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The high-resolution display is convenient and wonderful, there is no need to convince anyone: facts do not argue. This is well understood not only by world-famous brands, but also by smaller manufacturers. Earlier we studied an inexpensive tablet with a high-resolution screen from iconBIT – the NetTAB Space III model. In addition to the display itself, there was not much good in it – the gadget frankly paused and generally worked not very smoothly. The reason for this was a weak dual-core processor, the power of which is not enough to quickly draw images on the high-definition screen. How will things go with the 3Q tablet? We learn from this material.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – factory box

The device is shipped in a large yellow box of cardboard. By its dimensions it is clear that the bundle is rich. Indeed, inside the box we found the following accessories:

  • Charger for 3 A;
  • A cloth made of microfiber for cleaning the screen;
  • Headphones of the "droplet" type with a microphone;
  • USB cable ↔ microUSB for data transmission;
  • USB cable ↔ microUSB (OTG) for connecting peripherals;
  • SIM-card of the operator "Beeline" with a month of free Internet access;
  • Printed User's Guide and Warranty Card.

For devices belonging to the middle price category, such a generous delivery package is an exception, not a rule. The buyer can only buy a cover for his taste – and use the tablet "to the full."

3Q q-pad RC9727F – configuration

The habit of compact seven- or eight-inch "tablets" for the first time makes it difficult to perceive the large 3Q q-pad RC9727F seriously – it is sad to remember that "full-size" tablets by definition weigh a lot. However, the dimensions of the device – within the genre – are not at all intimidating: the thickness of the case is 9.5 millimeters, and the mass is just over six hundred grams.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – front panel

The front panel of the tablet does not contain any physical buttons. All control keys appear at the right time on the screen. At the top of the panel is the lens of a two-megapixel webcam. The frame around the display is quite wide – it easily fits the thumbs of both hands, regardless of the orientation in which to hold the tablet.

3Q q-pad RC9727F full-face

The location of the controls is not standard. The volume keys are located on the lower end, and the power button is at the bottom of the left edge. Thus, to take advantage of buttons in portrait orientation, you will have to reach for them with your left hand, which is not very convenient. However, if you turn the tablet 180 °, the keys will be on the usual places – next to the fingers of the right hand. All available interfaces – power connector, micro-USB 2.0 port, 3.5 mm audio jack, mini-HDMI 1.3 and connectors for full-size SIM card and MicroSD cards – are placed on the same left side. This, perhaps, is convenient: once remember that "everything is left" – and you will not have to get any more confused.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – the packing density of all interfaces on the side panel is high

The back panel of the tablet is made of aluminum. On it there is a lens of the main, five-megapixel camera, a hole hiding the microphone, and a slot of the speakers. The sides of the gadget are plastic. The corners are rounded very well – palms do not suffer from them.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – rear panel and sides

Build quality is quite decent. When squeezing the sides there are no creaks of the case, no color spots on the screen – the structure has sufficient rigidity.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – speaker on the rear panel

The external speaker has a good volume reserve and a more or less detailed sound. Low frequencies do not wheeze, and high ones do not squeak.

3Q q-pad RC9727F screen

The display in the tablet is unusual for the average price category. The fact is that the resolution of the 9.7-inch display installed in 3Q q-pad RC9727F is very large – 2048×1536 pixels, the density of pixels reaches 263 ppi. For a tablet PC, this is more than enough for comfortable work: individual pixels are visible only if the device is brought to the eyes, but in real use it is not necessary. The text on the screen of the tablet looks very smooth, and the movies and photos – in detail. The picture is close in nature to high-quality printing.

The matrix is ​​IPS, and from the breed of better ones (otherwise it happens that it's like IPS – but still all is sad). The viewing angles are excellent – the colors do not "float" even when the view deviates from the normal. The screen quickly and accurately reacts to touch, recognizes gestures and supports up to five simultaneous touches.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – test results for AnTuTu MultiTouch Test

The brightness margin is rather large: the luminance of the white field reaches 254 cd / m 2 . This is enough for any conditions of use, except that under direct sunlight the display fades noticeably. The luminosity of the black field is low (in this case less – better) – about 0.4 cd / m 2 . Black color looks deep and natural, even at maximum brightness. The contrast of the display is 635: 1 – not the limit of dreams, but quite good for an inexpensive tablet.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – color coverage of the screen of the tablet (black triangle) in comparison with the space sRGB (white triangle)

The color coverage of the 3Q q-pad RC9727F screen is somewhat narrower than the sRGB space – green and red did not last long enough for the ideal. However, the shape of the triangle is close to the correct one, which means that the color rendition is quite plausible. And the truth: watching movies and photos, reading electronic documents, browsing the sites on the tablet display is a pleasure.

Mobile phones and communication [


3Q q-pad RC9727F
Displaying the display board 9.7 inches, 2048×1536, IPS
The touch screen Capacitive (5 points), without the possibility of gloves
The air layer There are
Oleophobic covering There are
The polarizing filter None
The processor Rockchip RK3188:
four cores ARM Cortex-A9 (ARMv7), the frequency of 1.6 GHz;
technical process 28 nm SLP (GlobalFoundries)
The graphic controller ARM Mali-400 MP4, 533 MHz
Operative memory 2 GB DDR3
Flash memory 16 GB + MicroSD
Connectors 1 x micro-USB 2.0
1 x mini-HDMI 1.3
1 x headset connector 3.5 mm
1 x MicroSD
1 x SIM
Cellular communication Built-in modem, support 2G / 3G
Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n
Bluetooth 3.0
NFC None
Infrared None
Navigation None
FM radio Out of stock
The sensors
The main cell 5.0 Mp (2592×1944), without autofocus, without flash
The front camera 1.9 MP (1600×1200), without auto focus
The food The non-removable battery is 29.6 W * h (8000 mAh, 3.7V)
The size is 245×188 mm
The thickness of the shell is 9.5 mm
Mass 605 g
Operating system Google Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
The recommended price 9,590 rubles

3Q q-pad RC9727F – information about the system and the "hardware"

"Rock heart" of the device is a system-on-chip Rockchip RK3188, which appeared on the market in the second quarter of 2013. In its arsenal there are four processor cores ARM Cortex-A9, running at 1.6 GHz, and the quad-core graphics system Mali-400 MP4. The chip is manufactured at GlobalFoundries factories using the advanced 28 nm SLP process technology (using HKMG technology). The tablet has two gigabytes of DDR3 RAM (the manufacturer does not specify which DDR3 versions) and 16 GB of built-in flash memory, expandable with Micro-SD memory cards.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – test results Quadrant 2 Standard

In everyday 3Q tasks, the q-pad RC9727F does not really slow down – the device tries to smoothly display the animation of the operating system and switch between applications. However, it turns out that the tablet does not always have this: to make everything good, you need to control the number of open applications and close unnecessary ones (however, this is always the case in Android).

It is not necessary to count on launching resource-intensive toys – because of the high resolution of the display, "heavy" programs are noticeably slowing down. The processor is powerful, but for quick rendering of pictures the display of such a resolution needs something even more productive. However, here again we should remember the price.

The 3Q q-pad RC9727F has a rich set of communications. The device supports Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / b. Both interfaces work without complaints. With the help of "blue tooth" musical compositions without "scratch" were broadcast on wireless headphones. The tablet connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi public points, and in the home network it has developed an average speed for receiving about four and a half megabits per second – more than enough for comfortable Internet browsing.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – OOKLA SpeedTest test results in home Wi-Fi network

The most pleasant feature of the tablet is the built-in 3G-modem, with which you can stay in touch even away from home. Full-format SIM cards are used. 3Q q-pad RC9727F stably keeps connection to the network and does not break it for no apparent reason. The GPS module in the device, unfortunately, is not available – the orientation on the terrain is available only on mobile networks.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – test results of the AnTuTu Battery Test

The gadget works on a lithium-polymer battery at 29.6 W * h (8000 mAh, 3.7 V) – the capacity is high enough even for a "full-size" tablet. In the AnTuTu profile test, the device scored 673 points, discharging from 100% to 19% in 3 hours 10 minutes. The result is not bad, especially considering the "gluttony" of this test. At moderate loads, the battery of the tablet is enough for a day of use without charging – in the standby mode the device practically does not consume energy. To extend the battery life, it is enough to reduce the backlight level of the display.

3Q q-pad RC9727F – main camera

The set of cameras on the tablet is rather modest – basic, five-megapixel, without flash, and front, two-megapixel. There are no automatic focusing systems for cameras. In addition, both cameras can be used only in conditions of sufficient illumination – otherwise the noise level goes off scale. Of course, the main camera of the tablet should be photographed only if there is nothing more suitable for photographing. The viewfinder interface is standard for the Android operating system.

The tablet runs on a fairly modern version of the Android operating system – 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, which comes in a full-fledged version, without any cuts. A set of firmware is limited to its standard applications without additions from the manufacturer.

# Conclusion

3Q has a very interesting, balanced tablet, in which the ratio of price and quality outweighs the buyers. The merits of the device include the following:

  • a good high resolution display;
  • modern quad-core processor;
  • built-in 2G / 3G modem;
  • low cost.

However, one should not forget about the shortcomings. They are not critical, but it is necessary to know about them:

  • graphics performance is not enough for "heavy" games in native resolution;
  • absence of a GPS module and / or GLONASS;
  • a weak rear camera.

The recommended retail price of 3Q q-pad RC9727F at the start of sales is 9,590 rubles so we are quite willing to advise the tested tablet to people who prefer e-books and watching movies and "heavy" Applications.

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