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Usually summer is a quiet time for games; it's time to "finish off" has not yet been passed. This time it turned out differently – PlayStation 4 decided in the driest period to put a powerful nostalgic blow, and at the same time introduce newcomers to the classic series. For a month, remasters Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot had time to come out, and in a couple of weeks there will be a reissue of Final Fantasy XII. We will tell, of course, everything, but in order. And the first in line is an excellent collection of Wipeout: Omega Collection. Start the engines!

# Contests of the Future

The Wipeout series has become popular due to the insane speeds, the chic design of the tracks and the high complexity. And how not to fall in love with these futuristic races, when during the competition you break through the sound barrier, simultaneously pouring rivals missiles and trying to fit into the next turn so that the energy of the shields is enough to the finish line. Adrenaline in each of the races hits over the edge, and victory from the defeat is sometimes separated not even tenths, but hundredths of a second. Or not a very good date with the wall.

However, despite the popular love and the lack of failure, the new Wipeout has been out exclusively for portable devices for more than ten years. Home consoles will be content with tightened ports with pocket gadgets. In this regard, Wipeout: Omega Collection did not change the traditions and offers PS4 owners two externally improved games: Wipeout 2048 with the dying Vity and Wipeout HD with the Fury supplement, which was released on the PS3.

Wipeout HD was nine years ago when it moved from PSP to PS3, it was sharpened at a resolution of 1080 at 60 frames per second, so the current face lift is not so noticeable. But the Wipeout 2048 graphically changed dramatically. All aspects have changed, from new textures to shadows and improved lighting. The result turned out so good that the portable past of the game can be seen only in the construction of championships, designed for short sessions. In dynamics, both projects look fine, but in the screenshots it's hard to notice something outstanding. It is understandable, because Wipeout has always been sharpened under rapid races, and when you fly at a speed of a thousand kilometers per hour, there is no time to look around, all attention is concentrated on the road.

And even the static pictures will not exactly convey the incredible smoothness of the movement, which is achieved due to the stable frame rate. Thanks to the iron 60 frames / second to drive very, very nice. Moreover, sometimes it seems that the car is controlled not by hands, but by the power of thought – so control is convenient and responsive. This can be called the main advantage of the Omega Collection, since the lion's share of success in Wipeout depends on the filigree passage of the route.

Thanks to the scalable complexity, the collection is suitable both for people who want to have fun and for inveterate perfectionists. To advance in the championships, you do not even need to take first place – you just need to go up one of the prize money. At a normal level, this should not cause any problems, the main thing is not to cuddle with the walls at every turn.

However, fully mechanics Wipeout will reveal to those who risk taking elite medals. It is in these races that the game turns into a zombie test, which requires not only a thorough knowledge of the route and the location of each accelerating platform on the track, but also the reactions of the true Jedi. The entrance to each turn must be brought to automaticity, and the head is cleared of extraneous thoughts – only in this way one can receive the coveted reward. And when after an hour of training you cross the finish line, improving the record for only one instant, emotions are hard to describe in words.

All games in the collection are wrapped in one shell, so you can switch between them in a few clicks. Tired of honing the perfect race – ran off to shoot mines in Fury. It does not work out – returned to the test for a while in 2048. Simple and elegant.

By the way, for the same reason, the network game is made common for both projects – during the creation of the races you can simply specify which part to use the tracks, and at the same time set a bunch of other settings. It's a shame only that online is not too many users – in all regions of the lobby were filled with hardly a third. And this is on the weekends.

Although even without multiplayer in Wipeout: Omega Collection, there is more to it than to occupy yourself. Championships will be enough for several evenings, and if you decide to knock out gold or to test your strength in trials, then pleasure can be stretched for a good month, or even more. I would like to believe that Sony collects the reaction of the players and, if it succeeds, we still get a real big Wipeout on the home console.

Advantages :

  • interesting design of the trails;
  • crazy race at speeds of one thousand kilometers per hour;
  • a large number of championships and racing cars.

Disadvantages of :

  • because of the portable past, there are not enough longer runs or long championships.

There is no picture available.

Drawing graphics Stand in Wipeout you will not ever, so the screenshots can not pay much attention – the entire salt of the collection is in motion. In dynamics, the game looks excellent. 9
The sound The series has always been famous for the soundtrack, and this time with the songs, too, everything is fine – they fit perfectly well on what is happening. True, after a couple of dozen hours, the musical accompaniment is a bit boring. 9
Single game Activities for the soul are there for those who want to just ride with the breeze, along the way destroying rivals, and for those who want to test their nerves and skills for strength. A lot of races just will not let you get bored. 9
The collective game You can play alone on one console or go alone to conquer the tops of the rankings in online races. However, a small number of users can quickly put an end to competitive ambitions. 8
The general impression A beautiful collection, reminiscent of the uniqueness of the Wipeout series. To fly at supersonic speeds is just as much fun as it was many years ago, and you can not wish for the best from the racing game. 9

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