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Genre Adventure, action, horror
Publisher Ninja Theory
The Publisher in Russia None
The developer Ninja Theory
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i5-3750K 3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with 2 GB memory and support for DirectX 11, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 / AMD Radeon R9 280X, 30 GB on the hard drive, the Internet connection and the account on Steam
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Core i5-4690 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-9370 4.4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Release date August 8, 2017
Age qualification of 18 years of age
Platforms PC, PlayStation 4
The official website of the

The game was tested on PS4

This year continues to fry not only with large-budget, but also less expensive projects. However, during the passage of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, there is no thought that it was collected by a very small team: Ninja Theory promised indie AAA-class and kept its word. Adventure over the halls of the mind of the warrior Senoui picks up a creepy, frightens, surprises, makes you dig into the gamepad. And slowly, slowly drives me crazy.

# I will save you, my love …

British "ninja" always tried to create cinematic action. That in Heavenly Sword, in Enslaved: Odyssey to the West in addition to a good gameplay, there were screensavers with a smart for those times facial animation. Even the English view of Devil May Cry in the person of DmC and he received a more serious production than the Japanese version.

(T-s-s-s-s, it's quiet .There's someone here.)

In the case of Hellblade, the developers decided to focus on the story, and the gameplay was pushed to the background (he's lying!) so do not wait for Senua's Sacrifice of the hurricane slasher. This is an adventure, where most of the time you have to move around the locations and look for a solution to entertaining, but simple spatial puzzles like matching the camera angle and subjects in the frame so that the latter form the desired shape. Bored? By no means. The game constantly juggles with scenery and situations: it sends something to the gloomy (h … hello?) forest, then suggests running away from the fire, then lets out to the shore with a magnificent view of the dark sea. Northern landscapes are beautiful as much as they oppress – low sky, frequent rain and palette, in which dim and heavy colors prevail.

But from time to time the heroine still has to fight with several kinds of opponents (Demons, they are demons!) . The combat system is not called deep, but the further you advance, the more intense and complex the fights become. Gradually you learn to occupy an advantageous position (because the camera focuses only on one enemy), combine the types of attacks, in time to reflect the blows. You understand who should be killed first and who can wait.

Besides, in Hellblade in general (do not listen to it …) there is no interface. If, of course, do not count the auto-save icon. All the necessary information is present directly in the game – the approximate state of the attackers can be determined by the number of cuts on their bodies, and on the Senoui's hip there hangs an object that begins to glow when a special ability can be applied. The absence of unnecessary information on top of the picture is very important, because it does not pull out the display of, say, the keys to the real world.

Why is it so necessary? Oh-ho-ho, Ninja Theory proposes to go to where the Darkness reigns and serious mental disorders are possible. Senua's Sacrifice sucks (they hear) into themselves, forgets to forget everything. It encompasses the most complete, insane madness. Reality is mixed with fiction, the vortex of madness is dragging deeper and deeper. You try (they see) get out of this maelstrom, but you can not force yourself to turn your back on the screen until you have made your way to the very end. You will not get to the depths of Helheim. To the place where Senua can return the soul of her loved one, whose head is carefully fixed on the girl's belt.

However, the most important thing in Hellblade is not even its gloomy visual style or the developers' desire to show the destructive power of psychosis, but the sound design. What the creators of the game do with the sound (hee-hee, he started talking about Us), is difficult to describe in decent words. It just needs to be heard. The game is not in vain advises to use headphones – you need to do it. Then in your head will sound

# Voices

They whisper mischief and are praised for some act. They practically (YOU ARE NOBODY!) never stop, They comment, They scream,

are annoyed,




chop into the head,

make you feel as uncomfortable as possible.

They are being torn from the familiar, tranquil world.

Take with them to the noisy depths.

There is a feeling that there are several people behind you [us-with-with-many] and everyone tries to shout over the other, to prove the justice of their point of view. Especially frightening is when over the mishmash of words superimposed gloomy, chanting hymns.


They …

(continue, be bold)


 ENOUGH !! "height =" 450 "width =" 800 "/> </a></p>
<p class= They are a substitute for notation. When the enemy is going to hit from the back, but is out of sight. Desperate "go away!" Ringing as if from the depths of the subconscious, makes (we will help) reflexively jerk aside and dodge the sword. If you can not find the key to the puzzle and you have to circling around for a while, people-in-the-head start to scoff frankly. Asked to turn back, offer to surrender,


are amused.

I want as quickly as possible to find a way out, if only to STOP.

But no, n-ee-ee-ee, they will not be silenced. Faithful companions will chase both you and the warrior in the most terrible and phantasmagoric attacks of her. Watching the girl plunge deeper into the depths of her unhealthy mind is unpleasant, but her gaze is chained to the screen.

Senua looks at you. Through you. Asks to go with her a little bit more, to help take the last step. Melina Jurgens so well got used to the role and so accurately conveyed the state of the girl, that for a moment you do not doubt the reality (unreality?) of what is happening. You can appreciate this in one of the trailers .

(Are they still here?)

(They did not leave, did not leave.)

Hellblade proves once again that the number of developers is far from being the most important indicator. Ninja Theory with an interesting find (thanks to Us) a stunning visual style and a sound of superhuman quality could create a unique, frightening, addictive game, not inferior to the work of large-budget blockbusters. Senua's Sacrifice – pure madness that drowns in itself, does not want to let go, depresses with an endless vocal noise, makes it go through this crazy way in one gulp, because the duration of the game does not exceed six to seven hours. To bring Him back. To try and get rid of Them.

Advantages :

  • the opportunity to visit the head of a person with serious mental disabilities;
  • northern aesthetics – gloomy and chilling blood
  • a small timekeeping, which more than pays for itself by the density of events;
  • in a literal and figurative sense, a crazy work with sound.

Disadvantages of :

  • in small arenas, objects can obscure the view;
  • the console version occasionally produces a drop in frame rate.
Drawing graphics Hellblade does not stint on beautiful views and constantly imposes filters that emphasize the unstable mental state of the heroine. 9
The sound Sound design – is one of the best among those that we met in games. Voices get into the head and become a part of you. It is impossible to get rid of them, and when other effects are connected, it becomes quite uncomfortable. 10
The Single Player The game is closer to interactive movies than to action, but this is by no means a drawback. It is this format that makes it possible to best reveal what is happening and allows you to look at the world through the eyes of Senoui – through the eyes of a person suffering from psychosis. 9
The collective game Not available
The general impression Ninja Theory released a beautiful and at the same time frightening with its insanity game. A gloomy adventure will surely be remembered for a long time, and phantom voices will persecute even after the final credits. 9

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