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In Paris for breakfast eat fresh croissants or freshly baked bread. This is as much an integral feature of this city as the Eiffel Tower. You can find fresh pastries in small bakeries – Boulangerie, which are scattered around the city in large numbers. Unfortunately, we, in Russia, do not have bakeries at every corner, but fresh baked goods often want just as much as the French. This problem is solved by portable kitchen bakers. Today we will consider one of them – from the company Redmond, model RBM-1905.

Box with an oven

The producer promises that with the help of a bread maker we can cook not only fresh bread or other pastries, but also baked dishes, as well as desserts. The process of preparation is simple enough: it is enough to fill up the ingredients in the container – and the device will knead the dough itself, give it to brew and bake a mouth-watering ruddy loaf. The beep will remind you that it's time to add fruit or nuts.

In theory, it's easier to steam turnip: an intuitive display, a control panel of several buttons – all this should make the cooking process elementary even for people who have never been in the kitchen. If the theory is so simple – it's time to move on to practice!

# Packaging and appearance

The box with the bakery is large enough and heavy. Hand transportation might be uncomfortable, but we need to save the plastic handle for carrying. However, she did not save – she is quite shaky and obviously does not stand the weight of the box itself. As a result, the pen served only a few hundred meters, after which it came off safely. The advantages of good internal packaging include the fact that when the fall from a height of half a meter to the tiled floor, the bread maker itself did not suffer, there were not even any traces of falling.

Packing of the furnace

Package Contents:

  • The Baker,
  • The bowl for cooking,
  • Measuring glass,
  • Measuring spoon,
  • Blade with non-stick coating,
  • Hook for extracting the blade,
  • Operating manual,
  • The service book,
  • The book "101 prescription."

# Technical specifications

Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description.


Power and Power

Here you can confirm the accuracy of the information specified in the description.

550 W
The stress 220-230 V
The covering of the form Non-stick (Teflon)
The weight of the baking 700 900 grams
Displaying the display LCD
Type of Management Location [

The observation window There are
The number of programs 12
The function of the delayed start There are, until 13 hours
The regime of the heat maintenance There are, up to 1 hour
Choice of the color of the crust There are
Additional features Preparation of cereals, desserts, stewing, baking

Contents of the package

The bakery is large enough (24x24x30 cm) and allows baking bread weighing 750 or 900 grams. The case is made of plastic, inside there is a bowl with non-stick coating, where all the ingredients are laid out. From the front side there is a control panel – a display and 6 buttons (program selection, crust cracking, start / stop, weight selection and "+" and "-" buttons).

Simple and very convenient, no frills. On top, on the lid, a plastic window is made – it serves to observe the cooking process. The only drawback is a rather short power wire. I had to use an adapter to reach the power outlet. However, the kitchens are all different, but the place for the bread maker will still have to be selected closer to the outlet.

The control panel of the furnace

The book of recipes for the bread maker deserves special attention. Surprisingly, with the help of the stove you can not only bake bread or something rich, but also cook meat – and not the only way. The book of recipes is written especially for those who use household appliances for "you" or simply do not know how to cook. Each recipe consists of a picture of what should be obtained, a description of the dish and a simple instruction on how to cook – how much, when and what to put in the bread maker, and what buttons on the control panel to press.

Recipes, instructions and those of the passport

# Trials

For testing, we chose three dishes – a cake with raisins, meat in French and yoghurt bread. The first was the cupcake. The bread maker is easy to use and ready to go straight out of the box. It is enough to insert the mixer into the bowl and turn the stove on. The set includes a measuring cup, which makes it easy to get the right ingredients in the right amount.

The most wonderful thing in making a cake was that you do not have to interfere with the dough manually and wait for it to come up. Simply load all the ingredients in the order described in the recipe book, choose how much roast crust we want to get, specify the baking mode and press start. On this our work is finished: the dough is stirred by the baker herself – and this is incredibly convenient!

It was already mentioned that the stove has 12 programs, we will consider them in more detail. "The main program" – is designed for baking simple white bread. "French bread" – for obtaining French bread, without using butter or milk. "Whole-grain bread" – before kneading, the ingredients are heated, the program leaves the dough for a longer time. "Fast baking" – for baking sweet pastries with the help of dry yeast or soda. "Sweet baking" – to get sweet bread with fruits, nuts or chocolate. "Gluten-Free" – baking bread with the use of baking mix without gluten. "Express" – for baking cupcakes. "Dough" – to mix the ingredients, knead the dough. "Kasha Jam Gem Compote" – for preparation of milk porridges, jam, jams, syrups and compotes. "Cake" – a program for baking the basis for cakes. "Bread for sandwiches" – a program for toasting bread. "Baking Quenching Baking" – this program turns the bakery into an oven.

During cooking, you can observe the baking through the window on the lid, and the display shows the time remaining until the end of the process. The disadvantages include the fact that during the baking, the lid is not locked in any way. Nothing prevents the child or too clever (or, conversely, not too clever) animal to open the lid and get a serious burn, because the temperature in the stove is high enough.

The result of the first test was a cupcake. Unfortunately, he was very far from perfect: the bottom of the cake burned, and the top was not deep enough, inside, our culinary masterpiece was completely raw. Moreover, the process of baking cake with the help of Redmond RBM-1905 took more time (hour and forty-five minutes) than the author of this article would spend on baking a cupcake in the oven in an old-fashioned way (about an hour). So the stove could not cope with the first dish.

The second was meat in French. Here the stove did not disappoint – the meat turned out excellent: with a golden crust, soft and pleasant to the taste. Baking yoghurt bread was also successful. Bread came out fragrant, soft, with a crispy crust and really with a slight taste of yogurt. So a spoiled cake can be attributed to "the first pancake is lumpy."

After cooking, the most unpleasant thing is always washing and cleaning. To wash this bread maker was not difficult. The bowl in which baking occurs is easily removed and washed even without special cleaning agents. You can also simply put it in the dishwasher. The display is cleaned with a cloth from fingerprints and the bread maker acquires its original appearance.

# Conclusion

Breadmaker Redmond RBM-1905 – very convenient kitchen appliance for baking. Unfortunately, it is not ideal, especially for baking, but it allows you to cook excellent meat dishes. In general, the device is extremely easy to use – no complex, dubious functions, intuitive control.

The cooking process, thanks to the book of recipes, becomes so simple that even a child can cope with it. Washing the stove is not difficult.

For all this, the cost of this bakery is small – about 3 900 rubles in Moscow retail at the time of writing this article. So the breadmaker Redmond RBM-1905 can be both a wonderful gift to a good housewife, and a handy assistant in your own kitchen.

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