an arcade with a side view, it will turn into a shoot'em up, then for a couple of minutes pretends to be a fighting game. Basically, of course, the camera will hang behind the heroine's back, but there are a lot of episodes with a different perspective. All this never distracts and does not confuse, since management basically remains unchanged, but the ability to surprise the game demonstrates throughout the journey.

But it will not last ten or even fifteen hours. To see all the content, it is necessary to hold in NieR: Automata about sixty, if not more. The fact is that the first pass is just the beginning of something much more, which developers warn after the final credits. Using the same save, you can start the game again and see half the new content. And after that, pass Automata again and get a completely new long story episode, to which before the first credits there was no hint. And the story of pretty androids 2B and 9S, saving the planet, suddenly becomes much more confusing and difficult.

Interest in repeated passages is often characterized as follows: they say, the gameplay or the plot is so fascinating that you want to experience what happened again, or include a higher level of complexity and use the knowledge gained against strong rivals. In NieR: Automata, subsequent races mean something completely different: new tasks are available, additional details, locations, opponents and bosses appear. Even ways to deal with enemies are more, although any further refinements will be spoilers. In addition, the storyline is significantly expanded, and all the questions that arise are answered, and not always pleasant.

The first passage of NieR: Automata can stretch for a long time, although nothing prevents run through all the story missions and immediately reach the titles. But the exploration of the world and the search for additional instructions are carried on in earnest. Yes, side tasks can be unoriginal (go there and bring something, run there and talk with that), but the accompanying mini-stories and dialogues are always worthy of not missing anything. Of them you will learn about the world of NieR, and about loved heroes, and sometimes they even raise philosophical questions that make you stop and think a little.

This also applies to the story as a whole – there are many puzzles in it, the decisions of which the player roughly understands, but he can not always compare one with another. But the longer you pass Automata, the clearer the picture becomes. Appearing for a couple of minutes, actors get much more screen time later, the reasons for these or those events turn out to be unexpected, but they make sense. Characters from the commonplace goodies and villains turn into much more elaborate characters with each new dialogue or video – and it concerns not only the protagonists, but also the androids surrounding them with robots.

# As on the notes

Thanks to a heap of unusual solutions NieR: Automata manages to surprise the player at every step – and gameplay, and the plot, and visually. This is a project that can evoke delight not only by the elements lying on the surface, but also by all sorts of non-obvious trifles. In many respects because of this original NieR was elevated to the status of cult classics, but PlatinumGames, frankly speaking, turned out to be higher than the now-defunct Cavia studio. Qualitatively, the authors of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising were able to realize the crazy ideas of the creative director of Yoko Taro.

Even if you analyze the components of Automata separately, each of them seems to be the most thoughtful and devoid of flaws. And how superb the sum of the terms can be determined by the tone of this review. Take, for example, the combat system – in battles not very many buttons are used, but depending on the weapon and the set improvements, it depends on how the fights are going on. In the arsenal of heroes there are short and long swords, as well as spears and the like of brass knuckles, while the tactics when using one or another outfit will vary. Whatever character holds in hand, the evasion system remains unchanged – it is worthwhile to press R2 before the enemy hits, as the hero jumps back and gets the opportunity to immediately damage the opponent, throwing him into the air or making an entertaining combo.

To slightly ease the battles, you need to modify the chip worn by the protagonist. Slots for useful improvements at first very little, but you can increase their number in the Bunker, the main database of androids. After that, collecting all over the world modifications, it will eventually be possible to make 2B a real death machine capable of restoring one third of health after each murder, more successfully using evasions, gaining more experience and earning other bonuses. Upgrades of the robot assistant will also be useful: he either sets a shield that saves from flying shells, or unwinds and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Even the design of strange and eccentric enemies perfectly fitted into the narrative. Here it is really often necessary to fight with ridiculous round-headed robots, but in most cases they differ from each other and are dressed in different funny costumes. The explanation of why they behave this way, too, will definitely happen. Well, about the bosses and not worth talking about – PlatinumGames knows its business, so do not have to miss the battles. Especially since the music in the fights is amazing, as in the usual exploration of the world – at every location you want to stop and listen to the song to the end. And then include a six-hour soundtrack in isolation from the game and hope that he will collect at the end of the year as many awards as possible.

Find fault in NieR: Automata can only be a visual component, which is not far from Metal Gear Rising four years ago. The textures are stretched, the buildings in the ruined city look alike and look like gray boxes. Traveling the world, you constantly come across invisible walls – it would seem, you can run between trees or jump over the fence, but the game does not allow. However, it is worth paying attention to this, as Automata immediately shows some beautiful scene and makes you forget about graphic flaws. The game masterfully masks the visual nonsovremennost continuous flow of vivid impressions.


NieR: Automata turned out to be one of the best PlatinumGames games, whose portfolio is already full of great projects. This is a fascinating and memorable role-playing action, harmoniously combining several genres and constantly presenting surprises. And it's hard not to admire them – even after five endings (there are more than two dozen of them) it's difficult to deny yourself the return to this beautiful, unusual, somewhat crazy, but understandable and unchanging world.


  • an unusual manner of narration, making each passage fascinating,
  • excellent characters – both basic and secondary
  • a successful blending of genres – camera switching never hinders;
  • spectacular and beautiful combat system with many subtleties;
  • a delightful soundtrack.


  • the graphic component sometimes does not give out the biggest budget of the game.
Graphics [

Invisible walls, faded textures on buildings and on the ground, unpretentious vegetation – all this is in the game. But the characters are drawn and animated so qualitatively, and the work of the operator is so skilful that the outdated graphics do not spoil the impression of the visual part. 7
Sound It's enough to get to the first location to understand how amazing the sound is here. For playing several dozen hours in the game, I did not hear a single unsuccessful song. Actors in the English version also tried to glory. 10
The Single Game The subject line raises interesting topics and does not let go for a minute, and the characters evoke sympathy and a desire to learn more about them and the world in which they live. Beautiful battles, many side entertainment – to list the virtues can be infinitely long. 10
The collective game If a player dies, the remains of his android may be discovered by other users. He is offered to either fix it so that he runs around and helps, or swallow for money and various improvements. Just a fun feature, but not a full-fledged multiplayer.
The general impression The battle for the title of the best game of the year will be serious. Over the past couple of months, many excellent projects have come out, but even against their background, NieR: Automata stands out brightly. This is a great action, worthy of being in the collection of every lover of original and memorable games. The main thing is not to stop after the credits. 10

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