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Genre Role-playing game
Publisher Larian Studios
The developer Larian Studios
The developer in Russia Larian Studios
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i5-650 3.2 GHz / AMD APU A10-6700T 2.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM, video card with support for DirectX 11 and 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6770, 25 GB on your hard drive, Internet connection and account on Steam
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i7-860S 2.53 GHz / AMD FX-8100 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 2 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 280
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14 September 2017

Age qualification of 18 years of age
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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The game was tested on the PC

The first Divinity: Original Sin left after itself the most pleasant impressions. In it, the spirit of the old school of role-playing games and the modern standards of the industry were organically intertwined. All the few problems are almost completely eliminated in the expanded edition with the subtitle Enhanced Edition. It would seem that the authors reached a peak. But it was not there. "More, better, brighter" – it seems, it was under this motto that the continuation was created.

# The target on the horizon is

Original Sin 2 – the seventh full chapter in the series Divinity. And it is already difficult to follow the time line. At some point, the authors began to throw from one era to another: the events Dragon Commander unfolded ten thousand years before the first part, and Original Sin – for a thousand. Her sequel closes the time interval between the two first releases of the series – Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity. Fortunately, the writers masterfully narrate, so to immerse in a new adventure does not necessarily thoroughly understand the intricacies of the world Rivellon. On the other hand, for the fans, the authors have prepared a bunch of pleasant surprises.

Last time we tried on the role of the Hunters of the Source and pursued those who can use the unbridled power of the universe. The sequel puts everything on its head and suggests feeling yourself in the shoes of the persecuted. They are persecuted like animals, and, if you're lucky, they do not kill on the spot, but are sent into exile to the prison prison. This is where our protagonist is taken. Who is he? Solve yourself – a rich editor will customize the character to your liking. Or choose one of the prepared characters with a unique prehistory. We recommend the second option, because all personal quests are intertwined with the main storyline.

The troubles begin to be pursued from the very beginning. Strange monsters from the Void are attacked by a ship that takes us to penal servitude, and sends the vessel to the bottom. A handful of survivors miraculously get to the destination swimming – just those characters from which it was offered to choose an alter ego. Now they are potential partners. With you you can take only three, unfortunately. The choice will be difficult, because with everyone is a fascinating story.

Like last time, the authors after the first hour release the player's hand and push towards adventure without any special hints. It brings back memories of Fallout – we are given only a goal, and then turn yourself. Having come to conclusion, the first thing we are starting to look for is an opportunity for escape. I managed to find six ways to slip out of the ill-fated fort "Joy". And not the fact that this is the limit.

# On all four sides

Freedom Original Sin conquered, and the sequel only increased this feeling. You are free to do anything and go anywhere. Well, at least try. Obstacles here are met at every step, but there are always five ways to overcome them. The game constantly pushes to thorough study of the terrain and improvisation. The authors put in our hands even seemingly dirty tricks. For example, the teleportation spell allows you to hit virtually anywhere on the map. If other games would set a bunch of restrictions, then in Divinity it is only one thing – you can not send anything to the bottomless abyss. And in the rest – have fun.

Tasks intertwine with each other and with the main line. Some more, some – in less. In the process of completing the quest, it's easy to add a few more to your to-do list. The density of events in Original Sin 2 is enormous. Even on the first island – it would seem, a small patch of land – dozens of errands, dozens of scenes and hundreds of misleading secrets fit in. The world lives around your wards and changes due to their actions.

Larian Studios constantly puts you before a choice: where to go, to whom to help, how to come out the winner from the next scrap. In this sense, the game reminds the best representatives of the immersive sim genre – the authors put you in a certain situation and give a set of tools, and you have many options for how to apply them.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 does not work according to the standard scheme "so – right, but not commercial". And does not even offer to choose from a variety of roads one of the pre-prepared. The authors created a complex system of dozens of interrelated mechanics, fenced it with a conventional framework and suggested finding their own path from thousands of possible combinations. You can even incinerate every counter NPC by doing only a couple of key tasks, and still get to the logical end. Yes, many interesting events pass by you, but the very fact is important – you can do so.

In this world full of heady feelings of freedom, the role of companions can be assumed by living people. Now in the adventure simultaneously participate up to four players. And everyone can decide that his mission is more important than the others. If you have to stick a knife in your back … in general, look around more often. Your roads can disperse, and then again accidentally cross at another point of the map. On different sides of the barricades. There is no other game that would give the same emotions from the cooperative regime and put participants in such unique situations.

# The tactical genius

Many tasks can be carried out in a peaceful way, but often you will have to argue your position with good steel. In the end, a fight can turn into any failed attempt to seduce a beautiful word. The combat system has not radically changed since the last release, but acquired several interesting details.

In the heart of battles – turn-based tactics. Action points are severely limited, and are spent on any awkward movement, so plan actions better by a few steps forward. In addition to lives, each warrior now has separate strips of magical and physical armor. Only by breaking it, you can cause direct damage to health and "hang" a negative status like burning, stunning and so on. And the "tanks", for example, are difficult to "crack" with melee weapons, but spells will quickly split this nut. With magicians, it's the opposite. Therefore, do not mindless rush powerful skills – they do not spend mana, but they can be recharged for a long time.

The battles are unhurried and rather resemble a chess game. Ability to calmly assess the situation will be an excellent tool for victory. The heroes do not have any restrictions on the pumping of characteristics, abilities and magic, so the tactic can come up with an unlimited amount. If in many RPG the key to success is a classic game from a tank, archer, magician and healer, then Divinity: Original Sin 2 welcomes experiments. You can successfully play at least four berserkers.

And do not forget about the interaction of the elements. Throw a barrel of oil on the enemies, and then throw a fireball – the result is sure to please you. Or, roll them with water and add freezes. But not the genie on the bank of Driftwood. Just take my word for it, do not.

# From Belgium with Love

Every corner of Rivellon is imbued with the love of creators to their offspring. It's incredible how carefully, centimeter by centimeter, the authors worked through this world: it is real, it breathes life. And it looks fantastic. Let there are no millions of polygons in the models here, but another blockbuster will envy the detailed elaboration and scrupulousness of the work. Landscapes are fascinating with beauty, and magic colors the screen with juicy special effects.

The musical accompaniment does not lag behind. Divinity always had a great soundtrack, for which Kirill Pokrovsky, a member of the Aria and Master bands, was responsible. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2015, but the Original Sin 2 music is a real tribute to Kirill's memory. The orchestra that accompanies us during the journey, always gets very accurately in the mood, whether it is a brighter melody in the sunny village, combat drums in a heavy battle or a depressing violin in the darkness of the cave.

It's amazing how much work the authors have invested in content that many players will not see. For one passage, in principle, it will not work to see everything that Divinity: Original Sin 2 contains. Though half of potential companions will have to be left behind, the game is fully announced. And excellent – the actors brilliantly act out merry fellows, philosophers, crazy necromancers and lizards, jinn. And this is a special charm – when you accidentally become a participant in another interesting situation, this in itself is a reward. After all, under certain circumstances, it was easy to miss.

 Divinity has always managed to combine a dark and serious in its essence story with a light fantasy atmosphere "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> </a></p>
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Divinity has always managed to combine a dark and serious in its essence story with a light fantasy atmosphere

If the saturated story company seems small, then at your service are a few more game modes. If everything is clear with Arena – find out whose tactics are more effective – then on Master mode it is worthwhile to dwell in more detail. It offers a wide range of tools for creating your own role-playing adventure. With the help of the editor you can build your own levels, set game events, write full text interactive scenes in the manner Pillars of Eternity . Even give a choice of the maximum value for the dice roll and set the limits for the success of the action. Something like that tried to do Sword Coast Legends, but it failed. But Larian Studios with brilliance succeeded.

* * *

It is possible to crumble for a long time in praise, but will be brief. Divinity: Original Sin 2 – a real triumph and modern standard for the entire genre of RPG.


a sense of real freedom and scope for improvisation;

limitless possibilities for the development of the character;

thoughtful, complex but intuitively understandable battles;

juicy, lively picture;

a beautiful and atmospheric soundtrack;

a masterful play of actors;

a unique cooperative experience;

Finally, you can build a device to disrupt the person from the character and pretend to be a representative of another race.


will fall out of life for a couple of weeks … or more.

Graphics Rivellon's landscapes will often cause admiration. In general, the picture can be called the best one that can offer an RPG with a "bird's" perspective. 10
Sound Atmospheric soundtrack, in which you yourself can choose the leading instrument, is always pleased with hearing. And the titanic work of the actors can not stop admiring. 10
Single game RPG sandbox in which you can get lost for a good hundred hours. A bright and exciting adventure that you create for yourself. 10
The collective game A unique cooperative RPG, supplemented by a cheerful "Arena" and the "Master" mode for the fans of desktop role-playing games. 10
The general impression Divinity: Original Sin 2 deserves to be a classic of the genre now. 10

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