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Publisher Fullbright
The Publisher in Russia No
The developer Fullbright
The minimum requirements Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10; Intel Pentium 4 1.8 GHz / AMD Athlon XP 1700+ 1.46 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, video card with 1 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce 210 / AMD Radeon HD5450, 11 GB of hard disk space, Internet connection and registration entry on Steam
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Pentium 4 3.46 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.4 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, video card with 2 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon RX560
Release date 2 August 2017
Age qualification Not assigned
Platforms PC (Windows, macOS, Linux), Xbox One
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The game was tested on the PC

Year at the station. Sufficient time to get used to life in orbit. Sufficient time to fatally tire of colleagues. A good holiday: A day of obsolescence. The moment to prepare a holiday cake under the guidance of artificial intelligence from sublimates, open bags with brut, and then retire in your cabin with a stunning view of the stars and think carefully – is it worth signing a new contract with Venturis Technologies? Oh, it shook so shook – we need to fasten our belts, we fly through the turbulent zone … What the hell, we're in space!

My name is Amy Ferrier, and my task is to figure out what a hell it is. I have clear instructions that are side by side with very vague and free powers. In front of me is an empty station: whether its inhabitants left this place, whether they lurked in the cryocamera, or something worse. I do not know if I'll find them or even their bodies, but for now – thanks to their ghosts: I'll try to get to know them.

# The image of the future

Fullbright was not the first studio to perform in the "walk simulator" genre. Those who lit this curtain, it is worth considering the creators of Dear Esther – The Chinese Room. But Gone Home, released in 2013, has become the gas cylinder after which the entire building of video games has already blazed. To the extent of interactive stories, where you can only walk around the world, consider different subjects and throw around with a couple of words (not always), began to appear regularly. Recall only the pearls: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Firewatch What Remains of Edith Finch and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture from the same The Chinese Room.

Gone Home very softly told an unexpectedly simple and earthly history. We walk around the abandoned house, look at the objects, put music in the cassette, read the diary entries. All this could be done in 15 minutes, if you know where to go, but the elegance of such games consists in the ability of their authors to recreate reality so that nobody could quickly get out of the game. And if it did, then it would not be desirable to commit such an act of violence over the game.

In Gone Home, its creators remembered their youth, a series of accurate hits recreating the atmosphere of the 90s, deliberately depriving themselves of traditional narrative mechanisms. Having dealt with the past, Fullbright decided to jump to the future: from 1995 to 2088. From the American outback to the space station … which was named after the American outback. There must be continuity.

But, of course, it manifests itself not only at the level of the name and not only that we are playing again from the female face – the latter is not so important, because the image of our alter ego remains practically undiscovered, unlike the missing crew members .

Fullbright – singers of freedom, tolerance and diversity: each of the six inhabitants of the station in one way or another hints at one area or another, the adoption of which has not yet occurred to the full, but, according to the developers, is bound to happen by 2088 – from same-sex relationship to religious differences. And, of course, there will be no criticism of transnational corporations: if the victory of a calm attitude toward one's body and someone else's skin color in the 70-year perspective does not yet seem to be a matter of solved, then the rule of business is complete.

In this straightforwardness lies, perhaps, the weakest place Tacoma – as in Gone Home, the plot intrigues, enthralles, asks many questions on the move … But gives them very simple answers. The strength of the game is not in history as such, but in the details that are revealed in the way of its study.

# Where were you on the 29th of February?

The entire gameplay consists of a walk through the space station in a strictly defined order: the areas for study are opened sequentially, nothing can be done with this. During this walk, you can consider everything that comes to hand: read various notes, diaries and documents, and – and this is the key part of Tacoma – to view the records of augmented reality. The mechanism is the simplest, but it works great.

Semitransparent figures, for ease of reading, painted in different colors, doing their own things, walking, talking (each character is fully and beautifully voiced), they retire in their cabins, eat, wash. Something happened a few days ago, some hours ago, some records date back a year ago; the data is damaged, it will not be possible to "pull out" everything – but what will open is enough that each member of the crew at the end of the game is perceived not by another cog, moving history to the final, but by a multifaceted personality. Someone is working at the station only to pay for the training of their son, someone is in touch with the hacker organization, someone is engaged in yoga and professes Islam, someone reads Sylvia Plat . Each person is like an island. The game takes place in three to four hours – we do not have many opportunities to learn these scraps of land, but Fullbright has the talent to cast characters in just a few strokes.

In the scenes of augmented reality, everyone does not just have a role, where we are the only spectator. No, the action takes place simultaneously in different rooms: we can see how the head of the crew, encouraging colleagues, leaves to say goodbye to the beloved; As a botanist falls into the well of despair, but finds hope in his bottom; how, having made a difficult decision, the station doctor struggles with the hysteria that followed and how he is helped to cope with it. One is an artificial mind.

A pyramid with an eye present simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. An impeccable instrument, an indispensable assistant – or, nevertheless, the heir of HAL 9000, out of control? Or maybe there is some third option for developing this basic for science fiction conflict? I will leave Tacoma space in order to surprise you.


Tacoma is a game of hope. Hope, though not at the fact that human nature will change, is impossible, but that the mind will be able to subordinate much to it. That humanity – is not just a pleasant word and property, characteristic of someone special, but the foundation on which to build the future.

Fullbright showed that it is able not only to look with good nostalgia into the past, but also instill optimism in relation to our future. Well, this is a rarity in our time, oversaturated with disturbing news and bad forebodings. Here, space is also a premonition, only a joyous one.


  • living characters, prescribed with great love;
  • an interesting mechanics of interaction with scenes of augmented reality;
  • the cat lives on the station.


  • a rough story.

There are no translations available.

Drawing graphics Tacoma does not flaunt the stunning scenery and, in general, a special luster characteristic for the "walking simulators" of the picture, but it pleases with the thoroughness of the interiors, the thoughtfulness of the station's architecture and a lot of interactive details. I note also the excellent optimization. 8
The sound No background music in the game, why individual songs that sound in the scenes of augmented reality, cling more powerful. All the characters are beautifully voiced. But Tacoma does not leave any characteristic sound picture after himself. 8
The Single Player Interactive history in the format of a walk through the recently abandoned places. Genre recently could already start to get bored, but Fullbright has a trump card in the sleeve: beautifully played scenes of augmented reality, suggestive of association with the immersive theater. 8
The collective game Not available.
The general impression A thinking game that slightly lacks depth, but with enough attention to its characters and the ability to involve the player. 8

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