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Genre Action
Publisher Deep Silver
The Publisher in Russia "Buka"
The developer Volition, Inc.
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i3-3115C 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon X4 730 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 2 GB memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti / AMD Radeon R7 360X, 20 GB on the hard drive
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Core i7-4765T 2.0 GHz / AMD FX-8320 3.5 GHz, 12 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
Release date August 15, 2017
Age qualification of 18 years of age
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
The official website of the

The game was tested on the PlayStation 4

Summer in the gaming industry is traditionally a dead season. At least, for large publishers who prefer to postpone releases for the fall of money. Therefore, to release Agents of Mayhem in August, without letting it get lost among the many expected blockbusters, it was a logical decision. But even a successful release date will not save the game from a terrible marketing campaign – there is a feeling that almost no one knows about its existence, and those who know compare it to Saints Row on the forehead. And it's insulting – the action turned out to be excellent.

wreak havoc by any means

Surely many have lost interest in the project even at the moment when it became known that there is no multiplayer component. As if the studio Volition must forever become a producer of cooperative fighters, and the Saints Row series must go out indefinitely – and it does not matter that the developers are tired of it. And what's new in it you can think of, if we have already become superheroes, saved the city from the aliens in the role of president, and then went to hell?

 "The Chaos Skill" accumulates gradually - it is a powerful attack, accompanied by special music "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> 

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The "Chaos Skill" accumulates gradually – this is a powerful attack, accompanied by special music

Agents of Mayhem is an action in the open world, in which the agents of the Chaos, taken out in the headline, confront the super-villain organization LEGION. They have to protect from capture not only futuristic Seoul, where the action unfolds, but the rest of the world. The level of madness here is undoubtedly lower than in the last parts of Saints Row. However, this does not spoil the impression: the villains turned out to be very charismatic, the dialogues abound with sound jokes, and the absence of dildos and masochists at every corner of the rickshaw is easily compensated by perfectly prescribed protagonists.

Initially, the player is offered only three agents, and to unlock the others you need to perform special tasks or move on the main story. In the starter kit came Fortuna – an air pirate shooting from energy pistols that do not require recharging, but periodically overheat. There is also Hollywood – a stereotypical star of militants, each appearance of which is accompanied by explosions and ovations of spectators. The three agents are closed by Cracker – a tall and muscular black guy with a large health reserve and a powerful shotgun.

Some of these characters would be enough – to them (except, perhaps, Hollywood) you become attached immediately. But the more additional characters you unblock, the more you want to change your squad, as each new agent turns out to be steeper than the previous one. Indian Rama slowly shoots a bow, but for many opponents one hit in the head is enough. Italian turret Joule perfectly helps her to deal with opponents, while the heroine himself burns them with a laser. Gat simply and without weapons inflicts great damage and turns out to be one of the most powerful agents. But it is more fascinating to play for Scheherazade – she prefers a close fight and for a few seconds she cuts out a whole crowd with daggers.

 Instead of the clips on the engine, "cartoon" inserts are often used, which are made very qualitatively "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> 

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Instead of the clips on the engine, "cartoon" inserts are often used, which are made very qualitatively

For each mission (except for those dedicated to individual heroes), you need to take three characters. The choice is often determined by personal preferences. Switching occurs in two cases: when an enemy has a certain type of shields (someone's bullets destroy blue or yellow armor better), and when the hero has run out of health. Change of agent occurs instantly, at the touch of a button, and the health of the wounded begins to recover, while his colleague continues. That is, in Agents of Mayhem there is no such structure of missions, as in GTA V when different members of the team are engaged in completely different affairs and at the end of the task are encountered. Here the player controls one character, but it is assumed that two are invisibly escorted by him.

The agents are very different and offer very curious combat styles, so the ability to switch between them on the fly makes the process very dynamic. Here you are fighting in the open air – you can take Rama or Hollywood and shoot snipers from afar. Suddenly a group of guards appears next to you – you switch to Cracker or Scheherazade and quickly destroy them. And during quiet moments choose Braddock, Yeti or Camomile, if you want to listen to their comments about what is happening. Rough-haired characters coolly support interest in what is happening and cause a desire to continue the passage, even in spite of some shortcomings.

The city of the future

But they, unfortunately, are here. The most notable is the absolute identity of all the underground bases of the LEGION. These are absolutely identical corridors with gray walls, filled to completion with explosive barrels, turrets and enemies. The tasks in them are also the same: clean the room, destroy a couple of generators, crack three computers … After that you go into the elevator and go to the surface, and after a couple of hours you are guaranteed to be in the same place with the same layout. Basically, these bases are visited during side quests, in the story they are not so common. The logic is there – the bases belong to the same organization, because they are so similar. But I would like to see something more original.

 Instead of clips on the engine, "cartoon" inserts are often used, which are made very qualitatively "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> 

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Heavy machine gun does not prevent Romashka from easily jumping and skating

Claims can be presented and to an open world, which was not very necessary. Choosing on the basis of the Chaos, which is called the "Ark", the next task, the player teleports to Seoul and leaves at the beginning of the mission. Along the way, he will not find anything – no random events, not even some simple side entertainment. Unless scattered pieces of crystals (for a dozen you can get an improvement for the agent) and here and there are chests with money, drawings, costumes and paints for a personal car. There is no mini-map, so you need to look for containers using a scanner with a limited radius. Collectors will not be easy to collect all the trophies.

It's good that the city is not so great to waste a lot of time on trips. The machine is called very quickly, it's also quite frisky, so you spend a couple of minutes on one mission on the road. Yes, and the heroes are clever – everyone is able to make a triple jump, which greatly simplifies the situation when you need to get on the roof of a tall building or jump from one house to another. In addition, they also do not receive damage from falling from any height. In short, there are no restrictions – the police can only prevent, if agents begin to crowd out people and bring uncontrolled chaos into the life of Seoul.

At first, some elements of Agents of Mayhem may seem uncomfortable or ill-conceived. "Nitro" in the car, for example, is restored very slowly. Money and experience for the mission with time start to give less, because of what the pumping of characters is delayed. The scanner works poorly and shows secrets only in a small radius. Much can manage to stop by increasing the level of the base and acquiring improvements for it. The more agents you have developed and the more tasks they perform, the longer the list of available upgrades making the passage more convenient and quick.

 In the test room, battles with certain types of opponents are offered in close quarters "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> 

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In the test room are offered battles with certain types of opponents in close quarters

The characters themselves are also constantly evolving – with almost every level they are getting new gadgets that somehow change their characteristics. Someone faster reloads weapons, but loses a pair of shells in the cage. Someone acquires additional armor when evading or restores a shield after each murder. Change and unique abilities – Scheherazade can wear either blinding daggers, bringing into a stupor immediately three enemies, or knives, attracting enemies to each other. A cracker picks up the victims with a harpoon or, conversely, throws them into the crowd.

There are a lot of options, and that's why wants to return to Agents of Mayhem again and again. And the bright heroes with different styles of combat compensate for the uniformity of certain tasks and locations. Each mission offers more than a dozen difficulty levels – if there is a desire to pat your nerves with strong opponents, please. And you can put the complexity lower and be more aggressive in combat – so completing the tasks is also fascinating.


Back in the game there is a test mode, contracts, bonus tasks, collecting drawings to create gadget improvements, the ability to change agents into new costumes (Hollywood, for example, makes it look like an Iron Man) and much more. And nothing seems superfluous or inappropriate – everything you want to try and do completely. Yes, something in Agents of Mayhem could do better, and some of its problems can not be fixed. But managing different characters is so fun that after every completed mission, you want to immediately launch the next one.


  • great variety of characters;

    good humor;

    switching between heroes allows on the fly to change the style of battle;

    thanks to the richness of the possibilities of shooting do not bother.


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of Mayhem want to come back again and again. Shortcomings quickly close your eyes – it's better to quickly run the next task, choose your favorite characters and have fun.

Drawing The project does not look like the game of the current generation – the budget was obviously not spent on the schedule. On the "Ark" and quite noticeably strong blurring of the screen, it is unclear what related – in other locations this is not. But the characters are animated very well. 7
The sound The actors did a great job. Most agents say with a deliberately terrible accent, corresponding to their origin, which adds color to vivid images. But licensed music is not heard in the car. 8
The Single Game Villains and agents are well-written, so it's interesting to follow the not very original storyline. Many missions are similar to each other, since they often involve clearing up premises from dozens of enemies, but perfectly realized shooting and unique characters with their skill sets save the situation. 8
The collective game Not available.
The general impression 8

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