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Lingvo Electronic Dictionary takes a special place in the ABBYY software product line. It was from his creation that the 4th year student of MIPT, David Jan, began the history of the development of the Russian company, now one of the world's leading software developers and service providers in the field of document recognition and input, linguistics and translation. First appeared on the market in 1990, the dictionary Lingvo has managed to win recognition of millions of users and has become an indispensable assistant in the translation and learning of foreign languages. According to statistics, about 7 million people regularly turn to the Lingvo dictionary for different platforms, and it's not surprising that the company tries to give it maximum attention and tirelessly improves its product, the new version of which has undergone many improvements and improvements.


The updated version of the Lingvo dictionary for the Windows platform was introduced by the developer in late August and received the x6 index. From the previous version, the application has a significantly expanded dictionary database containing a detailed translation of words with usage examples, synonyms and transcriptions. ABBYY lexicographers have updated the lexicographs for English and Spanish languages, added a new modern German-Russian dictionary and thematic dictionaries on economics and management, microeconomics, game theory, pulp and paper production, transportation equipment and service equipment.

Also in Lingvo x6 appeared folk dictionaries of English and German, which contain current and frequently used words and expressions. In total, the new version of the program includes 224 vocabularies for 19 languages ​​(English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Finnish, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Kazakh, Tatar, Polish, Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Latin and Russian) And more than 10.2 million entries. In addition to the available dictionaries, Lingvo allows you to create your own dictionaries for study and work. Educational – to consolidate the material and expand the vocabulary, and professional – to preserve the unity of terminology in the translation of corporate materials and specialized documentation.

In the arsenal of ABBYY Lingvo x6 – more than 220 dictionaries for 19 languages ​​

In addition to expanding the dictionary database, Lingvo x6 developers for Windows have improved the interface and speed of the application. For convenience of work in the dictionary cards are now provided tabs and a search line, equipped with the functions of auto-completion and showing options when the word is entered incorrectly. The found words and values ​​are displayed in one window, rather than in different ones, as before. In addition, the full history of previous searches is saved, and navigation is organized similarly to the Internet browser. This allows you to quickly return to the previously viewed translations while working with the text and compare the translations with each other. As for the speed of the updated dictionary, then, according to ABBYY, it loads five times faster than Lingvo x5. In addition, thanks to the code optimization and the use of new text recognition technologies, the company's programmers managed to double the speed of the word translation system and word combinations when the mouse cursor was moved to an unfamiliar word. The ability to translate the dictionary on the fly frees keyboard usage, saves time, allows the user not to be distracted from reading and to catch the overall meaning of the text as quickly as possible, regardless of the format of the document in which it is presented.

For convenience, the search string is provided in the dictionary card, now you do not need to return to the main window to continue the search

To learn the translation, you need to hover over the word or phrase on the site, in a letter, presentation, image, PDF-file, clip, etc.

Studies conducted in 2013 on the audience of ABBYY's electronic dictionaries showed that about 40% of Lingvo users study foreign languages ​​and the most popular of them is English. It is for this reason that the grammar course Test it, Fix it for the levels Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate, developed by Oxford University Press was added to the new version of the dictionary. To start learning, the user should choose a grammatical theme and perform exercises on it. After the check, the program will show both the correct answers and those in which the errors were made, and display grammar rules for the selected topic. In addition, the application takes into account the statistics of the answers, which makes it possible to follow the progress in learning and to identify weaknesses.

Lingvo x6 includes tools for studying the grammar of English

The Lingvo dictionary includes the Tutor application, which helps to replenish the stock of active vocabulary of any of the languages ​​represented in the program. The user can add new words to the application, which he wants to learn, including from the translation box by hover. For more effective training, you can set up a schedule for the various exercises to be run. Also, learning a foreign language will be useful to listen to the pronunciation of the word. Over 80 thousand words and phrases in vocabularies of general vocabulary and phrase books in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese are voiced by the speakers who are the bearers of these languages. Unlike synthesized sound, live speech really helps to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

ABBYY Tutor helps memorize the meaning, spelling, pronunciation of words

An important feature of Lingvo, which also helps to learn foreign languages, is the opportunity to view examples of the practical use of translated words in various texts – art works, quotes of famous people, thematically related documents and other authoritative publications. Users can view sentences and persistent phrases in which the desired word is translated depending on the context, and thus more accurately understand the use of the chosen word, and also find out with what pretext it should be used or what phraseological phrases to compose with it. Also, when viewing the examples of using a word, it is much quicker to choose the most meaningful meaning of the translation.

To translations inside entries ABBYY Lingvo x6 allows you to see examples of the use of quotations from technical and fiction literature, as well as legislative and legal documents

These are the main features of the updated ABBYY Lingvo x6 dictionary, which definitely deserves attention of those who are engaged in the professional translation of texts and the study of foreign languages. The program can save time not only expanding the horizons and circle of communication for private users, but also for companies that work with foreign documentation or foreign partners in various industries and business areas.

The electronic dictionary ABBYY Lingvo x6 for Windows is available in two editions – "Home" and "Professional". The latest version, in addition to general-purpose, educational and explanatory dictionaries, also contains thematic ones – on economics, medicine, oil and gas, various industries and other branches. By the number of languages, the program is presented in three versions: English, European (includes dictionaries for 9 popular European languages) and Multilingual (dictionaries for 19 languages). More detailed information about the product line Lingvo x6 is presented in the table below.

Product line ABBYY Lingvo x6

The updated ABBYY Lingvo x6 is already available in the online, the partners' trading networks and in the form of an evaluation version on The minimum cost of the program is 990 rubles. Users of previous versions of the dictionary can save by purchasing the corresponding set of updates.

And the last thing. Anyone who, in the process of working with Lingvo, will encounter any difficulties in translating catchy words and complex terms, or burn with the idea of ​​improving the dictionary, we recommend that the browser bookmark the link to the site that unites users of the program, experts and experts in Area of ​​linguistics. At the forum, you can ask the developers of the dictionary, share your opinion about the product, resolve the problems, get quick help in translating foreign words and expressions, and also offer Lingvo creators their feasible help in improving the product.

If you notice an error – select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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