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Freed from the Wii U, Nintendo gradually began to drag the game from the failed console to Switch. The first swallow was the re-release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, now the "big N" took up the colorful shooter Splatoon . A couple of years ago he was pleasantly surprised by the unusual gameplay, hot shootings and content updates for a long time. The sequel, in turn, is difficult to call it – rather, this is an augmented reissue of the first part without any cardinal changes. Not to say that such a thing is bad, since "Splatun", chertyak, as was madly cheerful, remained.

# I will paint your face!

Splatoon 2 will offer all the content that the original has overgrown for a year and a half to the person who missed the debut release. Continuation already on the release received several modes, one of which is exclusive for the second part, an expanded arsenal of various weapons and eight arenas against five in 2015. The rules of rotation are the same – for a couple of hours we are fighting on two cards, then they are replaced by others. By the way, the interface left a place for the third location – it certainly will be added to the list when the number of levels grows to a multiple of three.

The basic mode has not changed – two teams of four players need to paint the level with ink. The squad that creeps the largest area wins. Hunting for the frags is not necessary, you can rush around the corners or crank risky forays into the rear of the opponent. The main thing is to decorate everything that comes to your eyes. Three minutes of the match fly by swiftly and tensely, because when you know that the situation on the map can drastically change in just a few seconds, there's simply no time to relax.

Despite the elapsed time and lack of innovations, the mechanics of the Splatoon 2 still look fresh. Ink is the basis of everything. It is not only the shells and the way to paint the map, but also an important strategic element. Funny squid-inclines quickly swim in the paint of their color and significantly lose mobility, hitting the territory of the enemy. In addition, you can climb up the stained wall and take the top or ambush, plunging under the surface. Understand the simplest rules is not difficult, and in combination with all possible options, the game offers considerable scope for tactical interaction.

Without him in the rating games are nowhere, because the match because of a single mistake can be "drained" in the first seconds of thirty. Regimes here again have not changed: in one case, you need to push the platform to the opponent's base, in the other – to drag an ink bazooka, replacing the familiar flag. It seems to be a banal entertainment, but thanks to interesting mechanics Splatoon 2 is radically different from other team shooters. Where else can you heroically defend the point, waving a giant paint brush, go on the attack with a paint bucket or literally roll opponents into the asphalt with a roller? Especially in matches there are no quiet moments – they are always dynamic and unpredictable.

That's how you fight, have fun, make your way some days up the ranks, you get the cherished B- (in Splatoon and the sequel gradation from С to A + is used). You open the hardcore rating mode of the League and you think that now you'll show who is the coolest squid in the world! You click on the menu item … and you throw your ambitions out of your head, because you only need a team of friends, and not network rascals. If among the acquaintances there are no owners of Switch, but with strange personalities from the Internet you do not want to communicate, then, excuse me, the way out there.

I can still understand such limitations in Destiny where you need to solve some problems, and each time explaining to beginners the rule will not suffice any patience. However, in Splatoon 2 there are no puzzles. In addition, for access to the big leagues you will first have to play a few hours in the base mode, and then fight through the rating battles. Depending on the luck at all it will take at least 40-50 matches. And after that you will find out that you can not go on without strangers. Cybersport manners are, of course, good, but not with the same implementation.

Yes, and Nintendo would not have been without another "brilliant" technical implementation. Splatoon 2 closely interacts with the mobile application Nintendo Switch Online, which, apparently, will be used in all network projects of the Japanese company. The program has detailed statistics on matches, the ability to order some things for your squid or create a room for friends. You all correctly understood – the game offers to perform everyday for any shooter action through the smartphone. And only through a third-party gadget you can use voice chat. Bellissimo .

# Step forward and step back

Despite the fact that the sequel is a five-second deluxe edition of the first part, he has several unique features. The new single campaign was slightly better than the original one. And although it is not worth looking for a deep plot in it, and in its structure it is still similar to learning, there are many interesting levels that allow to get acquainted with all kinds of weapons in the game.

There was a place in the second part and a PvE mode, where a team of four brave squid would have to fight off several waves of monsters, simultaneously collecting special eggs. In fact, this is the usual "Horde", but in more colorful scenery. Features include changing each round of weapons – you never know what you have to fight off from all sides of the fish. It turns out funny. Especially at the end, when there are many opponents, and you have something not very usual in your hands.

The updated arsenal will certainly be to the liking of those who spent dozens of hours in the first part. Fresh types of "guns" look interesting and perfectly fit into the style of the game. My personal favorite – just do not laugh – an umbrella. From it you can shoot and, opening up, act as a mobile shelter. Each weapon has one of the minor skills and a special powerful technique, so it's easy to find weapons to taste.

Although it still surprises the lack of the ability to change the outfit between matches. It is necessary to go out of the lobby to the mode selection screen and already there to dig into the inventory. Taking into account that every wearing colorful headdress, fashionable T-shirt and stylish boots are pumped and get new passive skills, go back and forth and change frequently. If you decide to tinker with the customization of bonuses and replace them with some wardrobe item, then you need to run even further – to the main square, and this is extra loads and time.

And how is there not enough additional screen! It used to be like that: looked down at the Wii U controller, which displayed a level with a view from above, quickly assessed the situation, poked a finger at the right ally and jumped to it. In the second part, due to understandable limitations, the map was hung on a separate button. You press it and tightly close the whole review circuit – in turmoil, this feature prevents the drawing up of a general picture of the battle, and at the same time at times increases the chance to get the eye paint from an unnoticed enemy.

Although this is more of a nit-pick, which can only be shown to a really near-perfect game. If we consider Splatoon 2 as a whole, then Nintendo got an excellent re-release … em, a wonderful sequel to one of the most unusual games of 2015. Shooter offers fun, unusual, adrenaline shooting on the network, and at the same time funny PvE-mode and a huge amount of equipment and weapons. It's nice that the content does not need to wait for months – it's already quite a lot at the start. In addition, "Nina" will certainly continue to support and, I would like to believe, will add many more interesting things. Fill in machine guns, put on the most fashionable things – we'll meet in colorful battlefields.


  • bright, adrenaline battles;
  • Splatoon mechanics is still fresh and unique;
  • a large number of weapons and equipment options;
  • a beautiful visual style.


  • the realization of the voice chat breaks the bottom and digs deeper;
  • without a second screen to use the card is not very convenient;
  • The League mode is not available for single players.

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] Drawing What is portable, that in stationary mode the game looks colorful, and any military shooter will envy the stable frame rate 9
The sound of the During battles again playing into brain foolish songs, and inclines emit funny sounds. Yes, and the weapon sounds worthy – at a discount to the fact that these are kraskomety of different sizes. 9
The Single Player The single became more integral, added in fascination, but never went beyond the training part. 7
The collective game The sequel, like the original, does everything to make the network battles madly gay, but not lost in tactics. It turns out perfectly. 9
The general impression Splatoon 2 can hardly be called a full-fledged continuation due to the lack of notable innovations, but the second part of the team shooter has kept the unpredictability, brightness and dynamism of the debut release 9

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