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Release Date:

Genre Shooter
Publisher SIE
The Publisher in Russia SoftKlab
The developer Naughty Dog
Released from August 23, 2017
Age qualification from 16 years of age
Platforms PlayStation 4

Oh, these pranksters from Naughty Dog. They would release Uncharted on all four sides, as the studio parted ways with Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter, but the "dogs" clung to the series with a dead grip. The original trilogy was continued by the fourth part with a strange plot about a sudden brother, which nowhere and none of the heroes of the previous parts even mentioned, and now on its basis came the independent addition The Lost Legacy. Not about Drake, but the essence does not change at all – it's all the same Hollywood action at one time. Only without their own unique ideas.

# Kill and kill

In the diaries of the developers of the studio did not tire of repeating that the addition will look at Uncharted from a new angle. "Look," they said, "now we have one big map where you can perform tasks in a convenient order for you." The suspicions that Naughty Dog will take the boring location of the fourth part where it was necessary to roll around for a long time in an empty, senselessly huge level on a jeep, and offer it again, but in other scenery, were already creeping in. So it turned out.

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Asav – another villain whose name flies from the head after the credits

Yes, of course, Indian forests look incredible – in the visual plan, Naughty Dog managed to outdo its Uncharted 4. The range of drawing is prohibitive, and the game gives out such angles that you involuntarily stop and turn your head, trying to cover the exuberant splendor. But what is to be done with this beauty besides the obligatory search for the three fortresses, which are already visible from everywhere? The studio produced the largest in the series location, but did not fill it with anything interesting. In fact, it is not for useless treasures to chase for hours.

In addition, in the half-open world another interesting part emerges. Say, there are two completely identical low walls. They are very close, but one you can jump, because the level designers carefully painted its edge in white, and on another, just like the same, it will not work just because. A similar problem was present in Horizon Zero Dawn where it was necessary to find the path laid by the developers, and not move as they want. Why then this big piece of the map, if the routes are still worked out in advance?

Fortunately, at the wheel of a jeep in an open area it will be necessary to spend one third of six or seven hours on force, and if you do not bother looking for trinkets, even less. Then the game will return to the rails and turn into a standard cinematic Uncharted. Then it depends on how tired you are from the changing year of the formula of adventure movie for the authorship of Naughty Dog.

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The addition does not skimp on the chic species

The atmosphere is the closest to the atmosphere to the first part, where more attention was paid to the study of locations than to shootings. True, the ever-optimistic Drake and the sarcastic Sally made any situation funny, but the current pair of heroes in the person of Chloe and Nadine is too serious. The girls seem to be not bored to watch, they get to know each other better as the story develops and interact well, but only. Where Nathan would have let go of a couple of jokes or made a face, Chloe behaves lean.

And look for the sixth time (if you consider portable Golden Abyss) how the next villainous villain with his personal army is trying to get hold of another ancient relic, and our brave wards heroically prevent him from doing it, is not so interesting. You know in advance what will happen and how, until the "unexpected" turns. In addition, Naughty Dog not only showed again the most exciting moments in the commercials, but also began to copy their own experiences. Any of the four parts offered unique and memorable situations – The Lost Legacy, in its turn, almost entirely consists of quotes. Moreover, both individual moments and whole levels are quoted. Fans of Uncharted 2 will be especially surprised.

# Hanging on the spot

Although it is necessary to pay tribute to the developers – they have corrected some of the shortcomings of the previous issue and even ironically on this account through the dialogue of the characters. In the first place, boxes on wheels are found only twice – and then at the very beginning. This is no longer the only way to go further in the dense jungle

It's nice to see a lot of interesting puzzles. Up to the complexity of Uncharted 3 or the entertainment of Uncharted 2 they do not hold out, but it's better than last year's "puzzles", which were, in fact, just looking at the opening species. In addition, you still have to strain your brain.

On the other hand, pinpoint improvements have not helped The Lost Legacy get rid of annoying little things that wander from one game to another. Suddenly crumbling ledges, falling floors, rescue at the last second and escape from shooting enemies in the back have not gone away. And it would be okay to use it in one moment, but no: dramatically slip into the abyss you will be about every thirty minutes, and get away from a hail of bullets – at least once an hour. And get ready for the next competition with an armored car – in Uncharted it never was, yeah. In an amicable way, such moments should work on the atmosphere of adventure cinema, but do not produce any impression, because for a little timing the additions are repeated too often, not to mention the series as a whole.

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On a jeep you can not go anywhere anyway – all within the pre-prescribed routes

In addition, nothing was done with the control: one button still responds both for the roll-over and for sticking to the shelters. In the open, there are no problems with this, but when the shootings pass into narrow spaces, Chloe starts leaning against everything in succession or hanging from the ledges rather than escaping the fire. Infuriates no less than the amazing ability of the heroine in one situation to throw a hook-cat 15 meters ahead, and in another not to do so from a much shorter distance. After all, you first need to activate the script, listen to the joke, and then move on. Did someone say something about freedom?

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy did a good job of making mistakes and got rid of some stupid shortcomings of the fourth part. Here is a more sane plot, she no longer makes aimlessly wander through the levels, and the history of India and the tusks of Ganesha, which the girls hunt, are well revealed. Especially Naughty Dog still takes the graphics and the ability to put adventure movies. So if you have not encountered "Anchami" or have not yet managed to get tired of the standard sores of the series, then you will surely like new adventures.

If you went through all the parts and were expecting something unusual, then in addition to fresh ideas you will not find. This is not such a necessary collection of all the good and bad that appeared in Uncharted during the existence of the series, and with copying the levels and situations from previous releases. Apparently, Chloe and Nadine will become a new pair of adventurers and will replace the retired Drake and Sally. That's only if you need to further develop the series, if nothing new can not come up with – that's another question. To the good it never brought.

Advantages :

  • visually the game has surpassed the fourth part;
  • a good excursion into the mythology of India;
  • a little timekeeping;
  • habitually good Hollywood production.

Disadvantages of :

  • Chloe does not have the charisma and personality of Drake;
  • Naughty Dog began copying herself the same;
  • from a large location I want to escape as quickly as possible, since there is practically nothing to do there
  • unexpectedly many bugs, including those obstructing or blocking the passage;
  • a lenten villain, endless slippage into the abyss and other bored features of the series.

Drawing graphics

A couple of Horizon is one of the most powerful graphics games on the PlayStation 4. A real delight for the eyes.


The sound

The absence of Nolan North, the voice of Nathan Drake, still affects. Chloe and Nadin alone failed to "talk" the famous adventurer. Music this time too far away and merges with the background, rather than emphasizes the situation.


Single player

A little amateur performance and a lot of copying – he is such a modern Uncharted. The game tried to go a little further and offer a spacious level for research, but it turned out that there is nothing to do trivially. And a couple of new heroes was not so interesting.


The collective game

At the time of writing, the material was disabled, but the users of the add-on and the original game will be on the same servers, so nothing will change with regard to the multiplayer.

The general impression

The Lost Legacy though is issued for independent play, but does not offer anything new. This is a collection of everything that you have seen in previous Uncharted, but devoid of Drake's charisma and unique memorable moments.


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