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Looking at Redeemer, it's hard to imagine that it was done by only five people. Of course, outsourcers have not been canceled, but the backbone of the newly-born domestic team Sobaka Studio really consists of five newcomers. Yes, a mordoboy with a top view is not the peak of interactive art, but the authors managed to intrigue with the promise of brutal action.

When you want to hide from the whole world, going to a monastery in the mountains is a great idea. Especially if you are a mercenary, after whom former customers and the best childhood friend are hunted, now stuffed with electronics, like a real robocop. In seclusion and physical form can be maintained, and the skills of martial arts tighten, and it is always useful to spiritually enlighten. And so did Basil – so severe that Kratos would have cringed, find himself next to this.

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<p class= Redeemer, however, not about meditation or search for peace of mind, because the past inexorably overtakes the hero. Years passed, but during the hide-and-seek, the former commando did not lose the past deletions. True, it's hard to say whether the evil guys came to be Basil or just coincidentally the story is so vague about the story.

The narrative is conducted through lazily written dialogues and hand-drawn comics of the middle level. The studio is young, the budget is modest, and saving on the secondary is the right decision. In the end, not for the sake of high artistic value, everything was started. Another question is that the banal to the teeth grinding the story is given excessively seriously: neither to you self-irony, nor deliberately vigorous mixture of stupidity and trash in the spirit Far Cry: Blood Dragon . As in the fighters of the nineties, filmed for pennies: cardboard scenery, severe mines of heroes and exorbitant pathos. Well, at least for a strong word, Vasily does not climb into his pocket.

Causes and consequences are not important – the process itself is at the heart of the process. Redeemer promises a juicy beat 'em up, promises a simple joy from the distribution of cuffs and punching walls with enemy heads. In the first minute, it even seems that we have an ideal game to relieve stress.

The combat system is elegant in its simplicity. You can punch a single target with your fists or kick several carcasses at once. Various keystrokes are combined in unique combinations. Well, as unique, – the number of injuries and injuries not changed, only the animation is different. Although it is worth noting that the blows flow into each other smoothly, almost not conceding in this aspect of the exemplary Batman: Arkham Asylum.

The idea that in terms of sensations from the combat system Sobaka was oriented precisely on the brainchild of Rocksteady does not leave the thought. When the lunge reaches the goal, there is no doubt – it was painful. Blood flies in one direction, teeth in the other. Pleasantly complement the picture contextual actions – being near the wall, the hero can quite grab the enemy and trim his head with brickwork.

The environment often helps get rid of opponents in a simple and effective way. Being next to the active object (carefully highlighted), it is possible to plant an enemy on a branch by pressing one button / throw into the furnace / pass through the propeller and so on. Just remember the good old The Punisher. Sometimes it will be lucky to pick up some ax or hammer … we really do not know what is really taught in the monasteries, but with the tools Vasily is managed perfectly. Sorry, broken items quickly. Small arms are also at your disposal, and the closer to the finale, the more often it is bet on it.

There is still a somersault and an opportunity to intercept the enemy's blow with a subsequent return in double size (an-Batman-chhi!) And, in general, everything. The elements of the combat system are comprehended in the first ten minutes, and the next five to six hours are refined in practice. The only thing that changes is the scenery, and even that conditionally: underground laboratories and military bases are not too memorable.

The action turned out really furious and brutal – everything is here, as promised. Redeemer encourages us to break into the thick of events, because the bloody finishes correct Vasily's health. Alas, over time, you begin to notice details that, individually, seem not to be terrible, but annoying in the aggregate – for example, a somersault, after which the hero is defenseless for about a second. During this time, you can so snatch that you will come to your senses already at the last control point. And she, by the way, could be about five to ten minutes ago.

In the second half of the passage, the balance begins to limp. Against the hero expose thick-skinned opponents, the only tactic against which – it is tedious to cut circles and wait for the moment for a counterattack. Do not forget to jump away from non-blocking tricks. Another detail – jump Basil can exactly eight sides. Remember, what will happen if you fail? Yes, five to ten minutes again tediously cut circles around "fat people."

Such seemingly minor inconveniences cool down the pace, and it is critically important for games like Redeemer. This is clearly seen in those moments that are balanced correctly. We cut a deadly whirlwind through a bunch of mutants, tear off one hand to stuff it into the throat of another (literally), pick up the shotgun and push the clip into the zhdyadaya, spitting acid; jumping off the explosion, knocking out a soldier from the hands of an automaton and discharging it into cyborgs to pick up an ax … in general, you understood the idea. Sometimes Redeemer shines with bright colors of a bloody symphony, but then again the unsuccessful site is tedious and monotonous.

This is understandable – the team is modest, how to test even such a small game is difficult. The guys did what they could, and the result is commendable. Visually Redeemer is accurate and well-adjusted, except for a few rare bugs with a jam in the textures. On the technical side, there's no point in finding fault – the graphic shoots are not going to conquer, but there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Looks Redeemer better than other games on kinilitsenziyam. I would like more variety, because mutants and catacombs – it's fun only up to a certain limit.

* * *

The debut of Sobaka Studio is far from ideal, there are problems with balance and diversity. But in the charm of Redeemer you will not refuse. And when the game catches the tempo and carries away into a bloody hurricane, she generally wants to forgive everything. It is a pity that the hurricane regularly gives way to a calm.


  • a simple but effective combat system;
  • the interactive environment;
  • a series of violent and bloody fights …


  • … and a number of equally boring episodes;
  • uneven complexity,
  • lack of a sense of progress;
  • the plot is given with inappropriate seriousness.
Drawing graphics A neat, clean picture, without any frills or special flaws. There are not enough interesting design solutions. 7
The sound of the The soundtrack does not interfere with what is happening – you just do not notice it. It's not bad, but tearing mutants into cheerful music would be more fun. 5
Single player Pleasant beat 'em up, which balances between fun and annoyance. 6
The collective game Not available
The general impression At its best, Redeemer is good, but a fierce fist often stumbles over certain defects. 6

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