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Many people simply do not have the means to purchase a massage super-chair from our previous publication (in the amount of a six-figure sum in rubles), and if such money is found, there are always a lot of ideas on how to spend it better. But the desire to relax in the home after a hard day does not disappear from this. It is for this purpose that the budget variant in the form of massage capes is invented. A roller massager at home will help stretch the body after a busy day in the chair. But this does not stop there …

# Massage capes

Even for the back, there are not just massager-pens, similar to showers, but special cloaks, which will be appreciated not only by motorists, but also by office workers. Massage cap is a gizmo that produces massage in any place convenient for you: at home, in the car, at the office, at the dacha and even at the workplace. There are legends that such capes neutralize pain in the neck and back, have a positive effect on metabolism and are even suitable for combating cellulite and stress. In general, only coffee does not cook. The question here is also how much the effect differs from that after the massage chair? We will also try to answer it below.

Cloaks are simple and multifunctional, home and automotive, with one kind of massage, two, three or more, but globally they should be divided into vibrational (or vibro-pneumatic) and roller.

A typical vibrating cape

Micromotors in the number of up to 5-10 are built into the vibration models. They activate the air cushions, thanks to which the patient of the cape feels a wavy and relaxing massage with vibrating and pulsing action. The technique is simple: the more motors a cape has, the stronger the massage effect that it has. The intensity of vibration can be adjusted, and the main effect of such capes is to relieve fatigue.

The capes are made of thin and bendable material, so they can be placed on beds, chairs, and car seats. For the latter, by the way, you need to choose a cape, which provides power from the car battery: it can be either a single power source or supplementary power from a standard AC mains.

The disadvantages of such capes are obvious: a small choice of massage techniques and insufficient strength for serious muscle tissue development. Therefore, roller coats are much more interesting in this sense.

The Roller Cape

They will be more complicated: they are systems that exert influence along the spine and / or buttocks with the help of special rollers made of healing ceramics or plastic. Such capes are provided with a solid frame for fastening roller mechanisms, so they can only be used in an upright position (that is, they can not be stretched out on the floor and can not be completely covered).

Unlike vibrating capes, roller influences along the long muscles of the whole spine as a whole and can usually offer up to four types of massage: warm-up, rolling, swing and shiatsu. All these types of massage (and others too) are carried out with the help of undulating movements, only in different ways. Massage "shiatsu" so generally acts on acupuncture points.

Heated option

Of the additional functions can be noted, for example, heating: it will be particularly useful to motorists, but also at home too useful. Another useful feature is the presence of a timer. Since all types of massage are designed for a certain time, and not all this time can remember, the timer will help the cloak turn off and thereby save not only electricity, but also own resources. That is, do not burn out.

And this is a fashionable roller cape for fashionable people

The remote control is also useful: such consoles are quite simple and, as a rule, are equipped with hints in the form of pictograms. There is already a matter of convenience – you will understand these hieroglyphs or have to read the instructions. The power of massage can also be adjusted.

Price tag for vibro-massage cloaks, as a rule, is small, and usually ranges from 30 to 150 US dollars. Roller will be more expensive, and $ 150 is the lower price threshold, and the upper one can reach up to 500.

The producer country in both cases is most often China, but there are also more expensive German devices. Among the brands of such capes are Beurer, HoMedics, Waeco, Imetec, Ommassage, Gametrix, Medisana and Bodycraft.

# Roller massagers

Roller mass not only massage capes, but also massagers as such

Typical Roller Massager

Roller massager is a rather voluminous gizmo with a centrally rotating roller on which you can massage different parts of the body – from the feet to the arms and back, you can even just sit on this roller for the fifth point massage. They also help to relieve tension from the muscles of the spine and the area between the shoulder blades: it all depends on how to place the device to lean and which mode to choose. The successful design of such massagers as large as a nightstand is useful in their universality as well.

It can be used even so

Most often roller massagers are made of wood or plastic. The most convenient are the toothed roller products, since they act most efficiently: the denticles contribute to a more active blood circulation. The basis of the massager itself can be both firm and soft, and their main mass is floor, although there are also those that are designed strictly for one part of the body; for example, for the eyes and face, legs, hands, neck or back. And the price range for them is also very wide, but, notwithstanding this, roller massagers are the most affordable (if you take first of all not floor models but manual models).

A good roller massager can have additional functions like infrared heating. Super-recognizable brands as such there is also no, various nameless brands – in the set. Newtonic, BodyRoll, Rolletic – these are the most famous.

Massagers for feet and feet

If you are all right with your back, but your legs get tired and require care – then it's worth taking a look at the foot massagers. They, as usual, there is a great variety: from hydromassage baths to what can be called a part of a massage chair. And they are designed, respectively, for different types of massage.

Hydromassage baths are multifunctional devices that can both warm your feet and perform a full foot massage. Outwardly, this device looks like a plastic container, covered on one side with a visor to protect the surrounding space from splashes. Inside the device is equipped with special rollers-nozzles, which are adjusted with the help of buttons from the remote control. The hydromassage bathtub has several modes (usually three: vibrating, "jacuzzi" and mechanical massage).

Hydromassage bath with pumice stone from Bosch

In addition to the basic massage, the apparatus can also offer various bonuses. For example, tips for a pedicure (a brush and a grinding nozzle-pumice). Or contrast baths that consistently act on the feet with hot and cold water. There are cleaning baths, complete with rollers with brushes.

Finally, let's say about baths with infrared radiation or with magnets (which act on the magnetic field, respectively). Many such famous manufacturers make such devices: AEG, Bosch, Bomann, Beurer, Binatone, HoMedics, Vitek, Clatronics and others. The spread of prices for them is also great: you can buy something quite inexpensive for a thousand and a half, and maybe six.

Body Massager for the feet of Bodykraft

Roller massagers for feet are engaged in a dry massage without the participation of water. This type of massage can be called acupuncture, since such devices affect biologically active points by means of rotating rollers. Just put your feet in there – and enjoy the massage. Here, the choice of manufacturers is more meager, mainly iRest, Bodycraft, and other little-known manufacturers, which we observed in the previous part of our story in the section of armchairs.

Infrared massager for the feet of Takasima

Infrared massagers for feet, which are more like scales, are also popular, and they are also engaged in acupressure. Their impact in this vein is similar to that of roller massagers: that is, a greater therapeutic effect, removal of fatigue, plus a positive effect in the case of varicose veins. Both those and other massagers are relatively inexpensive (on average, from 2 to 10 thousand rubles), but in the case of infrared brands, there will be more brands: Takasima, Promedic, Imetec, Beurer, Casada, HoMedics.

Compression Foot Massager

We already mentioned the "parts of the massage chair": this kind of massager is called compression. A rather large device for compression massage has several local impact programs and is created according to the principle of a transformer. Due to the presence of mobile sections, its working surface covers not only the feet, but also the legs and hips.

In other words, the device, like in a massage chair, moves and can simultaneously massage the hips, feet and shins. This is due to special air pads, which have a point air-compression effect on muscle tissue. Such massagers are worth an average of 10-25 thousand rubles, and they are produced by the aforementioned iRest, as well as other manufacturers: OGAWA, OTO, Rongtai, Casada and Takasima.

Here they are – compression massagers. Japanese is not included in the kit.

There are a lot of different massage devices, but we tried to tell briefly about the main of them. As for the choice of specific devices, then the best advisor here, of course, are you.

Beds, roller massagers, armchairs, foot and foot massagers – all this is better to choose only after testing them in the seller's salon, and massagers are smaller and cheaper – at least on the basis of feedback.

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