Updated group testing of video adapters in GTA V / Graphics cards

Thank you store "Regard" for providing the video card for testing.

After numerous delays, the updated version of GTA V with improved graphics became available on the PC. In the view this game does not need – in her treasury seven Guinness World Records, she brought the creators more than a billion dollars in profits. The owners of the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles rated GTA V as early as 19 months ago, but such a long wait for gamers loyal to a personal computer is compensated by the gorgeous graphics that give the modern GPU its full power.

Settings graphics

The PC version of GTA V allows for a very selective adjustment of the detailing of various elements of the game environment. The game immediately calculates the memory consumption of the video card, which for heavy settings and high resolution can easily exceed 4 GB. Part of the settings that strongly affect this parameter are highlighted in the Advanced Graphics section.

There are no preset modes in GTA V, but we will comment on some settings that have a strong impact on performance, provided that the amount of VRAM involved does not exceed the amount of physical memory of the accelerator any more. The latter circumstance has become a problem for many video cards that otherwise could cover higher resolutions and detail settings than was obtained in this testing.

The most resource-intensive option is, of course, full-screen anti-aliasing. Of the several options offered by the game FXAA is the most undemanding (almost does not affect the frame rate), but causes a general blurring of the picture, noticeable to the naked eye. The heaviest modes – MSAA x4 or x8 – provide excellent anti-aliasing of the edges of polygons on static objects, but dynamic pixel motion is best eliminated by the TXAA method, also very demanding on performance and available only to owners of NVIDIA graphics cards with the Kepler or Maxwell architecture.

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Another tincture on which depends how many objects you see on the screen – Grass Quality. In the natural landscapes of the country, the high detail of the grass inflicts a big blow to the speed, but it's nice to look at the picture. With low quality, the nature of GTA V looks very poor. Note that in GTA V the Normal level is the lowest for options that change discretely (unlike those that are smoothly adjusted by the slider).

The remaining options have a moderate impact on performance, but the effect of adjusting them is not always noticeable. This is Shader Quality, Shadow Quality and Post-FX Quality, managers of the quality of shader effects, shadows and post-processing frames.

As for the Distance Scaling option, unlike Extended Distance Scaling, it does not significantly reduce the frame rate, nor does the Extended Shadows Distance option. The difference in performance can be felt only on weak GPUs.

If you notice an error – select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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