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Publisher Finji
The Publisher in Russia no
Developers Infinite Fall
The minimum requirements Windows 7 64-bit, Intel Pentium 4 processor 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1.467 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, video card NVIDIA GeForce 210 / AMD Radeon X600, 8 GB on hard disk, Internet connection and Account on Steam
Recommended Requirements The processor Intel Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 340 / AMD Radeon X1900 GT, 8 GB on the hard disk
Release date 21 February 2017
Age qualification is not defined

PC (Windows, macOS, Linux), PlayStation 4

The game was tested on the PC Windows )

20 years is the best age to indulge in nostalgia. Ahead – a huge unknown, and behind the most comfortable, carefree, even in places and violent school years. The college is thrown, the nerves are at their limit, May returns home to Possum Springs to try to regain his childhood.

# The Unparalleled Miss May

Mae is a black cat with an identity crisis that keeps a diary on the advice of a psychotherapist. Her parents are also, oddly enough, cats who work hard trying to pay off a mortgage. Her best school friends are the fox-headed fox Gregg in a leather jacket and crocodile-goth Bea (crocodile, with your permission). Gregg has a relationship with the bear-nerd Angus (yes, free customs reign here). The company also is a little bit strange either a sparrow, or Amadina Herm.

Two-legged anthropomorphic animals have four-legged pets, in one of the dialogues, May tries to press the interlocutor with a reminder that she was once a nanny for his cat. They ride on cars, go to parties, look at the stars, pound cars with bat, walk through the cemeteries. And they tame opossums, although there is no sense to take them back home – "a wild animal."

This strange world is the fruit of the fantasy of Alekka Kholovka (Aquaria), Late Night Work Club and Bethany Hockenberry, who behind a sweet and slightly bizarre form hide a deep and always actual content – a drama about growing up, confusion and finding yourself.

The first association that comes to mind when you plunge into this flat world (Night in the Woods in form – a classic 2D platformer) full of bright, almost neon colors and details – Wes Anderson films and, of course, his Cartoon. This association is also easily supported by the endlessly witty dialogue of the characters, consisting of short, almost always beating precisely targeted phrases, where almost every remark I want to make myself a quote.

# Very strange May

The dates are called directly – year two thousand sixteenth. But, despite the clearly stated time of the game, we are immersed in the "good old days" somewhere in the eighties, so familiar to us both from the films of that era ("The Alien", "Back to the Future" and so on), and On a new wave ("Super 8", "Very strange cases"). The heroes of the game, who are nostalgic for things that happened five or six years ago, are actually turned towards childhood and the youth of the authors. Here and the group Sonic Youth as the main idols of Mei (she, of course, bass player in the manner of Kim Gordon – and we will have severe cuts in the local analogue of Guitar Hero). Here and video rental, which works Angus. Here and video games as if from the era of Atari – for example, on the computer May is installed all the pixelated roguek Demontower, pretty hardcore, by the way; One of the most curious games-in-game that I've seen.

The game will accelerate only towards the end, and before that you will be immersed in the life's narrative of May and her loved ones, their memories, aspirations and experiences, and even relations with religion. As a result – someone tiredly throws a gamepad or mouse in a couple of hours, and someone will find virtual friends in their face at least for a while. The characters are written in large strokes, but very clearly and vividly, in every character you meet, the personality is captured, which I want to get acquainted with more closely.

# May in the Rye

But the main character here is alone. May is not a means to tell the story of the world around her or the motive power of a story separate from her. No, she is the plot. A cat jumping over the wires. The cat in destructive fury. The beer that has gone through a cat. A cat who can not tell why she left college, although her parents got into huge debts for her.

Generally scattering black humor along the way, May hides behind the screen of cynicism confusion – on the verge of an adult life, full of routine, losses and everyday problems, I really want to do something insane.

Holden Colfeld was 14 years old and was older than all adults. May twenty, but she wants to regain her fourteen, when all around seemed so stupid, that to fix this world for themselves in the future seemed a trifling matter. It's easier to steam turnip: just be yourself. But where can I find myself?

Mei will have to catch this ghost herself, check friendship for strength and seek contact with parents. And through the warmth of funny dialogues, there will suddenly be a harsh criticism of the social order, the stagnation of America's small industrial towns with ever-increasing unemployment and the inability to make only comfortable decisions when you are constrained on your hands and feet economically. Night in the Woods more than once will be able to surprise an attentive player.


Night in the Woods will not amaze by any variety of game mechanics and will not give space for wagering – decisions will have to be made, but the story is ultimately linear. It depends on you only how much you can take from this story for yourself. In this regard, the creation of Infinite Fall is a classic indie game. What we expect from similar projects is a personal statement made with infinite love for those who are ready to listen to it and live with the narrator. For those who prefer the next rumbling blockbuster box of apples, filled with books that you left your beloved grandfather.


  • "warm lamp" graphics with the unique style of Scott Benson;
  • an excellent soundtrack;
  • beautifully written dialogues;
  • deep characters and history.


  • in places the routine gameplay.

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Graphics [

A 2D platformer with a minimum of special effects, but with hand-painted backs and characters, as well as a mean but very enjoyable animation. Well, most importantly – the style of Scott Benson can not be confused with any other. This will be one of the most recognizable games of our time, you'll see. 9
Sound The soundtrack of Alek Holovka works perfectly in conjunction with texts and a graphic solution. From indie games, you always expect great music, do not you? But the complete absence of voice acting can disappoint someone. But perhaps only slightly. 9
The Single Game The plot does not always work perfectly well, the routine repeats the same actions sucks, but the dialogues are written so brilliantly that the game could only be loved for them. Knowledge of English is necessary – there will not be an official translation. However, for certain will be amateur. 10
The collective game Not available.
The general impression e Another project that confidently affirms for a long time already is obvious: games are an art. Night in the Woods gives the opportunity to plunge into a charming world and deftly balances on the verge between drama and comedy, having time to touch a variety of topics. 10