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The genre Action
Published by Ubisoft
The Publisher in Russia Ubisoft
The developers of the
The minimum requirements Processor Intel Core i5-2400S 2.5 GHz / AMD FX-4320 4 GHz, 6 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 2 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / AMD Radeon HD 7870, 50 GB on hard Drive, Internet connection and account in Uplay
Recommended Requirements Processor Intel Core i7-3770 3.5 GHz / AMD FX-8350 4 GHz, 8 GB RAM, video card with DirectX 11 support and 4 GB of memory, for example NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290X
Release date List of all publications List of publications: 7 March 2017
Age qualification from 16 years of age
The Platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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The game was tested on the PlayStation 4

Recently, Ubisoft has not ceased to release sound releases. That is excellent Watch Dogs 2 then the original For Honor then controversial, but still fascinating in the co-op The Division . What can we say about Rainbow Six Siege . But at some point even the most cautious publisher will stumble, and in the case of Ghost Recon: Wildlands it almost happened.

# USA ! USA !

In Wildlands, the player controls one of the "ghosts" – a fighter of an elite squad sent from the USA to Bolivia to destroy the local drug cartel "Santa Blanca". His leader, the Dreamer, reminds villains from low-budget second-rate films with out-of-print actors in the lead roles. He is incredibly pious, lives in a house with walls decorated with his images, compares himself with Moses and dreams of creating a whole narco-state.

Immediately go to catch him, "ghosts" are not in a hurry – first you need to eliminate pawns, and only then begin to hunt for the king. There is a gradual cleansing: the detachment wanders from one area of ​​the huge map to the other, looking for location data and eventually calculating potential victims. Here, the help of local residents, hacking laptops, and penetration into closed bases are useful – the main missions are quite diverse and often presented with surprises, and they can be passed by any means.

But the plot itself does not carry with it at all, the characters are not remembered, and most details are given in additional videos, notes and audio records – there is no desire to waste time on them. Sometimes the script writers still manage to "catch" the player – some cartel bosses turned out to be charismatic, and their stories are interesting enough to follow. The destinies of all are different, but equally unenviable – someone dies from the bullet of the "ghost", suspecting nothing, and someone, fearing responsibility, hangs himself up a few minutes before the round-up.

The action takes place in an open world
we are allowed to carry out the assigned tasks as you like. Do you have the mood to slowly kill the guards one after another – your will. I want to fly to the base by helicopter and jump with a parachute – go for it. Go to the armored car and shoot everyone around? And so too it is possible. You can start the offensive from any direction, and it's up to the players to determine tactics in advance or to decide everything on the spot.

Many certainly remember how during the demonstrations of cooperative action games on E3 Ubisoft liked to show videos in which players inform each other of the location of enemies and at the same time chat about everyone. Reality, as usual, is very different from this production, but in Wildlands "ghosts" talk without stopping themselves. That anecdote will be told, then a case from life will be remembered. And when the base is cleared, they constantly say "enemy at the mine" or "enemy near the generator," which does not help much (everything is already visible on the mini-map), but creates a certain atmosphere. Although listen to the 500th time the phrase "I observe a small group of goals," of course, bored.

In cooperative mode in Wildlands to play much more interesting. Even with the passage of two of the pleasure from the missions you get at times more: one fighter launches the drone and marks the targets, while the partner lies in the bushes and shoots enemies from the sniper rifle. One enters the base and secretly kills everyone, while the comrade covers him from afar. The threesome or the four of us can come up with even more options for interaction. True, in most cases this is not necessary – outside the story missions, locations are usually not overflowing with opponents. It's easier to shoot them just like that, without tricks. But if there is a chance to raise the alarm, then it's better to act cautiously.

The cooperative regime is so fascinating that even problems with artificial intelligence are not conspicuous. It would be wrong to call stupid opponents: they react to the corpses of comrades, call for help, see badly at night and quickly notice "ghosts" during the day. Even the sound of flying drones can attract their attention. There was a situation when we stayed for a long time at one point and did not notice that one of the guards managed to bypass and mark us during this time – as a result of his panic shooting, the alarm went up and plans for a noiseless penetration to the base failed. But sometimes enemies show impassable stupidity – for example, a high-speed truck that does not need to be near them can ignore

# Itself can not cope

Almost everything described above disappears when playing alone. It is necessary to put up with three partners under the control of AI, you can not get rid of them. Teams are catastrophically small, thinking of tactics is impossible, so it remains only to clean out locations, synchronizing shots. Still, the game is primarily designed for cooperative mode, so it's better to connect to a random session and go on missions with live players.

In addition, the "loners" can not in any way change the equipment of the Allies, and in fact she is given very great attention. Each type of weapon has many settings that open as parts are found. There are no difficulties with their search, because when talking to locals or studying data, it is possible and understand how to earn skill points, and find locations with upgrades, and find other useful bonuses. By and large, this is the only entertainment in the open world and the main justification for its monstrous size. Want to develop a hero – fly around in a helicopter or go by car from one badge to another.

Because of this, from Wildlands at some point you start to get tired. Of course, the locations are sometimes breathtaking: majestic snow-capped mountains, dense forests, beautiful canyons and gorges, ridge hills and a variety of living creatures (flamingo flocks are especially cool). But at the same time the world is absolutely empty – outposts set up here and there with its bases do not revive it. Even cities where civilians are engaged in their own business alongside scurrying advocates of the cartel, seem lifeless. Many buildings are made using the same pattern, even if they are located at different ends of the map.

But I really want to increase the hero's stamina and stability of the sight; Find a more reliable gun or sniper rifle; Learn a skill that does not have enough resources and for which it is necessary to perform the same side missions: hijack a helicopter / plane, stop a column of cars with medicines, break open boxes of power lines. It distracts from much more interesting ordinary story missions. And you will be very lucky if your companions want to brighten up your loneliness during pokatushki for collector's items. Ubisoft is famous for its love for "gatherers" – in every Assassin's Creed there are hundreds of them – but in the Wildlands the task is complicated because of the vast expanses of virtual Bolivia.

Claims arise not only to the stupid open world – other gameplay flaws also occur. Take, for example, a system of shelters – there is no separate button for it, the character himself sticks to the wall nearby. But he does not always do this, and sometimes he has to retreat and approach the obstacle again. And if you still manage to stick, not the fact that the hero can pop out and shoot – often he takes aim at the wall and, no matter how move the stick, it will not look out. The shooting itself is not bad at all – there is a pleasant feeling of the weapon in the hands, and the stability of the sight and other characteristics depend on the skills of the fighter and improvements in the arsenal.

Irritant and constant camera switching: here the hero is located on the left side of the screen, and after a split second it's on the right, and you have to press R1 to change the view. The thing is that he ran alongside the wall, and the game thought that the character was about to start shooting. But there is not a single opponent close to each other, that's why such a feature causes many inconveniences and never helps in practice. On the physics of transport and not worth talking about – in the "beta", everyone could already appreciate how badly cars and motorcycles go.


However, Wildlands, whatever one may say, is still one of the best cooperative action games to date – the game gives great pleasure if you pass it in the company. Play the role of "ghosts" and think over the plan for the offensive fun – mainly due to large spaces and the absence of many restrictions. But the open world has turned out to be too huge and empty – overcoming endless kilometers is not very exciting, and the physics of most types of transport leaves much to be desired.


  • to go through the story missions in the co-op is fascinating;
  • tons of improvements for weapons;
  • in the open world there are often very beautiful places …


  • … but apart from their scrutiny and collection of collectors, there is nothing to be done in this Bolivia;
  • the system of shelters works badly;
  • transport management is inconveniently realized.
Drawing graphics [ Sometimes Wildlands are breathtaking, especially when you fly over snow-covered mountains or fall at night under a hurricane shower. But the animation of people here is mediocre, passers-by are similar to each other, and the enemies even seem to be clones. 8
The sound Music only sounds on radio stations, and it's very difficult to remember any composition. But the decision with the negotiations of the team members turned out to be more or less successful, except that the phrases are often repeated. 7
The Single Player When playing a solo, Wildlands recalls Just Cause. Only explosions on every corner are not here, which makes the passage much more boring. In addition, stupid team-mates often do not do what they would like. Not recommended for single passage. 6
The collective game In the company to pass the mission fun, but they still have to get. Fortunately, it's worth it – assignments often require the coordinated work of all participants. But how is it "exciting" to fly around each region in search of points of skills and new weapons
is difficult to convey.
The general impression The clearest example of the fact that the open world is not needed in every game. Surely the score would be higher, whether it's a linear action or if the card was two times less. And so you have to spend too much time on the road to get to something interesting. 7

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