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Published by Sega
The Publisher in Russia "Buka"
The developer Sega
The release date August 29, 2017
Age qualification of 18 years of age
The Platforms PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
The official site of the

The game was tested on the PlayStation 4

Remake of the first part of Yakuza was released in Japan for the tenth anniversary of the series, but the rest of the world had to wait for localization for a year and a half. Fortunately, there was no confusion because of this delay – in January we had the opportunity to pass Yakuza 0 which was a prologue and a completely new game, and now Sega offers to get acquainted with the project that marked the beginning of the legendary series .

# Familiar for all persons

There is not much left of the original version of Yakuza in Kiwami – even the history has undergone some changes. In particular, the number of videos has increased, which makes it possible to better understand the plot and motives of individual characters, who received little attention in the original. But the duration of the campaign has remained the same – if you do not get distracted by side tasks and other entertainment, it can be completed in fifteen hours. Not enough, but the price of a remake is corresponding – half the cost of an ordinary novelty.

Kiryu gets to know the world

The updated version is made so qualitatively that its age is manifested only in a couple of details, which will be discussed below. The very same story, although it may seem clichéd and scares at first an abundance of heroes with hard-remembered names – quite frisky gaining momentum and strongly captures. Kazuma Kiryu is in prison for a murder that he did not commit, and has spent ten years there. During this time, many things happened: his friend Akira Nishikiyama becomes an important cone, the bride is missing, and even ten billion yen were stolen from the Tojo clan. Then you and betrayal, and unexpected enemies, and sudden allies, and unforeseen turns – in general, everything that we love in Yakuza.

He does not do without a fight, but now Kazumi Kiryu, for obvious reasons, has to re-learn all the techniques and improve his health. And although the story is logically explained, the past Yakuza 0 will certainly be offended to see that the hero is pumping from scratch. But all three basic styles are unlocked initially: one is designed for very fast but weak hits, the other makes Kiryu slow and strong, and the third is something average. Purchase of improvements occurs for experience points that are issued for everything: completion of side quests, fights on the street and visiting dives.

Most of all points promise victory over the bosses (found in almost every chapter). And if skirmishes with ordinary yakuza and hooligans do not cause problems even at a high level of complexity, then battles with dangerous opponents will be a real test. And it's not so much in a huge health reserve, as in the regeneration, which will envy any lizard. The process can easily be interrupted if Kiryu is filled with anger scale and the corresponding finishing skill is unlocked. For example, if the boss kneels and his head lights up in purple, you need to switch to the Rush style as soon as possible. But since all the necessary branches can not be quickly pumped, the first battles can be complicated. However, the customary purchase of first-aid kits before each chapter, no one canceled.

Even the whole army is unlikely to defeat the main character

There is a fourth style – the same style of the Dragon from the "zero" part. His Kiryu has completely forgotten, and therefore, even with the help of experience points, skills can not be acquired. Some of these techniques can be learned from the master of martial arts, performing a series of simple side tasks. But the overwhelming majority is comprehended exclusively in the battles with Goro Majima – this is one of the main innovations of Yakuza Kiwami. A mad guy with an eye patch will meet very often, and the more you fight with him, the more you sharpen new abilities. As a result, Kiryu becomes so strong that it is no longer necessary to use other styles.

The idea with Majima is really great – his imagination knows no bounds. He can jump out of the trash can, like a devil out of a snuffbox; get into a fight on the street; change into a hostess and completely flirt with the main character; become a waiter; pretend to be someone else; go to play darts; There are lots of options, but any meeting with him inevitably ends in a fight. Everything is furnished with humor, gives a lot of positive emotions and does not distract from passing (although in the storyline because of this there is a little confusion, but it's not so scary). Almost always the skirmishes can be avoided – very quickly the "Majima sensor" appears in Kiryu, showing its location on the street, and if the madman is in the room, then appropriate cries come from there.

This phrase will be heard very often

While searching for Majima, players can go through dozens of side quests, some of which first appeared in the remake. Some are important for a better understanding of the story and answer the questions left after the completion of the main story. In the rest, Kiryu either meets strange people and performs their no less strange errands, either he finds himself in a foolish situation, or helps someone to establish relations or improve their mood. Among all the additional problems boring and stupid can only be called five or so, and even then only because they are related to the same people and because of this are too similar to each other.

# Minute of nostalgia

During these "pobochek" does not leave the feeling that the lion's share of pleasure you get because of the fact that before this passed Yakuza 0. In the remake there are a lot of references to the prequel, and meetings with some characters will have a completely different effect if already I saw them before. Take at least racing on the radio-controlled cars. In the "zero" part, all this could be carried away without a joke, collecting the details around the city and watching the joy of the children standing next to them during the races. But more than ten years have passed since then, and everything has changed. The children grew up, they had their own life problems, and the organizer of the tournaments became much older. And for those who are already familiar with the universe, the additional mission connected with the cars will be one of the best and will be remembered for a long time.

Fighting with Majima will also be considerably simplified – in Yakuza 0 we were ruled by this hero and know perfectly all of his most effective tricks. Therefore, his love for the constant switching of styles in any way to the "veterans" of the series will not affect – they easily guess the moment when the powerful combination ends and you can strike. Also, the movements of one of the bosses are identical to those of Mr. Vishibala from the prequel. So getting acquainted with the first part, ignoring the "zero" predecessor, is not the best idea. And the plot will be perceived differently, and many references will turn out to be incomprehensible, and it will be more difficult to play. Although the game will have to go a little differently – here it will not be possible to immediately collect a mountain of money and pump a ton of abilities, as it was in the prequel.

Than just do not offer to engage in Kiryu …

On the other hand, if you passed Yakuza 0, then Yakuza Kiwami certainly seems a game of slightly lower quality. The structure of missions has not changed over the past decade, and therefore you will have many situations in which you will have to run from one corner to the other for the same locations and routes. Kiryu no longer cooperates with a real estate agency, and Majima does not look for pretty girls for cabaret, so the related mini-games have disappeared. And traditional for the series bowling, billiards, darts and other entertainment for a long time will not be delayed – carry on unless the above-mentioned races on radio-controlled cars.


Before buying Yakuza Kiwami, remember that this is not a sequel to Yakuza 0 in the usual sense of the word. The plot is really a continuation of the story, but originally this game was the first in the series. Therefore, what would not seem to be a defect earlier becomes a minus because of the existence of a more recent "zero" part. At the same time, a remake is exactly two times cheaper than the prequel. Yes, and play Yakuza Kiwami is still insanely exciting, especially when I mastered the combat system and learned all the techniques of the style of the Dragon. Now it remains to understand what we will get earlier – a remake of the second part or planned for March next year Yakuza 6.


  • fascinating story with well-written characters;
  • added to the remake of the videos perfectly sated the story line;
  • the idea with the crazy Majima perfectly fits into the game;
  • a large number of good side tasks.


  • the structure of missions sometimes raises questions
  • against the background of Yakuza 0 some elements look scant.

There are no translations available.

Drawing The game was created on the same engine as Yakuza 0, and therefore graphically not much different. But if you evaluate it as a remake, then the work is excellent – the animation, especially the front one, looks very dignified. 8
The sound From the dreadful English dubbing, which was presented in the western version of Yakuza for PS2, the remake was abandoned. And very good, because to replace the Japanese actors who voiced Kiryu and Majima, it is almost impossible. But the music here is weaker than in the "zero" part. 8
The Single Player From the remake you should not wait for the scale of Yakuza 0 – for developers, the game was a breakout of the pen, and not much new content was added to Yakuza Kiwami. It's very interesting to play, side quests still carry on, but after some elements of the prequel you sooner or later get bored. 8
The collective game Multiplayer is traditionally bolted "for a tick" – online you can play bowling, darts and billiards.
The general impression If Yakuza 0 did not exist, the attitude to Yakuza Kiwami would certainly be different. It turns out a strange situation – before getting acquainted with Kiwami it is recommended to pass a prequel, but because of this for dessert you leave not such a quality game of smaller scales. 8

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